Pure Water Freedom – Fluoride Water Purification & Filtration?


Pure Water Freedom Review – Worth It?

Pure Water Freedom is a company that focuses on getting clean and pure water to consumers for every part of their life. This is our review.

What is Pure Water Freedom?

Water is a major substance that you need in every single aspect of your life. When you think about how much water you use, you may only consider how much you drink and put into your body as a beverage. However, water affects much more than this. You use water to clean your body, to boil food, and even to wash your car. When you use this crucial substance in so many areas of your life, you need to make sure the water is reliable and safe. That’s exactly how Pure Water Freedom intends to help you.

Pure Water Freedom is well-known for its ability to give the proper fluoride filtration, that is essential to cleaning out your water supply. Even if your city has a reputable water source, it may still be laden with different chemicals, like pesticides, chlorine, or worse. To ensure that you get clean water each and every time, these fluoride filters are able to help you tackle this task.

Without properly filtering your water, you are level with harmful substances that can act as toxins when consumed. Even taking a shower becomes a risk, because you expose yourself to hard water or contaminated water that can dry out your skin. By purifying your water at the source, you can experience a healthier body, which applies both internally and externally.

Products by Pure Water Freedom

In effort to give you the filtered water you need, Pure Water Freedom offers a variety of products. Most people think that all you need is a pitcher or a water filter to give you the water you need, but that’s really just the beginning. If you want clean water in all aspects of your life, you need to treat each area of your home that receives running water. Here are a few of the latest options from Pure Water Freedom that help you achieve that clean water you need.

Luxury Shower Filter

At this time, the Luxury Shower filter is able to remove just about every different chemical you can think of that can makes its way through your showerhead. This list includes such toxic chemicals as chlorine, chloramines, VOC's, THM's, pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and iron, just to name a few.

This showerhead is available in a few different colors, which makes it perfect for the décor of any bathroom. While $39.95 will get you a standard showerhead, an additional $5 can upgrade you to a massaging showerhead.

You don’t need a special set of skills in order to install this piece, but it is important to follow along with directions to make sure the two-stage filtration system functions properly. With proper use, this showerhead filter can treat your water for up to one year.

50 GPD Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

To stop contaminated water at the source, use one of the company’s many reverse osmosis systems. This system is a countertop filter, which has a ten-stage system to remove up to 99.9% of the chemicals that can threaten the well-being of you and your family. Here are the different stages the water goes through, before you even see a drop of it come out of the faucet:

  1. Water is filtered through pre one-micron filter pads to remove suspended particles, like sand and dirt.
  2. Water is filtered through granulated activated carbon, which is recognized as a sufficient absorbent for chemicals that are often linked to cancer, chlorine, and PCB’s, just to name a few.
  3. Water is filtered again through a one-micron filter pad to reduce the particles that did not come out during the first filtration.
  4. Water is filtered through the CRYSTAL QUEST reverse osmosis membrane to eliminate smaller particles, like salt and minerals.
  5. Water again is filtered through a one-micron filter pad.
  6. Water is pushed through the first bed of Redox to remove additional contaminants.
  7. Additional contaminants are removed with a second bed of Redox.
  8. Water is filtered through the ion exchange resin to reduce the presence of heavy metals, which contribute to hard water.
  9. Water is again filtered through granulated activated carbon.
  10. In this last stage, the water is again filtered through the one-micron filtration pad to eliminate any remaining particles.

ProOneG2.0 Nomad

The ProOneG2.0 Nomad sit the most versatile system that the company has to offer. It has the compact size of the travel system that the company offers, but it has a higher flow that you find in stationary filtration systems. With this filter, you should only be filtering water for up to three people. You receive a single filter with the set, but you can use up to two filters to reduce the contaminant in your water. This $215 system can only be used with the following filters:

  • ProOne® G2.0 Water & Fluoride filter element, which purifies your water with silver to prevent other heavy metals from getting through

Only use ProOne® G2.0 Water and Fluoride filter elements with this system.

Contacting Pure Water Freedom

If you need to speak with the company for any reason, the customer service team is available to guide you via phone or email. For urgent requests, you can call 866-757-7644. If you prefer to have a record of your communication, you can fill out the online form to submit your inquiry.


These filters will completely change the way that you handle your water at home or while you travel. Pure Water Freedom offers products that improve your drinking water, but that’s a task that any filtration system can handle. The difference is the wide availability of products to help you in all of the other ways you use water, like during your daily shower. Though these products are a little bit pricey, you will thank yourself for giving your home the gift of pure and clean water every day. Make sure to follow the recommended replacement times for each filter.

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