1UP Hanging Ab Straps for Fitness – Increase Core Strength?


The 1UP Hanging Ab Straps for Fitness offer users an easy way to do a variety of exercises on a pull up bar. Consumers looking for an easy to use workout device will appreciate these hanging ab straps and the support they give to a daily workout routine. These straps help support people in maximizing their abdominal workouts leading to stronger and leaner abs.

Please read below to learn more about the 1UP Hanging Ab Straps for Fitness and how to purchase a set.

What Are 1UP Hanging Ab Straps for Fitness?

Fully adjustable and able to be easily added to any chin up bar or multi gym, users will appreciate how easy these straps are to attach and detach. The inside of the straps are well padded making it more comfortable to workout harder and longer without arm strain or discomfort.

Unlike many competitors products the 1UP Hanging Ab Straps are extra-long and wide which helps reduce arm strain and discomfort.

Consumers looking for a low cost device to help engage abdominal and oblique muscles will want to consider trying 1UP Hanging Ab Straps. These straps are designed to reduce neck and back strain when doing knee-lifts, knee twists, and leg lifts.

The slings are easy to wipe clean between uses making it simple to ensure they are clean and sanitary. Users of any age can find benefit from using these slings and will love the variety they offer to workout routines keeping them interesting and motivating.

How Do 1UP Hanging Ab Straps Work?

Users simply attach these straps to a pre-existing chin up bar or multi gym. The strong carabineers make it quick to attach and detach before and after workouts. Users simply slide their arms through the slings until they feel secure for their desired workout moves. The padding is sweat resistant and helps make using these straps more comfortable.

These straps hang seven inches below the mounted pull up bar. From the carabineer base the padded slings hang twenty inches lower making them easy to get in and out of for safe and effective workouts.


Each set comes with two slings and two strong carabineers. The padded slings are made from vinyl making them easy to clean and sanitary to use between multiple users. These 1UP Hanging Ab Straps are high quality and are designed to last for many, many uses without fraying or becoming uncomfortable to use.

Manufacturer Details

Manufactured by 1UP, this fitness company manufactures a large range of fitness products including chin up bars, foam rollers, thigh blasters, fitness wheels and even workout clothing. 1UP has a strong reputation in the sports fitness field and are known for high quality products that help support effective workout routines. 1UP products are trusted by both individuals as well as personal trainers.

1UP Hanging Ab Straps for Fitness Pricing

Hanging Ab Straps by 1UP are available for purchase through Amazon.

Each set costs $28.95. Amazon customers who purchase over $35.00 worth of qualified purchases will receive free shipping. Many 1UP products are available for purchase through Amazon and are eligible for free shipping with the minimum $35.00 purchase.

There are other vendors who sell this device online but the prices are significantly higher.

Should You Use 1UP Hanging Ab Straps for Fitness?

Consumers who are looking for an easy to use workout device will want to consider adding 1UP Hanging Ab Straps to their fitness equipment collection. There are many workout routines that are available on YouTube helping users get the most out of their fitness slings.

Whether people are looking to strengthen their six pack abs or just want a way to stay in shape easily at home, the 1UP Hanging Ab Straps offer a low cost option to help people achieve their fitness goals. More information can be found on Amazon or through a few YouTube searches.

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