iHear Medical – iHEARHD, iHEARMAX & iHEAREVA Hearing Aids?


iHear Medical is a company that provides consumers with the opportunity to customize their hearing aid with a program that can be used at home. The devices come with three options for consumers, allowing each person to take their treatment at their own pace.

What Is iHear Medical?

Almost 20% of people in the United States suffer from some kind of hearing problems in varying degrees of intensity. Most people choose to live with this suffering, while others spend thousands of dollars on doctors’ appointments and buying new hearing aids that their insurance may or may not cover. However, that incredible spending can be reduced dramatically with iHear.

iHear is not like other hearing aids or even like other doctors. Instead, they advertise that this product is the first of its kind that allows consumers to adjust the audio for themselves with such impressive clarity in all areas of sound. There’s multiple ways for the user to get a customized approach, and there are even different models that can accommodate the preferences of the user.

About The iHear MAX

The iHear MAX is meant to be placed behind the ear to help with any hearing loss that goes from mild to severe loss, but should only be used for adults over 18 years old. Any adjustments to the user’s hearing will be adjustable through the use of the iHTUNER, which can be accessed online. To program the device further, consumers will need to purchase the iHEARMAX Programming Kit.

The other outer-ear option is the iHear EVA, which is meant for women’s use. Women do not have the same hearing loss patterns as men, and this device compensates for those changes with the same performance. It also offers more feminine colors.

About The iHear HD

The iHear HD is a hearing aid that is concealed within the ear, and it is the only hearing aid of its kind that an individual can adjust for themselves. However, due to the structure of the device, and the customization offered, it should not be used to help consumers deal with severe or “profound,” hearing loss. The type of treatment that is needed for this level of loss should be discussed with a doctor.

How iHear Medical Works

To help consumers get the help that is best for them, they have three options that will evaluate the user’s needs. Choose from:

  1. Option A – The user tests their own hearing, which allows the user to record the desired settings from their computer onto their programmable hearing aid.
  2. Option B – The user orders a programming service through iHear, send in the test results, and receive the hearing aids.
  3. Option C – The user receives the iHear hearing test, and has the choice of making the order for their hearing aid later.

All the settings for the devices are setup with the iHear, which means that consumers will not need to realistically setup an appointment for their hearing issues. If the user has any concerns, they can take the test, showing their doctor to ensure that there are not any bigger issues.

While these devices are helpful in improving the user’s hearing levels, they will not heal damage in the ear. These types of issues should be handled by a medical professional.

Pricing For iHear Devices

Each of the iHear devices are different from one another, but they all are priced the same. For just one hearing aid, the cost will be $349. However, buying them as a set (one for each ear) will only cost $549, which is a 23% discount.

To test the user’s present hearing, and determine the best choice, consumers will be able to get the iHear test, which is $69, and takes two days before the company ships it.

Since everyone has different issues that they need to handle with their hearing, consumers may find that this product does not meet their needs. That is why iHear offers a 30-day return policy for consumers to receive a complete refund for any dissatisfaction experienced.

Contacting The Creators Of iHear Medical

Since the technology behind iHear Medical is so helpful, consumers may want to learn more information about the iHear products. The customer service team can be reached by filling out the online form, by calling, or by sending an email.

iHear Medical Review Summary

iHear is all about changing the way that consumers ensure their journey with solving their hearing loss. As said above, the devices will not heal the hearing issues, but they help consumers to find the ways that they need to change their device to exactly meet the needs that they have.

Though the prices are high, the commitment is a fraction of the price that consumers would need to spend over the years of adjusting their aid and getting the new devices.

If you want greater control over your hearing, iHear offers this innovative solution for anyone with the indicated hearing loss.

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