Elemeno Health – Personal Wellness Assistant For Patient Care?


Elemeno Health is a personal assistant for hospital staff that launched as part of last summer’s Y Combinator. Find out everything you need to know about this startup today in our review.

What is Elemeno Health?

Elemeno Health is an app and platform that helps hospitals manage patients more efficiently. Key features of the app include gathering best practices, creating checklists, and gathering videos doctors and nurses need to reference. All of this information is available in one place, as quickly as possible.

Why do we need Elemeno Health? The creators of the app were motivated by the fact that educational materials in hospitals are often locked in binders or papers. Staff need to find these reference materials, then make copies to share with colleagues. This makes it difficult to access important educational resources on-the-go, which means patient care suffers

Using Elemeno Health, hospitals can reduce mistakes, improve medical practices, and maximize the quality of patient care.

Who Created Elemeno Health?

Elemeno Health was created as part of last summer’s Y Combinator. Back then, the app wasn’t ready to go public. Today, however, the Elemeno Health app is now available to the public.

The app was created by founders Arup Roy Burman and Ed Nadale. Arup had spent several years handling teams as the University of California San Francisco’s (UCSF) intensive care unit director. In this position, he noticed staff sharing binders and asking for copies of certain pieces of paper. Arup knew there had to be a better way to spread this information using modern technology.

Nanale, meanwhile, comes from 20 years in the gaming industry. He helped create Sim City. Together, they created a health care education system that promotes learning while also being fun to use. The Elemeno Health app comes with gamification systems that reward users for referencing materials.

How Does Elemeno Health Work?

The Elemeno Health app does not gather any patient data, which is why it doesn’t need to meet any HIPAA-compliance standards.

Staff use the app to read messages to the team, find reference material, and congratulate co-workers for meeting compliance standards.

The app is designed to combine the blandness of medical documentation with the entertainment of modern mobile apps. As TechCrunch explains in their review, the app is “not exactly as exciting as Pokemon Go, but the app does seem to have some merit”.

Some of the achievements of the app so far include cutting UCSF central line infections in half, which saved the hospital over $1.1 million. The app was deployed in three units, where it engaged over 200 nurses, saved an estimated 3 lives, and helped patients avoid over 300 hospital days.

That’s why the creators of Elemeno Health are now seeking to expand their platform to healthcare providers across the nation.

Elemeno Health Features

The app promises to improve healthcare efficiency in three different ways, including:

  • Elevate: Elevate quality and performance with clear communication and metrics, so you “lift up the domain experts on your team and raise the bar for others”.
  • Empower: Empower your team “with the tools and the information they need to perform their best”. Your healthcare team gets the information they need where and when they need it.
  • Engage: You engage everyone involved with patient care, allowing you to build stronger teams across professions and shifts while giving people the recognition they deserve.

How to Use the Elemeno Health Platform

You can request a demo of the Elemeno Health platform from the official website here: http://www.elemenohealth.com/

Stay tuned for more updates about Elemeno Health as the project continues to expand across America.

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