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Resist-A-Ball Review – Is It Right For You?

For most people, core training is all about using a balance ball to increase core strength. For those who are new to core training, core strength lies in your abdominal area. While there are many online brands to help you learn more about core training, find core training products, and even achieve core training certification, one of the most popular is by Mad Dogg Athletics.

Mad Dogg Athletics is the founder of other fitness brands such as Peak Pilates, Spinning, and Spin Fitness. Now, you can venture further into everything that Mad Dogg has to offer by checking out its resistance brand for core training, known as Resist-a-ball. Here is everything you need to know about Resist-a-ball.

About Resist-a-ball

Resist-a-ball is more than just a brand that helps you find the right balance or resistance ball for your workouts. Similarly to other Mad Dogg brands, Resist-a-ball is meant to be your one-stop resource for everything related to your balance ball. For example, the website has an extensive shop, an instructor section for those who would like to start or manage a class, and even a facilities section where you can find the closest Resist-a-ball facility to your current location.

While the website certainly does not seem as extensive as other Mad Dogg websites, the resources provided are still top-notch and provide you with everything that you need to make the most of your own or your student’s resistance workouts.

The Shop

For those who are looking for high-quality and reliable resources for their workouts, then the shop is the first stop. The online shop is large, particularly when it comes to products like stability balls and pialtes accessories. When you first access the shop, you’ll find that it is divided into simple and navigable sections, which include:

  • Workout DVDs
  • Stability Balls
  • Pilates Exercises
  • Functional Training Equipment
  • Workout DVDs 2

For some odd reason, there are two sections for workout DVDs. Upon further research, it is clear that the first section only features two DVDs, which are “Free Weight Training” and “Dynamic Stretch DVD.” If these two DVDs are of no interest to you, then you’ll enjoy much more the second section, which offers a wide range of balance ball videos that can take your workout to the next level or teach you some new moves.

The section with the most items is the stability balls section. Here, you will find stability balls of different sizes and even the best pump type to inflate you ball. The pricing is also pretty decent, when compared to other shops. Therefore, you certainly do not need to feel like you are breaking the bank with this site. Everything you find here is fairly priced for a competitive market.

Just for Instructors

If you are an instructor and are looking for your own balance ball resources, then there is a section dedicated just to you. The “Instructors” section features a few subsections, which you may find useful. The subsections are:

  • Become an instructor
  • Course Descriptions
  • Instructor Resources
  • Shop Resist-a-ball
  • Trainer Testimonials

It is not necessary to provide you a review of each section individually, therefore only the most useful to your needs will be discussed.

Become an Instructor

Compared to all of the sections, the “Become an Instructor” section is the most useful. Those who would like to attain certification can search for training sessions by Resist-a-ball. The search tool allows you to conduct a search based upon your zip code and distance. At the start of the Resist-a-ball training session, you are given an orientation about resistance training and why it is important to gain certification.

One of the best aspects of the training session is that it is just an entire day. You also do not need any experience to join the training session – it is designed for those with limited knowledge or no knowledge at all.

Instructor Resources

The second most useful section is the “Instructor Resources” section. Here, you will find guidelines, exercises, articles, research, the importance on core training, and even articles about Resist-a-ball in the news. With these types of instructor resources, you will have a great deal of information to discuss with your students. For example, you can read the articles titled “The Skinny on Core Training” and “Stability Ball Work Trumps Mat Exercise” and learn information that you can share with your students. In sharing this information, you not only attain more credibility as an instructor, but you also learn information that enhances your own knowledge base.


The last section that Resist-a-ball offers is the Facilities section. In this section, you can learn where to locate a Resist-a-ball facility so that you can gain access to exercise programs and sequences that allow you to create a challenging environment for your own group of fitness enthusiasts. In addition, the facilities also provide you with profit-generating opportunities and marketing support tools.

If you are interested in finding a facility and using the resources provided there, you should visit the section of the brand’s webpage and click on “request an information kit.” This link will allow you to request information that the brand sends directly to your door.

In addition to the above resources, the facilities section also provides you with more information on how you can host a training session, the wholesale program, it gives you access to job boards, and it once again gives you a look to the shop link, where you can buy all of the resources you need to teach your classes.

Return Policy

Finally, in the event that you need to return a product, the good news is that Resist-a-ball is committed 100% to customer satisfaction. If you need to return a product, then call the customer service line and they will direct you through the return process and procedures. When you return your item, do not forget to include the RMA number, which the representative will explain to you.


Overall, Resist-a-ball is one of the best websites for resistance ball training certification, resources, news, and tools. While the website does not seem as extensive and as taken care of as other Mad Dogg brands, the purpose and features on the site are still consistent with the overall purpose and goal of the brand, which is to make access to quality products and fitness programs easier for you as a student or instructor.

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