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Approximately 15% of adults in America, have difficulty hearing. And, around 2 to 3 children per hundred thousand are born with a detectable level of hearing loss. This doesn’t touch on the number of older adults who begin to lose their hearing as they age. Given these numbers, you would anticipate that hearing aids would be much further advanced than they have been – until now.

ReSound Linx 3D Smart Hearing Aid hearing aids are the best at recognizing speech in a variety of different environments, including noisy ones. This is not noted solely for allowing those who are hearing impaired to hear a conversation (or overhear) but instead, being aware of the things around them – safety wise.

Remote Technology

The technology found in this device is quite impressive. And, far more helpful for professionals to work with their patients more intimately to personalize their experience. Through an application, they can connect easier, and help users adjust their settings as needed. Being able to essentially customize the experience from one patient to the next.

Resound LiNX 3D is found to be 50% better at identifying speech which means, 80% of the patients will hear more of what is around them and understand 40% more speech in noise. Those are powerful numbers.

More modern hearing aids are now able to adapt the settings to different environments but not without being programmed. ReSound Linx 3D Smart Hearing Aid is able to recognize speech in noise environments with up to 50% more accuracy their even premium brand hearing aids.

(whitepapers are available on the website for a more thorough explanation)

Resound is committed to using the best technology available to deliver to their clients and customers. Their commitment is to;

  • Rich, clear and vibrant sound
  • Speech understanding
  • Best idea of where sounds are coming from around you

The technology used allows the algorithms to emulate an ear and work with the brain’s naturally ability to recognize noises and sounds.

The first fitting of the Resound Linx 3D is done in a clinic but future adjustments can be made through the application by offering remote fine tuning abilities for updates. The sound can be adjusted through software and it can be activated for the patients that would benefit from greater service – from both the hearing aid, and the clinic, collectively.

ReSound Linx 3D Smart Hearing Aid Design

The designs available with this hearing device offers wireless connectivity and has iPhone capabilities. ReSound Linx 3D Smart Hearing Aid also has improved receiver tubes that will allow the device to sit snug against the head. All of the receivers and the tubs are the same dome system which allows full functionality from one device and design to the next.

This hearing device is completely rechargeable and does not require any bulky batteries like ones seen on less modern devices.

If you want to schedule a free demonstration you can do so by visiting the website.

Overall, not only is this device modern and provides a perfect fit the safety and security it provides with its ability to hear in both constant and in louder environments and an opportunity to understand conversations in louder places.

Although ReSound Linx 3D Smart Hearing Aid is newer to the market this technology was introduced to the market in 2009 and has been improving and getting better ever since.

Lastly, to touch on in a bit more depth, this device is ideal for any and all hearing clinics to provide optimal hearing experiences for their clients and patients. To be able to provide close to immediate assistance, remotely is very impressive. It is not only ideal for the client, but more importantly it allows the clinic to maximize their own time and reach more patients in a timely manner.

How The Process For ReSound Linx 3D Smart Hearing Aid Works

Here Are Four (4) Steps That Briefly Outline the Process:
  1. Patient requests assistance by the app
  2. The request is received at the clinic
  3. Updates are sent or a message is sent to patient
  4. Updates are received or a message is received

This process couldn’t get any more seamless. It is benefical and time efficient for all who are in use, or part of the Resound LiNX 3D consumers and clinics.

For more information, you are able to visit the website for updates, whitepapers, request demonstrations and more.

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