Fat Loss Protocol Review – Worth It?

Fat Loss Protocol is a new diet eBook that claims to introduce a “breakthrough fat loss method” that has been kept hidden “underground for over 90 years”. What’s that all about? Let’s find out in our review.

What is Fat Loss Protocol?

Fat Loss Protocol is a new diet system that comes in the form of an eBook. The creators of Fat Loss Protocol claim they recently discovered the diet system after it was “kept underground for over 90 years”.

That diet system was purportedly discovered in the 1920s. For unknown reasons, it was then locked away until 2016, when it was shared with the world in the form of a downloadable eBook PDF.

The story behind Fat Loss Protocol is that a 40 year old out of shape man lost 197 pounds using the program “without any surgery, weight loss pills, exercise or fasting”.

That’s right: a man lost 197 pounds without any exercise. He did it by changing his diet.

With that in mind, Fat Loss Protocol promises to teach you no-nonsense dietary approaches that will work on people of any weight, any body shape, and any body type.

The program was created by Tristan, a “Certified Nutrition Expert” who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science.

Let’s take a look at how Fat Loss Protocol works.

How Does Fat Loss Protocol Work?

Fat Loss Protocol starts by debunking certain myths about weight loss. It starts by debunking the myth the carbohydrates are good for health. Tristan argues that many carbs contain fructose, which turns into fat after your body metabolizes it. Worse, it turns on the fat switch in your body.

Another myth debunked by Fat Loss Protocol is that saturated fat is always bad for your health. Tristan points towards a study that shows countries like Switzerland, France, and Italy all consume more saturated fat than almost any country in the world – but still have the lowest risk for heart disease.

Meal Plan

Eventually, Fat Loss Protocol took this information – and more – and turned it into a coherent dietary system that emphasizes easy dietary changes you can make today to have a powerful long-term effect on your health.

The core of the program is a weekly meal planner schedule called the 21 Day Kick Start Meal Plan. That plan gives you a specific schedule containing the foods and drinks you should consume on a regular basis, including “recipes so tasty and mouthwatering that you won’t believe you are on a weight loss plan.”

That meal plan is presented in a simple, step-by-step fashion.

Key traits of the program include:

-No strict dieting, “junk-filled supplements”, or other hard rules that you need to follow

-No point system or massive list of restricted foods you’re not allowed to eat

-No starvation, no monthly subscription, and no prepackaged frozen foods to buy

-No need to cut out entire food groups or buy expensive, exotic foods from your grocery store

-No extreme exercise plan “because over-exercising will deplete your energy level”

At-Home Fat Protocol Test

The second main part of the program is the at-home test. Using a few items from your local pharmacy that cost under $15, you can perform some basic physical tests on yourself “without having to pay a single visit to your doctor’s office or your insurance company.”

Fat Loss Protocol will teach you how to take this information, make sense of it, and use that information to eat better, boost metabolism, shed body fat, and increase strength.

Erotic Sex Secrets

Oddly enough, Fat Loss Protocol also includes a third core component called Erotic Sex Secrets: Sex Foods to Stimulate Your Life.

As you may have guessed from the name, the book teaches you the best foods to enhance sexual function and pleasure.

Fat Loss Protocol Pricing

The three eBooks in Fat Loss Protocol are priced at $37.

If that price seems high for 3 PDF documents, then consider that the creators of the program “first thought about charging as much as $347 for access to it” and that “$347 for the Fat Loss Protocol is a steal”. Ultimately, they settled on the $37 price tag – I guess because they’re just nice people who want to help you lose weight.

In fact, the creators of the program claim they don’t even make any money off sales of the book: the $37 price tag only covers “administrative, website maintenance and distribution costs.”

Hint: It doesn’t cost that much to sell downloadable PDFs through a website.

In any case, the book comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can request a refund at any time within 60 days of your purchase and receive a full refund with no questions asked.

Who Wrote Fat Loss Protocol?

Fat Loss Protocol was made by a Certified Nutrition Expert named Tristan. Tristan claims to have earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Today, Tristan works as an entrepreneur exporting and wholesaling “high end organic foods and herbs” while also working as a human health and nutrition writer. In between these gigs, he coaches clients for weight loss and nutrition.

The eBook features pictures of Tristan’s wife Jessica and his three year old daughter Trish.

You can contact the makers of Fat Loss Protocol by emailing [email protected] or by filling out the online form here: thefatlossprotocol.com/contact.html

Should You Use Fat Loss Protocol to Lose Weight?

Fat Loss Protocol is a weight loss system that claims you can eat until you’re full while still losing weight. It’s all about eating the right stuff.

Fat Loss Protocol claims it’s not strictly an exercise program, although it does recommend incorporating some moderate exercise into your routine to enhance your weight loss progress.

If you’re looking for a non-traditional diet program that emphasizes a long-term approach to weight loss instead of rapid, short-term weight loss, then Fat Loss Protocol may be exactly what you’re looking for. Although the creator of the program is vague about the dietary details, he appears to have the right professional qualifications to back up his advice.



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