Quit Genius App: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy To Quit Smoking?


Quit Genius App is a smartphone app that consumers can use to eliminate smoking from their bad habits through the use of cognitive behavior therapy. Consumers with both Android and iOS phones can use the program, and there is no financial commitment.

What Is Quit Genius App?

Smoking cigarettes causes over 480,000 deaths per year, and that is primarily due to the nicotine that causes the addiction in the first place. However, anyone that has ever tried to stop smoking can understand how difficult it is, despite the fact that 70% of smokers want to quit.

There are patches and gums that try to satisfy the craving, but all these products really do is satiate the user’s addiction in a different way. To completely eradicate the desire to smoke from the body, consumers may want to consider the help of Quit Genius App.

With rave reviews, Quit Genius is the first program of its kind – a mobile cognitive behavior therapy program that helps consumers stop smoking for life. This program works to individualize the treatment, focusing on each person’s path to freedom.

Consumers will find an array of videos, audio sessions, and exercises that help them overcome the triggers that send them outside for another smoke. Every person is different, which is why the coaches also learn about the patterns of consumers that take part to help them stay motivated and focused on their goals.

Read on below to see how the use of CBT works and what to expect from the program.

How Quit Genius App Works

With only 3% of smokers succeeding in their goals to stop smoking, consumers need to be aware of the ingenuity behind cognitive behavioral therapy. The creators of this program focus much of their attention on the two main components of a smoking habit – physical addiction and psychological addiction.

Physical addiction is simply the urge to smoke, which normally happens because the user wants to get the calmness that a cigarette brings. The part that makes this aspect difficult is usually withdrawal, making smokers nauseous and irritable without their former way of calming the body. Nicotine replacement remedies, like the patch or gum, give the body nicotine, but no smoke.

Psychologically, smokers have to deal with the triggers that they have acclimated their body to deal with by smoking, which can be feelings, locations, or people. However, by using Quit Genius, smokers will learn how to get that gratification without any nicotine at all.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps to break down these situational triggers into three aspects – thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Much of the program is about understanding and altering the triggers that cause consumers to crave a cigarette, while the cognitive aspect is directly towards how the user thinks of smoking and quitting.

Most people that fail this part of quitting have negative thoughts during the irritation of withdrawal, but CBT can help consumers thing more positively about their life experiences. Basically, the user learns other behaviors they can do instead of smoking.

The Program

There are four stages to the program, which only take up about five minutes a day, which makes it easy to fit into any routine. The stages are:

  1. The journey. Smokers will review how they started to smoke in the first place and start to create a future without cigarettes.
  2. The mind. Smokers will learn how nicotine impacts the body and mind, while also learning about the upcoming trouble that they may have while quitting. This stage also prepares the user to overcome those issues.
  3. Misconceptions. Consumers will learn how to see their view of smoking differently.
  4. Change. During this stage, smokers will start to change different behaviors so that they are ready to stop smoking before they actually quit for good.

This program is primarily about reflecting on the journey that smokers have been through and teaching them the right keys for resisting cravings. They need to learn the right way to handle triggers to gain more self-control. While participating, the consumer will have to pick a date that they want to quit by, rather than working on the timeline of the program like other regimens do.

Pricing And Availability

While other programs and methods of the cessation of smoking tend to be expensive, the Quit Genius app is not. Instead, consumers can download the program for free onto their smartphone. Right now, it is available through the Google Play app or through the iOS App Store.

If the user finds that this program does not work for them, all they have to do is uninstall it from their phone.

Contacting The Creators Of the Quit Genius App

Most of the information that consumers will want to get about Quit Genius can be found on the app or the website. However, if there are other inquiries, they can leave their feedback at https://www.quitgenius.com/contact/.

Participants can also download the app and leave a comment on the applicable store for their smartphone.

Quit Genius App Conclusion

Quit Genius App offers a completely free way to stop the bad habit that causes cancer, emphysema, and even death. There is nothing to lose, and the whole program seems to be about creating a path of self-healing and self-discovery.


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