PillPack Review – Right For You?

PillPack is a pill delivery system that promises to simplify the process of managing your medications by sending you customized daily “PillPacks” adjusted to your daily needs. Here’s our review.

What is PillPack?

PillPack is an online service that works like many other delivery services: you sign up, customize your deliveries, and then wait for those deliveries to arrive at your door every 2 weeks.

With PillPack, the deliveries consist of individual packages of pills. Those pills are organized by date and time. You get a daily supply of the medication you need organized neatly by date and time.

For example, you might receive a week’s supply of PillPacks that say things like “8am Monday or “12pm Friday”.

Shipments are sent to your doorstep every 2 weeks. By signing up for the service, PillPack promises to simplify the process of managing medications. It’s a full service pharmacy that aims to provide a better, simpler experience.

Each PillPack comes in a small, sealed plastic baggy. Your 2 week package consists of a roll of these baggies. You unravel the roll in order, peeling off each baggy that corresponds to the time or day of the week. Everything is ordered chronologically.

One of the cool things about PillPack is that it accepts most major insurance plans – so you only pay the co-pays established by your insurance provider. Shipping is free and you pay your monthly bill online from your user interface. When PillPack originally launched in 2014, the company had a monthly subscription fee. Today, you just pay your insurance co-pays.

PillPack Features

PillPack promises to deliver all of the following features:

— Automatic Refills: PillPack contacts your doctor and proactively manages your refills for you.

— Coordinated Care: Your doctors send new prescriptions directly to the PillPack pharmacy.

— Complete Accuracy: An automated dispensing system and multiple pharmacist checks keeps PillPack accurate.

— Convenient Packaging: All PillPack packages are sorted and packaged into individual dose packs separated by date or time.

— More Than Drugs: PillPack packages can come outfitted with inhalers, creams, diabetes testing supplies, and even refrigerated items. Drugs that don’t need to be taken daily or hourly can come separately packed in bottles to be taken as-needed.

— Brand Names: PillPack uses “preferred brands of vitamins and OTCs”

How to Get Started with PillPack

You can get started with PillPack with a three step process:

Step 1) Sign up for PillPack online or over the phone (you can sign up for yourself or a loved one)

Step 2) Tell PillPack which medications you take and where they’re currently filled

Step 3) Enter your billing, shipping, and insurance information

After that, PillPack’s pharmacy team takes care of the rest. They’ll verify your insurance and make sure all medications transfer to the pharmacy. Then, they’ll transfer your prescriptions, call your doctors for any prescriptions that need refills, setup your start date, and begin sending your medications.

Your medications arrive every 2 weeks from UPS in a discreet box.

About PillPack

PillPack is based at the following address:

Inc. 250 Commercial Street Unit 2012
Manchester, NH 03101

The company was launched by entrepreneur TJ Parker in 2014, who grew up as a teenager working in his parents’ pharmacy in Concord, New Hampshire. He saw patients showing up with spreadsheets to sort through their medications and thought there must be a better way.

Today, the 30-something entrepreneur leads a team of 200 employees. The company has raised $63 million in venture backing to date. It’s licensed in 49 states and, according to a recent interview by Parker, has shipped five million packets to date (he won’t actually say how many customers the company has).

The average PillPack subscriber takes seven different types of medication.

If you find yourself struggling to juggle different types of medication and want a better option, then PillPack may be the right choice for you. All you pay are your insurance co-pays and they manage your subscriptions in-house for maximum convenience.


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