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Peak Pilates Review – Good Choice For You?

Whether you are just starting to get into fitness or you are looking for something different, you’ll find that there are many options available. While many women love yoga and zumba, many more seem to be drawn to the wonders of pilates. Despite being somewhat similar to yoga, pilates instead emphasizes on core components of your body, such as the abdomen, lower back, inner and outer thighs, and oblique.

Therefore, if you are particularly concerned about these areas, then pilates is the right fitness program for you. Those who have adopted the program have been especially pleased with its ability to also enhance posture and mental awareness. To practice pilates properly, you need the right equipment and no brand is better to turn to than Peak Pilates.

What is Peak Pilates?

Peak Pilates started out as a pilates studio in the Colorado Rockies. Today, it is one of the foremost sellers of pilates equipment and educational tools. Everything that Peak Pilates provides and produces is borne out of the brand’s longstanding presence in the industry, which has helped it understand the importance of quality equipment, customer needs and expectations, and more.

Currently, the brand’s main focuses include lead and support for the pilates community, offering education, a full range of equipment, space assessments, market support, and high-quality programming. Moreover, Peak Pilates also provides customer service and support to facilities, teachers, and pilates participants worldwide. With these types of services, you can be certain to enjoy a better pilates experience, whether it is at your own home or you are instructing a class. Peak Pilates was created by Mad Dogg Athletics which has other popular brands such as; and Resist-A-Ball

The Peak Pilates 2016 Catalog

Recently, Peak Pilates released the 2016 Catalog, which features an array of products and services. While there is no overview of the previous years’ catalog, the current one is rich in offerings so that you can be satisfied with your pilates experience. Here are the sections of the catalog and what you can expect:

The Pilates Shop

The Pilates Shop provides you with everything you need to get through your pilates workout successfully. As the brand mentions, the shop contains something for everyone. You’ll find small equipment, large equipment, and pieces that will work will in a pilates studio. Moreover, all pieces in the shop are designed to mimic the same dimensions envisioned by Joseph Pilates himself.

If you want something that is truly unique, the brand is now offerings its own Alfina collection, which rolled out in 2015. The collection is comprised of all wood pieces that are handmade, which ensures that the proper dimensions and quality to the pieces are maintained.

The Certification Program

The new catalog also features a pilates certification program. The classes provide you with a convenient and easy-to-learn mechanism to attaining your own pilates certification that can not only impact your own life, but also those of your students. The classes teach you how to perform the moves correctly, how to encourage students, and how you can become an effective and impactful teacher for your students. With the program, you can become a qualified and certified pilates instructor.

The certification program takes a unique approach. Peak Pilates’ philosophy is to focus on the Pilates method system and to provide you with excellent instructor so that you can achieve your goals. There is also a variety of educational methods that you can use, such as comprehensive certification, mat certification, workshops, and even continuing education.

Moreover, the program’s students have consistently benefited from the Peak Pilates approach to teaching. The company is established in the industry, you can choose your instructor, there is access to the exclusive Peak Pilates Student Rewards program, and students also reserve the right to use the Peak Pilates registered trademark and logo when marketing materials.

Pilates Workout Instructors

The aim of the website and the catalog are to help you achieve top-knotch pilates instruction. The website features products that are true to the heart of pilates in that they are made with effective and sustainable materials such as sustainable bamboo, traditional wood, and modern metals. All designs are meant to harken back to the concepts envisioned by Joseph Pilates himself and as a result, when you or your students use the products, you get the full benefit of their design.

Product Warranties

When purchasing a Peak Pilates product, you also receive a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. The company also may replace, repair, or refund the full purchase of a defective product that you purchase.

You will also find that a number of products come with a lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty applies to products such as the Cadillac, Cadillac Convertible, Sports Medicine Reformer, Sports Medicine TWS Machines, Reformer, and Total Workout System.

A ten year warranty applies to the frame or structural components of the High Ladder Barrels, all other barrels, chairs, combo chairs, ped-o-puls, wunda chairs, and wall systems.

For more information about how other products are warrantied, you can visit the warranty page on the brand’s website.


Another quality to admire about Peak Pilates is the customer outreach. Currently, the brand offers a number of events that you may want to take advantage of, assuming you are in the area. For example, the conference events calendar on the brand’s website indicates that there are events planned in both New York and Chicago. Those who have attended the events have been extremely satisfied with the results and saw the conference as worthwhile.

Newsletters and Community

Finally, if you are looking for a brand that is part of a community that you can become a member of, then Peak Pilates is it. The brand features an informative newsletter that you can ask to receive in the mail. Moreover, you can view the brand’s community page for videos, articles, and an array of other information that will prove useful to your pilates experience. Thus far, those who have taken advantage of  the community features have found them useful.


Overall, Peak Pilates is highly recommended for both men and women who are looking to improve their pilates experience, whether through pilates products, certification, community events, and more. The catalog is constantly updating, so it is advised that you continue to check back for the newest and latest buys so that you can supplement your pilates experience in the best way possible.

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