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Smile Pro Direct Review

Smile Pro Direct, also known as Action Pro White, is a new teeth whitening system that claims to use bleach to whiten your teeth more effectively than a dentist can. Here’s our review.

hat is Smile Pro Direct?

Smile Pro Direct is a teeth whitening system that uses a 22% carbamide peroxide bleach solution to whiten your teeth. The system claims to offer similar results to any professional teeth whitening. However, instead of getting it done at a dentist’s office, you just apply the gel to your teeth at home.

Basically, you brush your teeth as you normally would and then fill up two teeth trays with gel. You hold those trays in your mouth for 30 to 60 minutes while the bleach goes to work.

The system is priced at around $140 for a one month supply, although you can sign up for an autoship program to reduce that price to around $100.

There’s also an “on-the-go” option for Smile Pro Direct, where you get a Smile Pro Pen that you can use to whiten your teeth wherever you go.

Smile Pro Direct is one of several major teeth whitening systems that have been released over the past few weeks. All of these whitening systems are eerily similar. Similar products to Smile Pro Direct include Whitening Coach and Action Pro White. These products are all so similar that a lot of people are starting to believe they’re all made by the same manufacturer.

How Does Smile Pro Direct Work?

Smile Pro Direct claims to work using a three step system:

— Step 1) You brush your teeth and rinse your mouth as you normally would in order to prepare for the application of the gel

— Step 2) You apply a small amount of the whitening gel (mint-flavored) to the full-arch mouth trays, evenly spreading the gel around the trays

— Step 3) You place the trays in your mouth, bite down, and keep the trays there for 30 to 60 minutes. Once the trays have been removed, you can brush away the remaining gel to reveal your clean, white, sparkling teeth.

Along the way, Smile Pro Direct makes many of the same promises as other teeth whitening systems. It claims to be able to:

— Whiten Your Shades Up To 7 Shades Or More
— Be Totally Pain-free
— Available With No Dentist Visits Required

The manufacturer claims you should avoid swallowing the gel and you should not wear the trays while sleeping. After using the trays, you should also clean them with a toothbrush and cold water, leaving time to dry between applications.

How to Buy Smile Pro Direct

Smile Pro Direct is available through three different products and offers, including:

— One Month Supply: $129.99 + $10.91 Shipping
— Smile Pro Teeth Club: $94.31 + $10.91 Shipping (shipping is free for only the first month)
— Smile Pro Pen on the Go: $39.41 + $10.91 Shipping

It’s always a bit suspicious when a company charges for shipping on a $100+ purchase of a relatively small item. Typically, companies include free shipping with the price when you’re ordering at that level. Since the package is relatively small, a $10.91 shipping charge seems a bit over-the-top – especially when you look at the size of the on-the-go pen.

The Smile Pro Teeth Club is an autoship program, which means you’re automatically subscribed to receive Smile Pro Direct shipments in the mail for the rest of your life (or until your credit card is maxed out).

The creators of Smile Pro Direct have actually made it really easy to cancel this free trial program. Just go to the official Smile Pro Direct website and click the Easy Cancel button in the top right corner of the screen.

You can also cancel your autoship program by calling 866-221-1656.

Smile Pro Direct does not have a generous refund policy: refunds are only given on unopened products. Additionally, if your product’s seal is broken or if it needs to be destroyed, then the company will charge you a fee of $19.60 for “destruction/repackaging”.

Smile Pro Direct is Also Sold as Action Pro White

If Smile Pro Direct sounds familiar, then you’re not crazy: there’s another product called Action Pro White that appears to be sold by the same parent company.

Both products have the following similarities:

— Nearly identical website layouts and navigation, including the exact same About, Prevention, FAQs, and Success Stories sections

— Same products and offers, including the one month supply, autoship enrolment, and on-the-go whitening pen

— Slightly different prices but identical shipping and handling charges

— Smile Pro Direct and Action Pro White are both sold by companies based in Henderson, Nevada

— There’s also a third company called Whitening Coach that shares all of the similarities above.

Additionally, in several customer review places online – like the BBB page for Smile Pro Direct – customers have mentioned products like Blizzard White and IvoryWhite. Action Pro White’s Prevention page actually mentions “IvoryWhite”. That seems to suggest that the company copied and pasted the sales copy directly between sites and forgot to change one brand name.

About Smile Pro Direct

Smile Pro Direct lists its corporate contact information as the following:

7565 Commercial Way, Unit E
Henderson, Nevada 89011 USA

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 866-221-1656.

On, the company has an average rating of 1.13 out of 5 with a total of 32 reviews – all of which are negative. Many reviewers echo the idea that this is a “100% scam”. I haven’t yet found a genuine customer review that claims the teeth whitening solution actually works as advertised.

Ultimately, Smile Pro Direct is identical to other overpriced teeth whitening solutions on the market today, none of which are backed by real science, positive customer reviews, or other things you’d like to see when you’re spending over $140 on a small tube of gel.

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