Regal Trim Review – Right For You?

Regal Trim is a new diet pill that recently launched online. It claims to use natural green coffee bean extract to support your weight loss goals. Here’s our review.

What is Regal Trim?

Regal Trim is a diet pill that uses pure green coffee bean extract to support healthy weight loss. The natural formula is made in the United States and available at a price of $99.96 for a 30 day supply (you’re automatically charged this price after completing a $4.96 trial).

By taking one capsule of Regal Trim 2 to 3 times per day, the manufacturer claims you can “feel the transformation” as the pill “unleashes the true power of your metabolism”, allowing you to get the firm and lean physique that you deserve.

How does Regal Trim work? Is it worth the $100 price tag? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Regal Trim Work?

Each capsule of Regal Trim contains 800mg of formula. There’s only one listed active ingredient: green coffee bean extract (the only other listed ingredient is vegetable-sourced gelatin, which is an inactive ingredient used to form the capsule).

The specific extract used in Regal Trim is called PuraViv GCA. The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule orally twice per day.

Green coffee bean extract is undoubtedly one of the hottest dietary ingredients on the market today. But popularity doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice to support your weight loss.

The key ingredient in green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid. The chlorogenic acids in green coffee extract are readily absorbed by the body, which has been linked to mild weight loss benefits.

Traditional coffee, by the way, doesn’t contain much chlorogenic acid. The acid gets wiped out during the roasting process. Green coffee bean extract is never roasted, so most of its chlorogenic acid remains intact.

According to, green coffee extract has been shown to “weakly reduce body weight in overweight and obese persons”, although the reasons for this weight loss are unknown and major studies have not yet been performed.

That site claims that most weight loss studies involving green coffee bean extract have used the following dosages:

-1200 to 3000mg for a 10% chlorogenic acid supplement

-600 to 1500mg for a 20% chlorogenic acid supplement

-240 to 600mg for a 50% chlorogenic acid supplement

Whenever you take green coffee bean, you’re aiming to get the maximum amount of chlorogenic acid. If you were to just take chlorogenic acid by itself, the recommended dose would be 120 to 300mg of chlorogenic acid.

Ultimately, studies on the health benefits of green coffee bean extract are still few and far between, although most studies point to small weight loss benefits when taking green coffee bean supplements.

It’s also important to note that Regal Trim does not tell us the concentration of chlorogenic acid inside each capsule. We know that there’s 800mg of formula in each capsule, but we don’t know the concentration of that formula.

Typically, manufacturers advertise the concentration of active ingredients like chlorogenic acid. Regal Trim does not advertise this information, which leads us to assume the concentration is relatively weak (10% or lower).

Regal Trim Pricing

Regal Trim is priced with an autoship trial “scam”. You can’t order the supplement directly. You need to order it as part of a trial offer. If you don’t return your trial bottle within 18 days, then you’re charged the full price (which is $99.96). Here’s how the pricing details break down:

-You pay $4.96 for shipping and handling today, and the company ships a full-size bottle of Regal Trim to your address within 4 business days

-You have 18 days (from the date you order) to try the supplement for yourself and decide if it’s right for you; if you don’t like it, then you’ll need to return it within 18 days to avoid any future charges

-If you miss the 18 day deadline, then your credit card will automatically be charged the full retail price of $99.96, which only covers the price of the bottle you already received

-Then, every 30 days from your initial trial purchase date, your credit card will be charged $99.96 + $4.96 shipping, and you will continue to be charged this amount for the rest of your life (or until you cancel)

-If you need to request a refund or cancel your subscription, then you’ll want to call customer service at [email protected] to cancel your membership

This scam-like pricing policy is outlined in full detail in the terms and conditions section, but it’s not really explained well upfront, which is why many customer reviews for Regal Trim online call the supplement a scam

Who Makes Regal Trim?

Regal Trim is made by a nutritional supplement manufacturer named Regal Nutra LLC. That company is based at the following address:

1601 N Sepulveda Blvd #763

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

You can get in touch with the company by emailing [email protected] or by calling 1-800-398-8516. The company does not list its manufacturing conditions or location, although it does claim to make its supplements entirely within the United States, and the product label mentions that the product is made in an FDA-registered facility.

Should You Use Regal Trim to Lose Weight?

Green coffee bean extract is a trendy diet pill ingredient that has shown mild weight loss benefits when taken in high doses. Regal Trim contains 800mg of formula in each capsule, although it’s not clear what the concentration of the active ingredient (chlorogenic acid) may be.

The main problem with Regal Trim is the price: at over $100, Regal Trim is one of the most expensive diet pills on the market today. That high price tag makes it difficult to recommend – especially since we don’t yet have a lot of research on Regal Trim.


  1. I saw these item on TV and thought I would try them. Well I called the number advertised on there Ad. We I ordered the Two which are Regal Slim and Regal Trim! I also work out 4 times a week. I have used them for 3 weeks now and nothing! I mean nothing. I myself this the product is a joke. Plus I ordered them at there advertised amount of $4. 98 or what ever it was. Well i received my Credit Card statement and they had charged me $89.97 and $89.96! They did not tell me about ANY 15 day Trial period or they would charge me the full price. Then in 2 weeks, I received a complete new order, which I did not order at full price! Well of course I was totally pissed off! I called there so call customer service and requested my full refund. First they nly wanted to give me a 30% discount on the return items. Well they went up from there to giving me back minus shipping and a $15. Restock fee! Which is another joke. So in the end i received a $359.85 dollar fees on my card which i never ordered plus they do not tell U about the 15 day trial fee! So two things here. They R a total rip off company, the product does not work and terrible customers service. So go to the health store and take something much better or just watch what U eat and exercise! Mostly stay away from this company. No wonder the company has money, they false advertising and sent products U did nit order! Plus they will not give out the owners name Stay away from them

  2. DON’T ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!! I thought I read through ALL of the ad prior to ordering my “Free Trial” & noticed NOTHING on there about being billed almost $200 for these stupid products, IF NOT CANCELLED IN 14 DAYS! I emailed the company, PLUS talked with a monotone Customer Service Representative by phone who apparently must deal with dissatisfied customers all day long (poor woman…but everybody’s got to earn a living!), because she calmly just kept repeating platitudes about the company having no hidden fees & this “Free Trial offer” not being a scam…Which it SOOOO is!!! My advice to ALL: Don’t make the same mistake I did. STEER CLEAR OF THIS MONEY TRAP!!!

  3. HI! I did NOT sign up for any free trial or anything and I received a “shipping confirmation” out of the blue. I called the company to ask about this and told them I hadn’t ordered anything. She told me on April 19 that she those confirmations were late bc the product had already been shipped. I told her I received nothing – and hadnt ordered anything either. She said ok – she would ensure that my card not be charged for anything. This morning (April 24) I checked my bank account and there were 2 charges from this company! 2 almost $90 charges! I called and was told that all the information checked out so I must have ordered or someone in my household ordered. I explained I had not and had spoken with someone the week before who promised this would not happen. After speaking with a supervisor, I was told they would refund the money – in 3-5 days. I asked about the bounced check fees that originated due to this scam bc my account is now negative. I was told there was nothing they could do. I was sent to a supervisor who told me again they would do nothing about the bounced check fees. This “company” is a scam. Thank goodness my bank (TD Bank) is willing to wait and put things on hold until they see the refund – but now I have nothing for 3-5 days in my account and can’t even put gas in my car! As a single mom budgeted to the penny, this cannot happen and I am astounded that I have to pay the price for a scam company’s mistake!

  4. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! “FREE TRIAL” IS A JOKE! I made the mistake of ordering the alleged free trial. No, I did not read the hidden terms. And I should have. I assumed, erroneously, that I had 30 days to cancel this crap. (it doesn’t work by the way) After 10 days there were two charges of $89.95 on my card! I called them to try to cancel and they gave me a hard time. So I said I wanted to use my one time return (per the terms of service I did read) noting that the shipment had not arrived at my home and therefore they could just keep it. They informed me that was not possible as it had already been shipped. ( yes, I’m still sitting here holding my breath waiting for that to arrive several months later) After becoming thoroughly frustrated with them, I hung up and called my card company. I attempted to dispute the charges. The card lady was very helpful, but told me not to have too much hope because their purpose in doing these alleged free trials is to sucker people in and then charge as much as possible on their cards before they notice and can make them stop. She also advised always reading the “hidden terms” which are often difficult to find, thus the term “hidden”. After she argued with Regal Trim for a long time on my behalf, Regal trim refused to remove the charges and she began the dispute for me. Of course I did not win the dispute because I was the one who was stupid enough to sign up for their stupid free trial for their product that does not do anything except increase your daily intake of pills. In the end the credit card company worked out that I only ended up paying $89.95 to learn the lesson to never ever ever ever sign up for one of these things again. If you still intend to try it, I wish you the best of luck. I would definitely NOT recommend it!!!!

  5. I just received my pills and my Mom told me to make sure that I cancel my subscription. I told her that it was just a Free Trail and that I didn’t sign up for a subscription. She said to just make sure; so I went to where I ordered and sure the fine print that I didn’t read, it states that they will charge you after the 18 days if you don’t call to cancel. I just got off the phone with a woman from Regal Slim and she was trying to offer me discounts and asked about 3 times why I wanted to cancel. She was very repetitive and kept trying to get me to stay with the product. Then I was firm on telling her I just wanted to cancel and she said that there were 2 options on how to cancel: 1. I keep the bottles and they charge me a 1 time amount of $30 or 2. She provides me with their Ship To address so that I can send back whatever I didn’t use. I told her that I would take down the address and she said ok and that she was going to put me on hold. I waited for about a minute and she came back on the line saying that she just spoke with her manager and that I can keep the bottles at no charge. I said “Ok, so I won’t be charged anymore? Everything is cancelled, right?” and she said “Yes. You should receive a cancellation email within 24 hours”. So we will see what happens!

  6. Maybe if you people learned how to read before you just sign up for free shit. Americans are so greedy that they will sign up and put their credit card information online without reading everything. You can’t blame the company if you don’t read and you just assume. Take responsibility for your self and learn to read EVERYTHING before you put your credit card information in for a “free” sample if you have to pay even for the shipping and handling it isn’t free.

  7. Free Trial will automatically charge you and auto-ship more if you don’t cancel in 14 days.
    Similar products available on Amazon for $25.

  8. I got mind and I was charged 89.99 twice called and complained and I was told I would be refunded 30% 120.99 would be back on my card and I could try the pull until March 27th and them I would be be billed the price of 29.95 each if I wanted to continue to use them so I will see hopefully they work and don’t hurt me thanks

  9. Don’t buy the product. It doesn’t work. When I purchased I purchased through a Facebook ad and the ad did not divulge they would charge my credit card in 14 days if I did not call and cancel. Then they tried to tell me my package was delivered within fives days of me ordering it and tried to blame me for not receiving the package. They offered me 30% the price which is bullcrap because I didn’t authorize a monthly charge to my credit card and there was no information informing me of such. Don’t buy it, it’s a scam. I should have read more reviews before trying it.

  10. Don’t buy this product I called and cancelled and was charged again 15 days later. They wouldn’t return my money when I just called again.


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