Smile Vitalize – Trustworthy Teeth Whitening Product?


Smile Vitalize Review – Does It Work?

Smile Vitalize is a teeth-whitening system that customizes to the shape of your mouth, allowing you to treat your stained teeth from the comfort of your home. This is our review.

What is Smile Vitalize?

Smile Vitalize transforms your dull and yellowed teeth into beautiful and white teeth. Just like many factors can contribute to your skin’s condition, your teeth are just as susceptible to outside problems. Every time you put a new bite of food in your mouth, you leave your teeth susceptible to stains and plaque, both of which prevent you from giving a beautiful and healthy smile. Smoking is another contributor to discolored teeth. However, getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist is a costly task. With so many factors contributing to the lack of whiteness on your teeth, you need a product that can help you reclaim the flawless white you used to have on your teeth.

Smile Vitalize involves a simple process that allows you to customize the fit of the whitening tray to your mouth, giving you a more effective and long-lasting result.

Other whiteners simply do not benefit you as much as this system will. Over-the-counter whiteners are fairly abrasive, using a polishing method to whiten your teeth or hydrogen peroxide. These methods attack the enamel that you need to retain for your teeth’s strength. Professional teeth whitening methods are always the most effective, but they are incredibly expensive. For so many reasons, Smile Vitalize is the most obvious choice for whitening your teeth in the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Smile Vitalize

The researchers at Smile Vitalize have spent a significant amount of time looking for the right solution for your whitening needs. The main benefit of using Smile Vitalize is the convenience of it. Getting your teeth professionally whitened requires you to schedule an appointment during office hours, which can be difficult when you work for a living. Additionally, whitening services at the dentist’s office can cost upwards of $500. However, Smile Vitalize costs only a fraction of that amount.

The active ingredient that makes Smile Vitalize so potent is called Carbamide Peroxide, which many whitening products do not contain. Combined with the efforts of Xylitol, you are able to have a beautiful and white smile, which is also free from cavities.

According to the company, Smile Vitalize is completely safe and does not cause additional teeth sensitivity. For the best results, follow the clear instructions in the package upon receipt.

Using Smile Vitalize

The whole system is pretty user-friendly, making it easy to get beautifully whitened teeth from your bathroom, living room, or wherever you feel like relaxing while the formula settles. Here is the three-step process you must go through for whiter teeth:

  1. Brush your teeth. This step leaves your teeth feeling vulnerable and more receptive to any material that touches it. While this is bad news for consumers who like to eat after brushing their teeth, it is the perfect setup for the whitening system.
  2. Apply the gel to the mouth trays, using only a small amount. If you put too much, you basically are choosing to waste it, since it won’t remain in the tray.
  3. Insert the mouthpieces. You can gently shut your mouth to put a little pressure on your teeth, securing everything in place for about an hour, but no less than 30 minutes.

Most of time, you can expect to see noticeable results within about five days, which is significantly less time than if you used one of the other whitening systems available. In fact, some consumers claim that they could see an obvious difference after one application, but this is not typical.

Even if you have sensitive teeth, the gel is safe. It won’t irritate your sensitivity, or make it worse.

You should keep in mind that this whitening system does not color teeth that have crowns or similar fixtures. If you are unsatisfied with the lack of matching teeth, consult your dentist. You should wait at least a week after the whitening treatment to give the formula time to “stabilize.” After this amount of time, it will be easier to see what the true color is that your dentist will need to match.

While the company does not specifically state not to use this product for children, parents should consider making changes in their child’s diet to adjust the color first. Once you’ve eliminated foods and drinks that cause the damage, you can get a realistic idea of what color your child’s teeth usually are. Keep in mind that primary teeth absorb the whitening gel differently than adult teeth would.

Purchasing Smile Vitalize

When you purchase the Smile Vitalize package, you will receive:

  • Smile Vitalize Formulated Teeth Whitening Gel, which contains Carbamide Peroxide
  • Smile Vitalize's custom full-arch application tray
  • Smile Vitalize's custom applicator

You have multiple purchase options with Smile Vitalize, allowing you to either purchase a subscription or make a one-time purchase. With the subscription, you get a 40% discount. This basically means that the whole system will cost you $94.31 each month. While you receive free shipping for the first month, the rest of your subscription will charge $10.91 for shipping each month.

If you just want to try out the program for one month, you will have a total cost of $129.99. You won’t have to worry about any recurring charges, but you will probably want to enroll after one month of using the system.

In addition to the Smile Vitalize whitening systems, you can also purchase the Smile Vitalize Whitening Pen on the Go. This fun tool lets you whiten your teeth, even while you’re away from home. One Pen costs $39.41, and it subject to a $3.87 charge for shipping.

Contacting Smile Vitalize

If you have questions or concerns about the products, you can speak with a representative by calling 1-877-808-6170. You can also email the company at [email protected]


Smile Vitalize is an at-home solution to whitening your teeth. With a credible formula and an affordable price, you can benefit greatly from using this product to bring out a pearly white hue in your smile.

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  1. Super Scam Not a FREE TRIAL.. You apparently have 7 days from when they RECEIVE your order to cancel or they charge your card for over $180.00 for the products. So much for a free trial… They will give you 60% back or 75% if you send back the packaging but still end up paying over

  2. I ordered Smile Vitalize Free Trial. I received the product yesterday, also you charged me $122-62 +$5-07.
    $5-07 was for the delivery charge. I ordered it as a Free Trial to try out the product. I wouldn’t have ordered any of it from you, only because it was a FREE TRIAL and only had to pay the delivery fee.


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