Rengalife: Oral Strips MLM For Health, Energy & Vitality?


Rengalife is a company that develops supplements that help with the needs of consumers with the use of thin delivery strips that the user takes orally. The company has options for consumers that want to improve their sexual health, add a daily vitamin, or reduce their anxiety.

What Is Rengalife?

Nutrition is incredibly important to the body, and the food that consumers eat will make a major difference in how healthy someone is. Even with a sufficient diet in fruits, vegetables, and protein, the body often needs abundance of other substances to make a difference. Consumers need healthy treatments, but the use of capsules can be difficult for some people to swallow. The Rengalife brand has something new.

Rengalife introduces a strip that delivers all the nutrients from each of their supplements without the need to swallow a thick capsule. There are many different formulas available, depending on the needs of the user.

Products From Rengalife

Rengalife has a partnership with Redwood Scientific Technologies, which is the main producer in the world for the oral films that the company uses for their formulas. In fact, Rengalife is presently the only independent distributor of products with this function.

Consumers have a wide array of options, along with multiple packages that combine the items. Read on below to learn about the different options available right now.


TBX-Free is a supplement for people that want to overcome their smoking habit. For $59.95, consumers can get support for their nicotine addiction. It is only meant for adults, and the amount of the strips used daily will depend on the severity of their smoking addiction. Consumers that smoke over 20 cigarettes a day will need four strips daily, which are used on an as-needed basis.

The company recommends this progression during the process of breaking the user’s habit:

  • Days 1 and 2: 8 strips daily
  • Days 3 to 5: 6 strips daily
  • Days 6 to 12: 5 strips daily
  • Days 13 to 19: 4 strips daily
  • Days 20 to 30: 2 strips daily
  • Days 31+: 1 strip as needed


The Multi-Vitamin formula helps consumers to supplement their missing nutrients in their diet. The formula includes 120 strips in the package for $59.95, though the website doesn’t say how many strips the user needs to take a day to get the required help.


Eupepsia is meant for consumers that want to reduce their appetite to help them manage their weight with greater ease. With a smaller appetite, consumers can reduce the number of calories that they consume, which should be combined with healthier eating habits.

The strip needs to be placed under the tongue to suppress the appetite immediately. The $59.95 package contains 60 strips. The website doesn’t include any other directions right now, so consumers will need to ready through the other directions when they receive the produce.

Product X

Product X is a supplement for consumers that want to have endurance and stamina that is like what they experienced when they were younger. The formula includes ingredients like Red Ginseng, L-Arginine, and Fenugreek extract, which all help with sexual performance and arousal. Consumers get only 20 strips in this package, even though it still costs $59.95.


Biotin is named for it’s main ingredient, and helps consumers that want to improve the growth and strength of their hair. Biotin is also an essential ingredient for the health of the skin and nails, which the supplement will also improve. Consumers can get 120 strips for $59.95.


Vitamin B12 is recommended when consumers experience significantly low energy levels, since it is essential for the body. By using the strip, consumers can quickly get the nourishment for their energy levels into the blood stream.

Consumers will need to pay $59.95 for the treatment.


Prolongz helps consumers to control their libido and prevent premature ejaculation. The treatment dissolves quickly on top of the tongue, though the website doesn’t say if the user should take the strip immediately before intercourse or even during.

Consumers will receive a package of 60 tablets for $59.95.


Provaxaltonin helps consumers that struggle with either stress or anxiety in their daily life. It isn’t considered a medication or anti-depressant, so consumers that need professional help may want to find a treatment outside of Provaxaltonin.

This formula contains serotonin to promote healthier and more balanced mood, while L-tryptophan and 5-HTP further boost the levels. Consumers will get 120 blueberry-flavored strips for $59.95. They will only take two strips daily for the results.


Blossom is a sexual aid for women that want to feel more aroused. The treatment balances the woman’s hormones and intensifies their orgasms. The treatment can help women feel more vital in their life and create more arousal around their sexual desires. The 60 strips are available for $59.95.


Sumnusent works in a few different ways, but it primarily helps consumers to sleep better at night with the increase of natural melatonin in the body. With better sleeping routines, consumers can experience better energy levels, clearer skin, and even better brain connections for improved cognition. Consumers will get 60 tabs for $59.95, though no directions are included online.

Daily Aspirin

Taking Daily Aspirin is often recommended by doctors for patients that have potential heart issues. Adding aspirin to the body can improve the health of the circulatory system. Consumers just need 20 seconds for a 15mg dose of aspirin. Consumers will receive 120 strips in their package, but the price is not listed online.

Contacting Rengalife

Since there are some details that consumers may want to gather before making a purchase, they can contact the Rengallife customer service team. The team offers both a phone number and an email address.

Rengalife Conclusion

Rengalife develops many different remedies, but consumers need to decide which one they want the most. The treatments are all available for low prices, but most of the directions will need to wait for the user to either receive the package or call customer service.


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