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For many individuals, they go through life experiencing health-related issues that are chronic and difficult to treat. Affecting men and women of all ages, circulation problems are prevalent. The extremities, arms and legs, are usually the first place that people usually notice a circulation problem, however, it affects the blood flow throughout the entire body.

Poor circulation stems from one simple thing – there is not enough blood flow occurring along the arteries and the capillaries. As mentioned previously, individuals usually notice it on the legs, feet, hands, toes, and fingers. When blood flow slows, plaque, the fatty substance that builds up inside the blood vessels, cuts off flow, making the vessels narrow. Once the blood flow is restricted, it makes it harder for normal blood flow to travel throughout the body.

Although a problem in itself, thickness in the blood and a weak heart can make circulation problems even worse. Having functional and healthy blood flow throughout the body is vital for health. The body is comprised of millions of microscopic cells that work in different parts in the body. These cells, nerve cells, muscles cells, blood cells, and many more, are responsible for body function.

Because these cells are so essential, it is important that each cell is adequately nourished, in order to provide energy to complete its particular function. The cells also need oxygen in order to mix nutrients, turning them into energy. Once poor circulation becomes a part of the equation, blood supply to and from the cells slows. One blood supply decreases, parts of the body can become damaged, vulnerable and at risk for diseases and life-threatening problems.

As modern medicine and technology continue to advance, there a variety of options available to treat circulatory issues. Unlike other drugs and treatments, Revitive Circulation Booster is a device that is a drug-free alternative to treating and improving circulation. Backed by scientific research and clinical data, Revitive relieves aching, cramping, and pain related to poor circulation in the legs.

About Revitive

As mentioned above, the Revitive Circulation Booster device allows individuals to treat their pain by taking control of their circulation problems. By applying a mild, scientifically proven electrical stimulation to the feet, it actively stimulates the nerve endings, activating the “second heart”. The “second heart” also known as the muscles found in the feet and legs, the device contracts and relaxes in order to pump the blood back up the legs and to the heart.

The device works using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to increase the circulation in the leg. By using Revitive Circulation Booster for only 20-30 minutes daily, individuals can help in maintaining healthy circulation in the lower legs and feet, eliminating the symptoms associated with poor circulation. EMS allows the calf muscles to contract and relax continuously, creating a pumping action, increasing circulation. As the device continues to work, users report instant relief from pain, discomfort, and swelling.

Symptoms of Poor Circulation

There are common symptoms that are associated with poor circulation. Circulatory disorders are commonly found in middle-aged and elderly individuals, the most common being hypertension. Caused as cholesterol plaque deposits begin to crowd the artery walls, it makes the walls hard, constricting blood flow. Once constricted, the blood has to push against the walls of the blood vessels, causing blood pressure to increase. Because of the plaque, the blood vessels are depleted of their elasticity, making it difficult for the body to receive the needed energy for exercising and completing daily tasks.

Though circulatory disorders can be fatal, it is not impossible to improve circulation throughout the body, and in specific areas. Experts have found that there are a variety of solutions that have successfully proven to improve circulation. These include, but are not limited to, exercise, medication, and surgical procedures. In addition to these, scientists have found hydrotherapy, hot and cold shower treatments, are a good way to improve circulation. It can be done at home daily, focusing on the affected area.

Another remedy involves the use of natural herbs. Cayenne can be used to fight poor circulation. Because it stimulates the heart, it regulates blood flow and strengthens the arteries and capillaries – directly responsible for circulation. Not only does Cayenne improve blood flow, but it also strengthens the heart and clears the arteries.

In addition to Cayenne, Gingko Biloba herb is also another herb that promotes circulation. Usually known for its ability to improve memory function by increasing blood flow to the brain, it can also be used to improve blood flow throughout other parts of the body. Like Cayenne, Ginkgo strengthens the blood vessels and also functions as an anti-inflammatory, relaxing the lungs, and decreases the coronary need for oxygen.

Benefits of Revitive

Unlike other devices, Revitive offers innovative and unique features. The product, a medical device, has been designed for individuals to research the highest quality treatment, from the comfort of their home. With guidance from healthcare professionals and scientists, the device not only increases blood flow but is also comfortable and easy to use.

Designed for comfortability, in order to use the Revitive device, users must simply place their feet on the food pads and select the buttons manually or use the paired remote control to select the desired intensity level for the treatment. The intensity level can be adjusted from level 1 up to level 99. Depending on the power level, most individuals select somewhere between 30 and 40. The user will notice that the muscles will begin to tingle and pain will decrease. Depending on individual needs and sensitivity, each individual will experience the results differently. Because the device offers a wide range of levels to choose from, the treatment can be customized.

In addition to using the Revitive Circulation Booster device on the feet, individuals can also use the device to treat other areas of the body by using the supplied electrodes. The user must place the patches on both ends of the area in which they would like to treat, and then control the electrodes and the food pads independently, treating both parts of the body at the same time.

This device is created and recommended for people who want to increase their circulation and reduce swelling the legs, feet, and ankles. It is also highly recommended for pregnant women who have past the first trimester and are wanting to ease the symptom of swollen feet, which often affects pregnant women.

Purchasing Revitive Circulation Booster

For those interested in boosting their circulation and experiencing better overall health and wellness, the Revitive Circulation Booster device can be purchased from the company website ( There are two purchasing options currently available for the product, which comes with four electrode body pads. The first option allows users to buy the device outright for a single payment of $299. However, for those who aren’t comfortable spending so much money upfront, before trying the device, there is also a multiple-payment option. For those who would like to pay for the machine in payments, Revitive can be purchased for six low payments of $49.99.

In addition to offering two purchasing options, Revitive comes with free shipping and a two year warranty, which is explained in more detail on the website. For those worried about trying Revitive, the device comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, making the purchase of the device basically risk-free.

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