Blood Flow Optimizer – Improve Circulation & Lower Cholesterol?


Blood Flow Optimizer is a dietary supplement that is guaranteed to improve your blood flow in 30 days or your money back. They’ll even give you an additional $100 refund if it doesn’t work. Here’s our review.

What is Blood Flow Optimizer?

Blood Flow Optimizer is a nutritional supplement that claims to support healthy blood flow. By taking it regularly, you can thin your blood, promote better circulation, and strengthen your body against inflammation – at least, these are the claims made by the manufacturer.

Blood Flow Optimizer is sold online at a price of $50 per bottle. it claims to reduce your risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke without actually lowering your cholesterol.

Should you take this supplement to “improve blood flow”? Or is this just yet another supplement that makes bold claims without ever backing those claims up? Let’s take a closer look at how Blood Flow Optimizer claims to work.

Benefits of Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer claims to offer all of the following benefits.

  • Naturally helps to thin your blood and improve circulation
  • Promotes strong, flexible blood vessels
  • Supports “normal clotting”
  • Supports fibrin function
  • Fights free radical damage in your body by acting as an antioxidant
  • “Promotes calcium out of blood and into bones”

Now, there are a lot of compounds that widen your blood vessels and encourage healthy circulation. A glass of red wine, for example, relaxes your blood vessels and can reduce your risk of heart disease.

So what makes Blood Flow Optimizer different from, say, a glass of red wine? Well, the manufacturer frequently mentions that doctors love the supplement and endorse it. They also frequently claim that the supplement has gone through months of clinical trials on human patients.

Scientific Evidence for Blood Flow Optimizer

The manufacturer of Blood Flow Optimizer claims that it was developed by medical doctors and is “recommended and endorsed by numerous doctors and industry experts”. Unfortunately for us, Blood Flow Optimizer never actually gives us the names of these experts or tells us why they support the supplement – so it appears they made this claim up.

The manufacturer of Blood Flow Optimizer also frequently mentions that their formula has gone through “months” of clinical trials, where researchers spent time “researching every single ingredient to make sure it really does work”.

As proof that they performed clinical trials on their supplement, the makers of Blood Flow Optimizer post a stock photo of a woman analyzing a green test tube. Seriously: that’s the only evidence we get. There’s no further evidence or links to explanations of any of the above studies. Once again, without any evidence, we’re forced to assume that the manufacturer fabricated these clinical trials.

Ultimately, many of the ingredients inside this formula have gone through clinical trials. However, the formula has a whole does not appear to have gone through any type of clinical testing or human studies.

Blood Flow Optimizer Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Blood Flow Optimizer, because there are clearly a lot of red flags with this formula so far.

There are just two core ingredients in Blood Flow Optimizer, including two proprietary formulas:

— 250mg MAGNA Max Blend: TRAACS Magnesium Glycinate Chelate, Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Asparate, Magnesium Oxide.

— 466mg of Synergy Optimizer Blend: N-Acetyl L-Cysteiene, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine (GPLC), L-Carnitine L Fumarate, Nattokinase NSK-SD (from non-GMO soy), ginger (standardized extract to 15%), Green Tea Extract (98% polyphenols, 50% EGCG, decaffeinated), white willow extract (25% salicin).

Vitamins and Minerals: 91mg of vitamin C (167% Daily Value), 9mg of coral calcium (0% DV), 100 IU of vitamin D3 (250% DV), 18 IU of Vitamin E (60% DV), 26mcg of vitamin K2-7 (33% DV), and 83mg of magnesium (21% DV).

Typically, manufacturers will use proprietary formulas to avoid telling us the real dosage of their ingredients. We know that the total dose is 466mg and 250mg, for example, but we don’t know the actual dose of all of the ingredients.

Not knowing the dosage is a problem: we know that a lot of the ingredients in Blood Flow Optimizer can genuinely improve blood flow and widen your blood vessels. Unfortunately, without knowing the dosage, we have no evidence to suggest that Blood Flow Optimizer works.

Blood Flow Optimizer Pricing

Blood Flow Optimizer is priced at the following rates:

  • 1 Bottle: $49.97
  • 1 Bottle (Monthly Autoship Program): $39.97
  • 3 Bottles: $99.97

All purchases come with a “200% satisfaction guarantee”. If you try the supplement for 60 to 90 days and aren’t satisfied with the results, you can return your products for a refund. However, there are some things you should know about the terms of that refund. The refund guarantee only covers opened bottles returned within 30 days, for example. Returns after 90 days will receive 200% store credit. Returns between 31 and 90 days will receive a refund only on unopened bottles.

There’s also a “$100 money back” refund, where you get a $100 bonus on top of your refund. To qualify for that refund, you need to display the before and after results from cardiac CT (coronary calcium) scans. Obviously, it’s unlikely that most people would undergo these tests – especially if you live in a country where medical testing isn’t free.

Who Makes Blood Flow Optimizer?

Blood Flow Optimizer is made in the United States by self-proclaimed “health, fitness, and longevity expert” Dr. Sam Robbins. Dr. Robbins specializes in natural medicine and is based in Los Angeles. Blood Flow Optimizer appears to be made and sold through his company, Health Media Inc.

Dr. Robbins claims that since 1999, he’s been creating health supplements for people all over the world. He actively seeks partners to help spread his brand around the internet. On LinkedIn, he describes how he is seeking partners who can join with his company “and help improve the health of people around the world.”

You can learn more about Dr. Sam Robbins here:

The supplement itself appears to be made by one of Dr. Robbins’ manufacturing partners. That company lists a mailbox in Las Vegas as its corporate headquarters – so it’s unclear where the formula is actually put together.

Should You Use Blood Flow Optimizer to Boost Blood Circulation?

Blood Flow Optimizer appears to be a low-quality, under-dosed supplement that has never gone through any types of clinical trials or testing. The supplement makes enormous health claims about its benefits – like saying it’s recommended by doctors, scientifically tested, and can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. However, it never backs up those benefits with concrete information – like links to any clinical studies that have taken place. We don’t even know the dosage of most ingredients.

Ultimately, you can save a lot of money on Blood Flow Optimizer by buying a magnesium supplement, an amino acid supplement, a vitamin C supplement, and a vitamin D3 supplement. These appear to be the most active ingredients in Blood Flow Optimizer – and you can buy all of those supplements at a significantly lower cost than the $50 per month Blood Flow Optimizer wants to charge you.

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