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10BestWater.com Review

10BestWater.com is a new website that provides information and rankings for the 10 best water brands on the planet. Here’s our review of 10 Best Water.

What is 10BestWater.com?

10BestWater.com is a website for “bottled water enthusiasts” that claims to rank the best water brands on the planet.

Have you ever wondered what the difference between artesian, mineral, and spring waters can be? Have you ever wondered which bottled water brand is actually the best in terms of flavor and quality? 10 Best Water claims to have done exactly that and tested the best bottled water brands on the planet.

Whether it’s volcanic, spring, glacial, artesian, or any other type of bottled water, 10 Best Water claims to test the top bottled water brands on the planet.

10 Best Water can be found online at 10BestWater.com.

Types of Water Ranked and Tested on 10 Best Water

10 Best Water ranks several major types of water, including:

— Artesian Bottled Water: Comes from pressurized, terrestrial aquifers and is collected when a well taps an aquifer.

— Glacial Bottled Water: Comes from glaciers and often “have a unique and refreshing taste” according to the editorial team at 10 Best Water.

— Spring Bottled Water: Comes from the natural source of where water flows from an aquifer.

— Volcanic Bottled Water: Naturally processed through volcanic filtration, giving it a unique flavor and level of purity “rivaled only by that of glacial water” according to the team at 10 Best Water.

How Does 10 Best Water Compile Its Rankings?

10 Best Water explains its review process in detail here. The site reportedly brings on industry professionals “who have worked in the water industry for decades.”

The site never names those experts or explains their specific backgrounds. It also doesn’t go into further detail about what it means to work in the “water industry”.

10 Best Water also claims to gather input from “those familiar with sourcing the highest quality bottled water” including distribution experts who “have been directly involved with brand development across the globe.”

Other things taken into account by 10 Best Water include:

— Qualitative testing
— Quantitative testing
— Online reviews
— Taste testing
— Social media impact

If you dive a little further into 10 Best Water, then you’ll learn that the site charges water companies fees in exchange for being featured on the site. Here’s how the site explains its payment system:

“Positions on the 10 Best Water lists are granted only to those brands in our Bottled Water Directory who have paid monthly listing fees. The payment of listing fees does not guarantee a company a specific ranking position, though it is a factor.”

The site goes on to explain that those fees are built so that the cover some of the running costs of the site and allow the company to “continually search for high-performing brands in the industry”.

Ultimately, the payment of fees is one factor involved in the 10 Best Water rankings – but it’s not the only factor.

Top Water Brands As Chosen By 10 Best Water

10 Best Water ranks the world’s top 10 best sources of water. Each bottled water listing is accompanied with detailed information about its sources, its processing conditions, and its mineral ingredients.

For example, the listing for one top-ranked bottle of water says the following:

“Carbonic acid left behind by the volcanos penetrates the water and dissolves minerals. This adds a large amount of calcium and magnesium to the water. Large aquifers almost 2,500 feet down collect the water as it drips from the rock layers. The isolated conditions and carbonic acid both protect the water against contamination so that it remains pure.”

The descriptions are detailed, although the website doesn’t list much further information about each bottled water product.

Each listing has a button you can click to “learn more” about the product, although that button just redirects you to the product’s official website.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 water rankings on 10 Best Water as of December 2015:

— 1) Tibet 5100 (Glacial Spring, Tibet)
— 2) Waiakea (Volanic, Hawaii)
— 3) Fiji Water (Artesian, Fiji)
— 4) Perrier (Sparkling, France)
— 5) Voss (Artesian, Norway)
— 6) Evian (Spring, France)
— 7) Smartwater (Distilled/Filtered, Multiple Locations)
— 8) Volvic (Spring, France)
— 9) Hildon (Mineral, UK)
— 10) Icelandic Glacial (Glacial, Iceland)

The site also gives special mentions to a number of other waters, including Ferrarelle (Spring, Italy), Indigo H20 (Artesian-Mineral, USA), and others.

About 10 Best Water

10 Best Water is one project created by 10 Best Network LLC. That company does business as (DBA) 10 Best Water.

10 Best Network LLC, found at 10BestNetwork.com. The company’s official website claims to:

“build powerful online marketing platforms through which companies can grow.”

The company was founded in 2014.

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