RediClinic – Rite Aid’s High Quality Pharmacy Healthcare Service?


Getting health care that is not only affordable but also of high-quality can be quite a challenge with many companies just offering these services to make a profit. Well, this does not have to be the case with RediClinic, as it is quite the contrary in the way it operates.

It is a clinic designed to cater for all health issues. Since its establishment in 1989, RediClinic has been a great help to many, particularly the residents of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Seattle and Washington.

It has promoted better health for its patients and seems to be a favorite to many who are looking for the best health care services.

Rediclinic Services

At RediClinic, a range of health services are provided to ensure good health. Some of these services are as follows:

  • Surgical procedures to treat certain health conditions such as heart problems or kidney failures. On the other side, there are also surgical operations that are for cosmetic and beauty purposes. For instance, you can easily get laser treatment at the clinic to treat certain deformities or to generally improve your appearance.
  • They also give vaccines for prevention of diseases, for both children and adults. This is in respect to the mandatory vaccinations for children like polio and others like yellow fever that are necessary when traveling to certain areas of the world. You may need to pay for some of the vaccines while other times, they are offered for free.
  • They offer counseling services for patients who are dealing with certain issues in their life and need someone to help them get through it. These may be drug addicts or patients suffering from certain mental problems such as depression. They know how to handle these patients with the utmost care and love that they need to get through that phase.
  • They treat common health problems such as infections of various body parts and symptoms of diseases that need to be remedied before they get worse and pin the patient down.
  • They also offer screening services and testing to ascertain whether all body parts are functioning as they should be and that there are no threatening growths that have not yet been discovered. These services include physical examinations by doctors and scanning as needed. There are instances when they can actually offer these services for free so as to give back to the community.

RediClinic Benefits

Letting RediClinic handle all your health issues comes with a lot of benefits that not many clinics can offer. The wide range of services and products from the clinic are adequate to take care of the needs of the patient.

At this clinic, there is a team of proficient medical personnel, both nurses and doctors, who are always at your service. These people have dedicated their lives to serve other people who need their help.

Not only are they qualified for the various positions they hold but they are also very much committed to their work. Moreover, they are very friendly people who make every attempt to create a bond with their patients and make them feel at ease at all times.

So if you have had previous bad experiences with medical staff, it is highly unlikely that this will be the case if you visit this clinic. Most patients are normally worried whether the insurance they use will be accepted at the clinic where they are attended to.

Worry no more as RediClinic accepts all major insurances, with only a few exceptions, those being some that are not well recognized and may raise suspicion. Otherwise, you do not need to worry about being denied services because of using a certain insurance plan.

In addition to that, the team at the clinic will explain to you the extent to which you can use the insurance at the clinic and what it covers.

Those who do not use insurance may be wondering if it is going to cost them much to be treated at the clinic. On the contrary! This is one of the most affordable clinics in the states mentioned above.

This is because to them, it is not only about making money but actually making a difference in someone’s life. Their prices are pocket friendly and are affordable to all.

Furthermore, all payments are clearly stated and documented so that patients know precisely what they are paying for. If there is any doubt on payments, you can simply make a complaint and it will be addressed as soon as possible.

Another plus is that their services are easily accessible because of the location. Where you see Rite Aid pharmacies, you will often find a RediClinic right inside. This makes it easy to spot the clinic even while shopping or spending the day at a mall.

Another advantage of that availability is that it is easy to access medication from nearby pharmacies with a prescription from the doctor for medicine that is not available at the clinic.

The clinics are also open every day of the week which gives patients ample time to visit the clinic and get treated.

RediClinic Downsides

The unfortunate thing about this clinic is that it is limited to the specific states mentioned earlier. It is difficult to access treatment if you are located in a different state.

In addition to that, the clinics are not that big and may not be able to handle a large group of patients. It is possible to wait in line for a long time before consulting with a doctor if there are many patients at the clinic.

Another issue of contention would be that their prices sometimes change without any notice hence inconveniencing patients who have done their research on how much they need to pay at the clinic, only to be disappointed that the price has been altered.

This would be very unfortunate, particularly for those who are within a strict budget.

RediClinic Conclusion

All in all, RediClinic is a good clinic that caters to all your health needs. For any queries on their services, you can simply call them or pay them a visit. Book your appointment at the clinic and wait to be astonished by professional medical care.

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