One of the biggest tragedies of modern times is that monoculture, intensive farming, irresponsible agricultural practices, and acid rain have gradually stripped our natural soils of all their essential nutrients.

Due to foul, poor farming practices, land owners have pretty much killed all of the important alkaline microorganisms that are important for the optimal growth of food, plants, grains.

In the past century alone, the intensification of farming has dramatically increased the rate of soil erosion. Statistical data has shown that between the years 1900 and 2000, the rate of soil degradation has increased by an astonishing 600%.

On a similar note, monoculture practices that have been used by many farmers globally have led to the extinction of ‘75 percent of the world’s crop varieties over the last century’.

In conventional farming, landowners have been found to engage in practices wherein they clear out large areas of land after the annual harvest. This causes the soil and root matrix to be damaged and ultimately destroyed. Also, by deep plowing and other soil preparation methods that are commonly used in many modern farms, ‘trees, root systems, biota, and fungal hyphae are steadily eliminated from our biosphere.’

Studies have shown that the current agricultural practices that are being utilized today not only produce extremely poor quality food, but are also responsible for a plethora of changes that have affected our environment adversely.

Some of the changes that have come about as a direct result of improper farming include ‘climate change, deforestation, genetic engineering, soil degradation, erosion, air and water pollution, and toxic waste production’.

Lastly, modern agriculture is highly dependent on energy for its functionality. According to data collected by NAA, it is estimated that the ‘average consumer in the Western world eats the equivalent of 66 barrels of oil per year’.

About PristineNutrition

PristineNutrition is an all new range of ‘wholesome wellbeing solutions’ that aim to help users obtain essential nutrients that are needed for the optimal running of our bodies. There are many products to choose from, and each of the offered items have been designed to aid in improving specific functionality of certain organs within our bodies.

Users can mix and match products, and use them in conjunction with other supplementary aids to help revitalize, rejuvenate and replenish their cells.

According to PristineNutrition's official company page, the manufacturer states that ‘We believe the quality and content of water you drink and the toxic beverages you avoid are the most important components for improving individual health’.

PristineNutrition Range

(i) Pristine Hydro Water: as the name clearly implies, this specially crafted water has been formulated to include special minerals and vitamins which not only help in increasing ‘cellular hydration capacity’, but also allows for the optimization of cellular volume. This allows for improved complexion, radiance and increased energy.

Since the water is sourced from pristine locations, users can be sure that the quality of the water is high and that there are no additives included in the mix.

(ii) Electrolyte Balance: the product has been designed to help users balance the levels of alkaline electrolytes (i.e. magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate) in their bodies. From a statistical standpoint, it has been estimated that over 90% of all individuals in America live with various salt deficiencies. These deficits can cause various ailments, and can also alter the functioning of our body in the long run.

Electrolyte Balance is known to buffer excess acids in the body thereby allowing for improved digestion and overall cardiovascular health. Lastly, case studies have shown that in some people where the acid reflux reactions were found to be highly intense, adding half a tablespoon of aluminum free baking soda to Electrolyte Balance really helped the the sufferers recover back to normal health.

However, it is not recommended that people use this technique on a regular basis, as some sodium poisoning cases have also been reported globally.

(iii) Shilajit: this potent ayurvedic mixture has been traditionally used in India for centuries to optimise health and overall wellbeing. The blend contains over 84 organic plant based minerals and other important components like fulvic, humic, and ulmic acids . When taken in exact doses, Shilajit can cure a wide range of physical ailments ranging from common colds, to decreased stamina, to lowered mental cognitive functionality.

PristineNutrition Pricing and Availability

All of the aforementioned products (and many more) can be purchased through the online shopping portal of the company. (

Details regarding individual composition, pricing can be obtained by simply clicking on the desired product. Payments can be completed using safe transactional means like PayPal, Maestro and Visa.


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