Quiet Mind Plus is a supplement that helps to strengthen your brain against memory loss, tinnitus, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other brain-related conditions. This remedy is offered in multiple quantities, giving you the chance to participate consistently in a regimen.

What Is Quiet Mind Plus?

When you aim to keep your entire body health, one issue that you need to consider is your brain. Most people put together a diet and exercise regimen to take care of their body, but the nutrients that you receive during this time is only a portion of what you need.

In the same way that your body grows weak without the right support, so does your brain.

As you age, your brain’s ability to receive and send signals doesn’t function as well during your younger years, making nutrition even greater in importance.

However, it can be hard to incorporate the necessary vitamins and ingredients into your daily routine without exceeding the recommended calories for the day, so many people turn to nootropics, like Quiet Mind Plus.

Quiet Mind Plus gives you the nutrients that your brain desperately needs to function on a regular basis, but it cannot give to itself.

It helps to counteract the impact that brain disorders, memory loss, and even aging have on your cognitive functions, helping to preserve your mind in a natural and safe way. These benefits come from having the right ingredients.

Quiet Mind Plus Ingredients

All nootropic supplements, like Quiet Mind Plus, rely on brain-boosting ingredients to help trigger the right responses in your body. Within this formula, you will find many different substances that help you. These ingredients include:

  • Hibiscus – Hibiscus is responsible for soothing and relaxing your nervous system.
  • Hawthorn berry – hawthorn berry manages to treat potential panic attacks.
  • Olive leaves – Olive leaves take a little more time to start taking effect in your body, but it offers immense protection in two ways. First, it defends your brain against potential strokes. Then, it helps to prevent ear infections, which easily can be transferred to the brain, if left untreated.
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) – Niacin is one of the many B vitamins, and it has the power to mend the cell damage in your body, whether it involves your neurotransmitters or the rest of your body. This improvement can help you regain your memory retention and support many other functions.
  • Garlic – Garlic is usually used to improve the taste of many different recipes, but you don’t get any of that flavor within Quiet Mind Plus. Instead, garlic helps to improve your memory, and even help your struggle with dementia.
  • Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 offers a steroid-like enhancement for your brain. It helps to amplify the connections in your brain, which leads to a sense of rejuvenation.
  • Vitamin B6 – Like Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 also offers a steroid-like enhancement for your brain. It also helps to amplify the connections in your brain, which leads to a sense of rejuvenation.
  • Buchu leaves – Like Vitamin B6, Buchu leaves offer a steroid-like enhancement for your brain. They also help to amplify the connections in your brain, which leads to a sense of rejuvenation.
  • Green tea – Green tea is a superb way to improve the neural connections.
  • Juniper berry – Juniper berry can cleanse your body of toxins.
  • Uva Ursi – Uva Ursi, like Juniper Berry can cleanse your body of toxins.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C rounds out the remedy by protecting your brain from succumbing to multiple conditions.

Using Quiet Mind Plus

You will only need to take two of the pills every day to get the promised results of this regimen.

There’s no indication to state whether you should take the remedy with food or without it, but you should be able to find out this information within the directions included in your shipment. If not, you can speak with the customer service team.

The only way you will get the desired results of this supplement is if you take it daily. Supplements take time to establish their ingredients in your body for long-term benefits, rather than instantaneous and fleeting results.

If you find that you have an adverse reaction to any of the ingredients, or the overall supplement, it may be in your best interest to contact your doctor for guidance.

Purchasing Quiet Mind Plus

All the information available about Quiet Mind Plus probably has made you ready to purchase it for yourself. If you want to make this formula into a regular part of your routine, your cost will depend on how much of the product you’re ready to commit to at once.

You can choose from:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $177 ($59 each)
  • Six bottles for $294 ($49 each)

As you can see, you get the greatest value for what you’re purchasing by selecting one of the larger packages. Each bottle contains enough of the supplement to last for an entire month, but you can make repeat purchases for any of the options.

Even if you are concerned about how well this product will work for you, the creators give you the security of a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This guarantee ensures that, if you are dissatisfied with the results, you can get a full refund for whichever package you chose within that two-month period.

Quiet Mind Plus Contacts

Despite the plentiful information that the creators of Quiet Minds Plus offers on the website, it’s common to have other questions about the remedy.

You want to make sure you’re getting the right treatment for your condition, which is why the customer service team can be reached by filling out the online form.

The form requires your contact information and the nature of your issue. The customer service team is available to reply to these messages on weekdays from 1:00am to 8:00am EST.

Quiet Mind Plus Conclusion

Quiet Mind Plus gives you the nutrition that you brain needs, but rarely gets. Taking a nootropic substance is a healthy way to treat your mind at any age, but the greatest contrast usually shines through in your older years, when your mental capacity diminishes.

If you want to preserve the functions that support your mental abilities, you may want to give Quiet Mind Plus.


  1. I have been using quiet mine plus for two months now and I have seen a difference it’s not constant but it does get quieter at times so therefore I will be purchasing three more months

  2. The FB presentation on Quiet Mind Plus did not mention anything about not being able to take this if you have heart problems so I ordered it. When the product arrived there is a disclaimer on the bottle to not take this product if you have heart problems which I do. I was disappointed to not be able to take the product and called Quiet Mind to request a full refund. This refund was approved but the return of the product is at my expense. They do not cover the cost for returns. I do not feel this is right. There should have been a disclaimer in their presentation about heart disease and also about having to pay the cost of return. This is very poor customer service. I certainly would not have ordered this if that had been the case. I am not a happy customer for sure!

  3. I also suffer from this terrible disease . what I have done is just copy down all the stuff they say that works and try that. It sure would be nice to hear nothing for a change.

  4. Have been on quiet mind for 6 days. The first night I slept better and ringing not so intense. Now ringing same and no difference. Will finish bottle to see if it gets better. I fear there is no cure.

  5. Do not waste you money on this product, it does not work, just read all the comments, plus getting a refund is almost impossible.

  6. When you listen to this long crap they talk about, you will understand they are full of shit, at the beging of the video they say you will get rid of your tinnitus in two hours, near the end of the video they say you should have results within three weeks. Don’t be fooled they are scam artists.

  7. Suffering from tinnitus for over 30 years. You can block it out with your own mind control. This Peter’s clown should be keelhauled for this horrific advertising scam. News for this guy, when you die money doesn’t matter. That’s what this scam is all about…show me the money!

  8. Has anyone out there experienced ANY improvement with their tinnitus because of using this product. I would love to order it IF anyone has positive results. Please advise…..

    • Hi there, just to let you know that I have been taking Quiet Mind Plus for one month now. I think it is very good. I did get to the point of hearing constant music Then singing , it was driving me mad. After 1-2 weeks all was peaceful. HEAVEN. They have worked for me. I hope they will work for you. ABUK.

  9. I took Quiet Mind Plus for the 30 days (twice a day) as directed. It stated that it would significantly decrease the tinnitus within about 2 weeks into the regime. Well, I took them all and had absolutely no difference in the ringing or it’s intensity. I would like to get my money back for false advertising but there isn’t any way to contact the company. So I will bite the bullet and learn a lesson. I paid for one bottle, but of course, they said I should take it for 3 months. Lessening of tinnitus was to supposedly occur within a month. NADA!!! Do NOT waste your money. Go with a reputable company and product. This is a scam as far as I’m concerned. If you’re taking it just to lessen the tinnitus, it’s a joke. Do further checking into other products. I would love to hear from a representative of this product to let them know how unhappy I am.


  11. Have gone through all the comments. The side effects experienced by some scare me off. Seems side effects of this medication are an ADD ON to the distress we are already in. Authenticity of the Money Back Guarantee may lure me into giving it a trial. Before placing my order I will definitely like to hear from any of the dis-satisfied users who got his/her money back failing which it is a BIG no, no.

  12. I’m 74. I have had tinnitus since I was 18. My tinnitus was brought on by trainfire, while in basic training in Fort Jackson, S.C. There was no hearing protection in 1960, and in two short weeks, my ears were damaged for life. For 56 years I have read just about everything out there on the subject. Everything that looks promising is only hype to make money. I have (luckily) refrained from purchasing any “miracle cure.” They have ALL been proven to be bogus. There is no cure for tinnitus. Do NOT get “roped in.” No one knows better than I, how much relief it would be to spend ONE MINUTE without the awful ringing. THAT is what the LIARS who would have you believe they have a cure for prey on. Don’t let them fool you.

  13. I was on the point of ordering six bottles because my daughter suffers from severe tinnitus. I decided to read if there were reviews anywhere. Am glad I did. After reading these reviews above, I decided to stop my order midway. Thank you for all the reviews. I just saved $294.00. Indeed, if this person wants to help humanity and not get rich on this, then why the pressure to buy 6 bottles at once? Why no free samples? Something is rotten in Denmark here.

  14. I ordered through a Facebook ad. I had to listen to a long video that would not let you fast forward. They try hard to get you to order 6 bottles, however, I did order 3. It seems you cannot order 1 bottle and they make it seem like your results will not be reached unless you finish 3 bottles. My order was shipped from Essential Nutrient Research; 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100; Englewood, Co 80112. The capsule is not vegetarian, contains Bovine. Order did arrive quickly. I have taken it for 1 week and notice no change. I do not take any prescription drugs and am in good health. I ordered because I have tinnitus after receiving a flu shot 2 years ago. Ringing occurred 15 minutes after my injection.

    • I went the 3 bottle rout also. Been taking it for a month, 1 bottle, and it hasn’t helped at all. I want to get my money back with their 60 day guarantee but can’t find a phone #. My order came from the same address.

  15. From what I am seeing above, this product doesn’t do what it says it will do in so far as treating and getting rid of tinnitus. If that’s the case, how can I believe the supplement will even help my brain? I think I can find something better at the health food store.

  16. 47,000 people have tried this and yet there isn’t one person leaving a legit review on a forum somewhere? It’s the Cambodia pills all over again. Soon you will see this stuff on the Dr. Oz Show. Prove to me this stuff actually works and I will be more considerate of making a purchase.

  17. Has anyone received a response from these people? I was seriously going to get some but now I am very leery considering there is no response to the questions I see here.

  18. I have been taking Quiet Mind for a month, and haven’t given it a lot of thought. Well, for some reason I am always tired, I was never tired like that before, I feel very down, and that is not me. So I will be stopping this product. I noticed no difference in my tinnitus either. I will be returning the three bottles that I had in addition to the one bottle.

  19. Please aassure me that credit cards are safe to use to purchase your Quiet Mind product. I have had tinnitus for 20 years, could anything really work after all that time?
    Also you do not mention any reported allergies such as skin rashes to the product. Have there been any documented side effects?

  20. Good Morning
    I would like to purchase 6 bottles of Quiet Mind Plus cost 294 dollars if im correct but no way to order please help me to order .

    • Scroll up to the red box & click on it. Keep in mind that there aren’t too many promising reviews. Yes, the natural ingredients are good for overall mental health but anything homeopathic takes months to actually see any benefits. As a sufferer of high volume tinnitus for many years, all the reading I’ve done on it, I’m leaning towards the machine that helps train the brain to adapt to it so you can lead a fairly normal life. Do your due diligence and read about the new unit you listen to twice daily that trains your mind. I’ll find out tomorrow if Medicare pays for it. Type in ADA & see if you can find the tinnitus machine. Good luck!

  21. After my first capsule I noticed my words wouldn’t come out right, dry mouth & nausea, on the other hand my husband is taking it & hasn’t had any bad side effects.

  22. It sounds “to good to be true”.
    i am on unemployment money and close to social help, so I am not able to pay for the big part, which would be
    what should need. I have a duble tinnitus on my left ear and los of hearing on my right. It been like that for more than 50 years. my family have a history of Alzheimer. I have a daughter with epilepsy which has caused memory loss. I really hope the price do not increase. Maybe I will be able try it later.

  23. I opened the lecture about tinnitus
    Mr Peters said talk would be 5 minutes and not try to sell any supplements
    He spoke for over 10-15 or more minutes and I could not stop him.
    I turned off my phone and tried refreshing and could not turn him off
    Then he touted the supplement
    He had access to my phone for a long time
    So that worries me

  24. I tried to order just one bottle of Quiet Mind, filled in all the payment info, but when I tried to submit it would not submit unless I clicked on ordering 6 bottles. made it into a scam, so I deleted all my info. Too bad, sounded good but…

  25. I want relief, I could pay monthly, I cannot pay all at once .I’ve tried lots of things my chiropractor says an adjustment would help

  26. I too would like to try sample for this ear noise I have. Awfully expensive for something that may or may not work

  27. I have bought into too many false cures for my Tinnitus to put money out for another cure all. Please let me know if you have a free trial and if so how to enroll. If it works as touted I will become your BIGGEST advocate and tout your product on ever media outlet I can post to.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  28. Why should I believe that this product is not just another hyped up pill that preys upon us unfortunate victims of tinnitus and our desperate need for relief of this condition?I have tried many of these “secret formulas” before and none have provided any noticeable improvement in my condition. In my mind this kind of exploitation is worse than any “Big Pharma cover ups”that the author claims to be behind the lack of viable treatments available to the sufferers of this disease. I remain skeptical of a “money back guarantee”. Prove me wrong please!

  29. I would like to try this product for my tinnitus. Is there a way to try it for free..agreeing that if it works I will be a lifelong customer? Thank you.

  30. How can I get a free trial of Quiet Mind PLus? I would like to try it first before spending money in something that may not work.

  31. Once I start taking Quiet Mind Plus, will I be required to take it forever to maintain its effects ????

  32. Hi,
    I have been out of work since 2012, I couldn’t concentrate, was being forgetful and couldn’t sleep at night, all leading to me being laid-off. The ringing was and still is destroying my life and has been getting worse over the years. I am suffering from depression and anxiety but I can not afford to put the money out right now. Is there anyway you can help me?
    Thank you

  33. I would like to try a free sample of this product before purchasing. If it’s that good, no problem should exist.

  34. How in the world does one order quiet mind? You are so determined to sell the larger amounts that you do not let anyone order.

  35. I am retired and living on a fixed income, but I have been suffering with tinnutus for a long time. Is it possible to get a free trial of Quiet Mind Plus? I would like to try it first before spending the money since I have read a review where it did not work.

  36. Buyer beware! Another ‘snake oil’. If this were actually a working treatment you would already know about it. No legitimate research available. No positive reviews. Buyer beware.

  37. How come NO ONE provides the labeling information to give the specific doses and concentrations of this products’s ingredient as required by LAW??

    Many people take Vitamin B suppliment and one can overdose on some of the B complexes. We NEED to know how much of what is in this product. Sounds like standard marketing hype.

  38. I just tried to buy the three pack and gave all of my credit card information to you, and my address, but never got to step three. I have no idea what’s going on. I’m thinking of calling my credit card company and canceling the order, and less you can contact me and let me know what’s going on. Thank you.

  39. I have taken this product Quiet Mind Plus. I have finished my first bottle and have not seen any improvement. I have noticed a slipping in my Memory and frequently have trouble getting words out correctly. Is this from your product or should I be worried about these side effects. I am experience an increase in the buzzing in my ears along with the other symptoms. Please advise!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow I was interested in this product but now I’m Leary because I’m experiencing all that but haven’t been taking anything. Could it be to much if some vitamins. ? Do you have insomnia?

  40. please me some info and order form + price list for Quiet Mind Plus. I have no cards. Will send MO.

  41. How can I get a free trial of Quiet Mind PLus? I would like to try it first before spending money in something that may mot work.


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