Eagle Eyes – Can It Improve Poor Eyesight?


Eagle Eyes Review – Does It Work?

Eagle Eyes is a formula that helps to treat individuals with poor eyesight. This is our review.

What is Eagle Eyes?

Eagle Eyes is a formula that is designed to help improve your poor eyesight. It is common to have your eyesight deteriorate as you get older. Your aging body slowly starts to shut down your bodily systems, but losing your eyesight has to be one of the most difficult transitions. You need your eyes to see while driving or while reading, and the idea of having the opportunity to do anything like that is scary. However, that’s where Eagle Eyes comes in.

The maker of Eagle Eye first addresses the main problems that can cause you to lose your eyesight from an earlier age. According to their claims, your food doesn’t have the nutrients that other generations have had, since major companies are trying to mass produce fruits and vegetables with less cost. Much like the way that your lungs need oxygen to breathe, your eyes require certain vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids to function properly as well. Without sufficient nutrients, your ability to see becomes much more miniscule.

In the Eagle Eye formula, you will find all of the 16 necessary vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to your eyes health. The best sources of nutrition for your eyes used to be found in dark, leafy greens; however, the changes in the production of many vegetables makes them less effective nowadays. These vegetables are rich in carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, which are key to seeing properly at any time of day.

The reason that regular nutrition doesn’t work is because the carotenoids that you need must come from an organic source, which means that chemical or synthetic versions of the plants won’t be of any assistance. Additionally, the dose you get must be very high, which you can only get from getting organic and natural ingredients.

According to the maker of this formula, Eagle Eye is able to help you:

  • Fight glare and eyestrain
  • See better while driving at night
  • Give you more confidence in your ability to see clearly while driving
  • Alleviate headaches caused by eyestrain

These changes are seen in as many as 87% of people within three months of using Eagle Eye. However, there are multiple reasons that Eagle Eye works to restore your eyesight.

How Eagle Eyes Works

The reason that Eagle Eyes is effective is because the formula is a concentrated dose of all of the nutrients you need to improve your health. The ingredients are all made from organic and natural substances, unlike the produce you may be purchasing at the store. These ingredients are:

  • Bilberry Extract:
    • Enhances the collagen in your eyes, which helps you to adjust the glare or dim lighting outside while you drive.
  • Ginkgo Biloba
    • Supports the health of your retina, while promoting healthy blood flow and oxygen delivery to the eyes.
  • Eyebrite
    • Gives strength to your eye’s blood vessels and fights fatigue.
  • Vitamin A
    • Essential to eye health.
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil
    • Promotes better health and function in the retina, which gives you clearer and sharper vision.
  • Taurine:
    • Supports the health of your nervous system
    • Supports optic nerves
    • Makes it easy to deliver vitamins A, D, and E throughout your digestive system.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine
    • Prevents attacks from free radicals
    • Removes toxic substances in your eyes
    • Promotes healthy liver function, which needs to be strong to help with your eyesight.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
    • Protects your eyes’ DNA
    • Protects the optic nerves in your eyes
    • Boosts the delivery of oxygen in your blood
  • Goldenseal
    • Relieves soreness and inflammation
    • Fights eye fatigue
    • Eliminates bloodshot eyes
  • Vitamin E
    • Protects the membranes in your eyes to give you clear lenses.
  • Rutin
    • A bioflavonoid which helps to increase the effects of vitamin C in your eye, while preventing the effect to go away quickly.
  • Zinc
    • An essential nutrient for maintaining the health of your retina and macula.
  • Selenium
    • Eliminates free radicals to protect each part of your eyes, specifically your lenses.
  • Vitamin C
    • Prevents buildup of toxins in your eyes by up to 77%
    • Supports the walls of your blood vessels for effective oxygen delivery.

Using Eagle Eye

The formula for Eagle Eye is available in a tablet, and each bottle contains 90 tablets. While the website does not indicate how many you are supposed to take, this implies that a single day’s worth of the supplement is three tablets, which can be taken with any beverage.

The maker of Eagle Eye states that this product is for older and younger adults, referencing consumers that are in their 70’s and above. Allegedly, many of the consumers are former members of the military, which is how the company got the name “Eagle Eye.”

Pricing for Eagle Eye

The program works on a subscription basis, so the price begins with giving you an “introductory offer” for it. With the introductory offer, you receive six months of the Eagle-Eyes formula, along with two free gifts. However, there is no information on the website if this deal is applicable when ordering from the options available.

There are three package options available, and they are categorized as “Best Value,” “Good Value,” and “Trial Offer.”

The Best Value package includes an order of six bottles of the formula, which is shipped out every six months. The subscription automatically renews every month, and costs nothing for shipping and handling. This deal is $179 per shipment, which will be charged to your card whenever it is shipped.

The Good Value package includes an order of three bottles of the formula, which is enough for three months. This shipment costs $134, and you get the two free gifts advertised for the first package. You are required to pay $7 for shipping and handling in the shipment.

The Trial Offer package only contains one month of the formula, which is the least valuable package of the group. You only receive one month’s worth of the product, which costs $49. You are required to pay the $7 shipping and handling fees. This is not a subscription program.

The company accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

The Maker of Eagle Eye

David Blyweiss, MD, is responsible for the creation of Eagle Eye. Blyweiss earned his medical degree from the St. George School of Medicine in 1982. He pursued a career as a clinical pharmacist. To contact the company, you can call the customer service department at (866) 766-3600


Eagle Eye is a vitamin supplement that uses essential vitamins to help enhance your eyesight. The supplement is a little expensive, but it’s worth a shot to improve your vision for your next visit at the optometrist.

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