Pilates Pro Chair Max: Full Body Workout System & DVD Series?


The Pilates Pro Chair Max is a device that allows consumers to improve the way that their workout tones their body, creating a better line of posture and better balance with each movement. The product is available for purchase through QVC and Amazon.com.

What Is Pilates Pro Chair Max?

There are plenty of different ways to work out the body to get lean and strong muscles. Pilates has been growing in popularity for years, and there are plenty of classes offered online and even at many gyms. However, using accessories can help the participant to push their workout a little further, which is what the Pilates Pro Chair Max may be able to do.

The main claim made by the creators of this chair is that the regimen will help consumers to initially lose a dress size within the first 10 days. There are DVDs included for consumers to follow along with a workout, while the various features of the chair (like the spring system and pedal system) help consumers of all skill levels. This program is meant for all-over improvements, so read on below to learn what to expect from the DVDs.

The DVDs

The DVDs included with the Pilates Pro Chair help consumers to get all the different benefits from the chair. The DVDs include:

  • Total Body Workout (48 minutes) and Core, Buns & Thighs Makeover Workout (37 minutes)
  • Total Dream Body Workout (57 minutes)
  • Pilates Basics (20 minutes)
  • Sculpt & Tone (32 minutes)
  • Susan Lucci’s Favorite Moves (28 minutes)

The first DVD contains two different workouts. The Total Body Workout helps consumers to get the signature moves for Pilates with the chair. It helps consumers work out the tougher spots, keeping healthy posture and getting started on the right routine. The makeover workout tones the core, buns, and thighs, helping consumers to improve the number of calories that the user burns, creating better muscle tone.

The Total Dream Body Workout helps to take on impressive calorie burns with “cardio blasts” to eliminate inches from the body. This workout is meant to be for the user to get ready for swimsuit season, toning the abs, hips, thighs, butt, arms, and shoulders.

Pilates Basic helps consumers to learn about Pilates as a whole, using it to teach the user the best ways to use the chair. There’s step-by-step demonstrations of the exercises, making it fairly meticulous.

Sculpt and Tone is fairly straightforward, since it helps consumers to lose weight and still create the lean muscle that consumers want. There are basic moves in this routine, and it positively functions during light workout days when consumers just want to get a concentrated effort on a few major areas of their body without cardio as well.

Susan Lucci’s Favorite Moves basically shows consumers the ways that this soap opera actress likes to use Pilates for her own figure. With decades in show business with the same figure, consumers can feel confident about what they can get from the exercises.

How The Pilates Pro Chair Max Helps

There are many benefits to participating in Pilates alone, but the Pilates Pro Chair Max helps consumers make their routine more advanced. With the adjustable springs, consumers can keep up their fluid mobility, transitioning easily to each move. It lets the user keep their core engaged with greater strength, toning the entire body with a cardio workout that keeps the body strong.

Using The Pro Chair Max

When consumers use the chair, the exercises they will need to engage in are primarily found in the DVDs. However, there are a few ways that consumers can get the most out of each of the exercises, making simple changes to the way that they maintain their positions. Take note of the following tips:

  • Keep the powerhouse engaged by holding in the belly, squeezing the buttocks, keeping the shoulders back, and creating a long skin. Every single move needs to come from this position and posture.
  • Keep constant tension on the springs to keep the muscles properly engaged.
  • Smoothly transition from one movement to the next.
  • Maintain deep breathing through the nose and breathe out through the mouth.

While not in-use, consumers can fold up the 33lb chair up to keep in the closet or under a bed. For instructions on some of the exercises in print, consumers can visit http://www.pilatesprochair.com/exercises.html.

Pricing For The Pilates Pro Chair Max

The total cost of the Pilates Pro Chair Max is $220.00, but consumers will not be able to make their purchase from the official website. Instead, consumers will be directed to Amazon or QVC to make the purchase, which includes free shipping. Consumers will have the choice of a blue, green, purple, red, or yellow cushions.

If consumers need to replace certain pieces, they can find the links to the parts on the “Accessories” page of the chair. Right now, the only options that consumers can purchase are resistance springs and new handles. However, other pieces of equipment are not really necessary.

Contacting The Creators

The website for the chair contains a lot of useful information that consumers will need to get the results they want from the regimen. However, there is no actual phone number or email address to get ahold of someone. Instead, there’s a form on the contact page at http://www.pilatesprochair.com/contact.html for consumers to send an inquiry directly to the company.

Pilates Pro Chair Max Conclusion

The Pilates Pro Chair is meant for every person that wants to engage in a healthy workout routine with a little more engagement. The device can be conveniently folded away while not in use and can tone everything from the buttocks to the abs to the thighs.


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