ExCio Bluetooth Hearing-Aid – Tuneable Noise Cancellation Ear Piece?


More than 36 million adults in the United States experience hearing loss that affects their daily life on a regular basis. More than 65% of these individuals are younger than 65, with a further 10% between the ages of 18 and 44. Fortunately, more than 90% of these individuals can be assisted by hearing aids.

Hearing aids are powerful tools that can dramatically transform the quality of life for individuals that suffer from hearing loss, but they can be extremely expensive. The average price of a hearing aid solution in the United States is over $2,500, which can make them an inaccessible and unaffordable option for many.

The social stigma associated with hearing aid use can also prevent individuals suffering from hearing loss from taking advantage of the benefits they offer. Recent statistics published by the Hearing Loss Association of America show that over 20% of individuals that possess a hearing aid avoid using them due to poor user experience.

Obtaining a hearing aid solution also required fitting by a qualified audiologist, which represents a further cost to individuals that suffer from hearing loss. The design and construction of the current hearing aid solutions available on the market also lacks innovation- the tiny onboard batteries in most hearing aids require constant charging, which can be extremely frustrating.

A groundbreaking new crowdfunding campaign being run on popular crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo is offering individuals with hearing loss a highly innovative alternative to traditional hearing aids that is set to transform the way hearing aids are used.

The ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid is a revolutionary hearing aid solution that combines advanced bluetooth audio technology with cutting edge hearing aid elements to create a versatile and affordable platform that can enhance the lives of individuals with hearing loss.

In this article, we’ll proceed to break down the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s worth backing.

About the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing-Aid

The ExCio Bluetooth Hearing-Aid is a combination bluetooth headset and hearing aid that offers a wide range of benefits. Boasting all of the functionality of a traditional hearing aid as well as a diverse set of features such as noise cancellation, active ambient volume control, and customizable user-controlled hearing profiles, the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid is a low-cost solution to the extremely common issue of hearing loss.

Instead of requiring individuals with hearing loss to wear bulky over-ear hearing aids, the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing-Aid delivers advanced audio enhancement in the same from profile as a stylish bluetooth headset.

The ExCio Bluetooth Hearing-Aid is controlled by a custom-built smartphone app for both Android and iOS devices, and is manufactured to extremely stringent Californian ROHS standards. The ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid is also a certified class I/II medical device, and is a fully functional certified hearing aid.

Features & Functionality

The ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid offers a wide range of features beyond simply noise amplification. When paired with a compatible smartphone, the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid can be used as a music streaming headset or a handsfree headset, and is able to function for more than eight hours on a single battery charge.

The active noise cancelling functionality of the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid provides users with the ability to modulate the volume levels of their immediate environment, and can even be used as a stand-alone hearing aid.

One of the biggest advantages of the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid, however, is the battery life. In addition to offering eight hours of continuous use, the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid also offers a pocket-sized carrying case that doubles as a portable charging station, which can recharge the ExCio headset up to four times.

Each ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid can provide up to 30 decibels of acoustic gain, which can be adjusted to a user-controller personal maximum volume level. Volume control is managed by both the ExCio smartphone app and buttons on the device itself, which can be worn interchangeably on each ear.

ExCio Bluetooth Hearing-Aid Design & Construction

The ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid is available in two colors- black or white, in either gloss or matte finish. Each ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid unit contains in integrated microphone which is for noise cancellation, as well as a medical-grade high precision hearing aid microphone. Voice calls are handled by a third microphone, while the entire unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Lastly, the brains of the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid are provided by an active noise cancelling chip, a bluetooth processing module, and a multi-layer PCB.

ExCio Bluetooth Hearing-Aid Review Summary

The ExCio Bluetooth Hearing-Aid is a revolutionary development in the hearing aid industry, and is set to change the way individuals with hearing loss manage daily life.

If you’re currently experiencing hearing loss and are seeking a cost-effective, feature-rich alternative to expensive and unwieldy hearing aids, the ExCio Bluetooth Hearing Aid campaign is definitely worth backing.

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