Quip Electric Toothbrush – Best Oral Care Solutions?


Quip Review – Should You Buy It?

Quip is a startup company dedicated towards improving the health of your teeth and gums. Did Quip really make the best toothbrush ever made? Let’s take a closer look in our Quip review.

What is Quip?

Quip – often spelled without a capitalized Q – is a new startup company based in Brooklyn that promises to build technologies that improve your oral health.

The company’s flagship product is the Quip electric toothbrush. The company also sells toothpastes and other oral care solutions. You can purchase these products individually online or bundle them together to save money.

What is the Quip Electric Toothbrush?

At first glance, the Quip looks like a boring, bland toothbrush. The brush features a minimalistic design with a flat white coloring. It doesn’t look like anything special until you start to use it.

Conveniently enough, the holder for that toothbrush doubles as a travel cap. So you can throw the toothbrush into your bag to keep it germ-free without buying any accessories.

The Quip holder itself has a small adhesive strip that sticks to any surface, but still manages to be easily removable when you need to take Quip somewhere.

You’ll notice one big difference between Quip and standard electric toothbrushes. With most standard electric toothbrushes, you just hold the brush against your teeth and move it around your mouth for a thorough brushing. With the Quip, it just vibrates in place, which means you still have to brush your teeth like you would with a standard toothbrush.

Another neat trait of the Quip is that it’s virtually noiseless. If you’re sick of the annoying buzz made by ordinary electric toothbrushes, then you’ll find that Quip is a welcome relief.

As you brush with Quip, the brush delivers vibrations in 30 second pulses and a smart timer helps ensure you’re brushing for a long enough period of time every day.

When you purchase the Quip, you’ll also be able to sign up to receive a new head and battery every 3 months for $5, making it more cost-effective than many electric toothbrushes found on the market. The electric brush sets themselves start at $25.

Other Quip Products

In addition to the vibrating toothbrush, Quip sells a toothpaste. The Quip toothpaste promises to give you “only the ingredients your teeth need.”

One of those key ingredients is fluoride. The way Quip sees it, new teeth cleaning ingredients come out every year, but fluoride is one ingredient that has remained a dental mainstay year after year. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral recommended and used by dentists worldwide.

Some of the nifty features on the Quip toothpaste include:

  • -Anti-cavity ingredients that use essential fluoride paste with no harmful whitening products
  • -Travel-ready solution with a 2 week travel tube included
  • -Portion guides that help you squeeze out pea-sized portions

Each tube is designed to last 3 months. You also get a tube duration guide to ensure “no more paste waste”.

Quip Pricing

Quip offers a handful of different sets and subscription options. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Starter Sets

The Starter Sets give you the full experience and provide the best value, according to Quip. At the time of writing, the main electric set was back-ordered.

— Electric Set: $25 today ($10 refill every 3 months); $40 for no refills

— Electric Set (Annual Prepay): $65 today, covers one year of refills (1 refill every 3 months)

Brush Sets

These brush sets provide the Quip toothbrush without the Quip toothpaste. Pricing breaks down like this:

— Electric Brush: $45 today ($5 refill every 3 months); $50 for no refills

— Electric Brush (Annual Prepay): $55 today, covers one year of refills (1 refill every 3 months)

Group Sets

The group sets are designed for couples or families who want two or four brushes with toothpaste and refills. They include:

— Electric Couple Set (2 Brushes): $75 today ($20 refill every 3 months); $100 for no refills

— Electric Family Set (4 Brushes): $150 today ($40 refills every 3 months); $200 for no refills

The brushes come in six different colors, including silver, black, copper, gold, blue, and green. Clearly, you save quite a bit of money when you purchase the “refill” option. Shipping is also free when you choose the refill option, while you have to pay extra for shipping on the non-refill option.

In addition to the toothbrush sets, Quip sells individual supplies, including all of the following:

— Toothbrush Head: $5 today ($5 refills every 3 months); $5 for the single head (shipping not included)

— Toothpaste: $5 today ($5 refills every 3 months); $5 for the single tube (shipping not included)

— Travel Cover Mount: $5 (no refills, shipping not included)

— Manual Toothbrush: $10 today ($5 refills every 3 months); $10 for the single brush (shipping not included)

About Quip

Quip’s About Us page describes how the company was founded by designers and endorsed by dentists. Company executives include founder and CEO Simon Enever, founder and COO Bill May, and Chief Dental Advisor Dr. Mark Burhenne.

You can contact Quip by calling 888-636-7847 or by emailing [email protected] The company is headquartered in Brooklyn at this address:

45 Main Street
Brooklyn, New York, NY 11201

Should You Use Quip to Brush your Teeth?

Quip combines sleek design with high-quality dental hygiene. But does it actually lead to a superior brushing experience?

Quip is endorsed by a number of real dentists, including Dr. David Hershkowitz of the NYU College of Dentistry. David claims he used the Quip toothbrush for an extended period of time, claiming that it “feels as if your teeth and gums have had a gentle, cleansing massage” and that it “has refined the oral experience.”

Other testimonials from dentists can be found here.

If you’ve tried conventional electric toothbrushes and didn’t like them, or found them to be too expensive, then Quip is a good alternative. The electric motor isn’t as strong or loud as other toothbrushes. And, the low-cost subscription program sends you a brand new brush every 3 months for maximum hygiene. Additional bonuses like the travel cover also make it more convenient (and more hygienic) to take your brush with you wherever you go.

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  1. I bought a Quip Toothbrush. Loved its design… until it broke just a few months after buying it. Customer support is terrible… they do not have a call number and they do not call you back if you ask; they email back slowly and make the return process so complicated that it is not even worth proceeding.
    They have a great design and awesome idea but not worth the trouble.


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