Sagano Activated Charcoal Powder – Detox Body & Whiten Teeth?


Sagano Activated Charcoal Powder is a product with great health benefits from shining your teeth to detoxifying your body. It is available at the Sagano website or through Amazon.

What is Sagano Activated Charcoal Powder?

Sagano Activated Charcoal Powder is a natural substance that has terrific health benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Benefits your dental health – activated charcoal is a natural adsorbent that binds with impurities left behind by many foods that stain your teeth including citrus or tomatoes, coffee, sugar, soda, tea, berries, pomegranates, and wine. When used weekly, it can help remove these stains, whiten your teeth, improve your gum health and prevent plaque buildup, which causes tooth decay. So, say goodbye to nasty chemical tasting whitening toothpastes, and hello to a fresh-tasting, teeth-whitening paste!
  • Benefits your skin – activated charcoal can give you a chemical free, relaxing face wash any time you are up for a facial. This product makes your pores tighter, smaller and clearer without the inevitable harshness of peel-off face masks. It can also buff away those dead skin cells and leave behind exfoliated, soft, touchable skin when used as a body scrub.
  • Activated charcoal powder is a natural way to detoxify your system and is actually used in all hospital emergency rooms and many emergency vehicles, as a fast, effective antidote for poisons, including all kinds of pharmaceutical toxins.
  • This product is a pure, 100% organic, coconut, activated charcoal powder, making it more effective than a hardwood activated charcoal. It contains no chemicals. No preservatives. It is odorless and toxin free. This powder is a high-grade, finely ground substance that is not gritty.
  • Activated charcoal powder has strong absorption properties making it a safe, natural way to eliminate odors.
  • Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano is cost effective as it recharges from the sun and can last up to two years.

How Does Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano Work?

Activated charcoal has a highly porous composition, making it quite effective to do the work of attracting and binding toxic substances in its very fine pores. These tiny pores give charcoal a wider surface area, allowing liquid or gas to pass through it and bind with the carbon. Activated carbon can adsorb many contaminants, including odors, some chemical compounds like chlorine, and some drugs.

Absorption works by attracting impurities to the charcoal surface, which eventually becomes filled over time, making activated carbon filters become less powerful. Depending on your usage, it may become advisable to recharge or replace your activated charcoal.

Using Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano

You can use your Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano in many ways:

  • Effectively treat insect bites and bee stings
  • Clean wounds
  • Use it to remove your makeup
  • Cleanse skin to effectively reduce acne
  • Create a great body wash, both to give you soft, exfoliated skin and to remove odor
  • Use it as a teeth whitener or cleanser for shiny teeth
  • Detoxify your digestive system
  • Place in shoes or a litter box to eliminate odors due to its high absorption rate

Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano is generally mixed with water or oil. To effectively use Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano, please read label directions on how to mix for each use.

Pricing for Sagano Activated Charcoal Powder

This product can be purchased on the Sagano website ([email protected]) or through Amazon. It is available in various sizes on Amazon:

  • Buy 1 pound bag, $19.95
  • Buy 2 bags and get 5% off, $35.91.
  • Buy 3 bags and get 10% off, $50.95

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Sagano is confident with the quality of their products and offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked, refund.

Contacting Customer Service for Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano

Customer service for Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano can be reached at (315) 370-4131 or you may visit the company website at While at the site, sign up for the VIP list and receive a free “Charcoal Air Purifier” guide, blog posts sent straight to your inbox, exclusive offers and tips. You can also email [email protected].

Sagano Activated Charcoal Powder Conclusion

Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano will enhance your life with all its health benefits. Detoxify your body, cleanse your skin, brighten your teeth, and so much more with this amazing, all-natural product.

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