Pregnyl – Safe Human Chorionic Gonadotropin For BodyBuilders?


What Is Pregnyl?

Pregnyl is a human hormone that is known to support the development of an egg in the ovary of a woman and stimulate the ovaries to release the egg during ovulation.

The name for Pregnyl is HCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin)

Benefits Of Using Pregnyl

HCG is used in a number of ways in both men and women. Here are some of the ways Pregnyl is used.

Treat Infertility In Women

HCG is used to treat infertility in women. It treats the poor development of the egg in the ovary and enables the release of the egg during ovulation. However, for the medication to work, the woman should not have gone through menopause.

Once used by the woman, it acts like the luteinizing hormone (LH) whose main work is to stimulate ovulation.

Stimulation Of Secondary Sexual Characteristics In Male Patients

The drug is also used to treat male patients who are slow in developing secondary sexual characteristics such as deepening of voice or growth of beards and pubic hair. In most cases, the condition is caused by low levels of androgen hormones in the body. HCG stimulates the production of androgens in the testicles to stimulate these secondary sexual characteristics.

Stimulating The Dropping Of Testicles In Small Boys

HCG is also used to stimulate the dropping of testicles in boys whose testicles may not have moved into their scrotum. The scrotum provides the ideal conditions for optimal growth of the testicles, as well as sperms and production of androgens. These qualities may be diminished if the testicles are not in the scrotum.

Used In Weight Loss

Although the use of HCG for weight loss is not official, a number of people use it to manage their weight along with HCG diet. There is still controversy over its effectiveness in the reduction of weight. It is not advisable to use the drug without talking to your doctor.

Conditions For Using Pregnyl

Pregnyl should not be used if:

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients in Pregnyl. You should talk to your doctor if you have any drug-related allergies so he can check to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • You are suffering from an active blood clot, prostate cancer and tumors that may be caused by androgen sex hormone. (Moreover, people with unexplained genital or uterine bleeding, brain lesions, ovarian cysts or an enlarged ovary cannot use HCG.)
  • You are pregnant
  • You have experienced an abnormally early development to puberty

Talk to your doctor if you are taking any dietary supplements, prescriptions, or herbal preparations. This is because some medicines may interact with Pregnyl and cause undesired effects on the body. The medicine may also have negative effects on people with kidney problems, epilepsy, heart problems, and chronic migraine headaches.

Side Effects of Using Pregnyl

Less serious side effects of using the medicine include:

  • Irritability and feeling restless
  • Moderate water weight gain or mild swelling
  • Depression
  • Breast swelling or tenderness
  • Irritation, swelling, or pain in the spot where the drug was injected into the body

Serious side effects of the drug include:

  • Signs of allergic reaction that includes difficulty breathing, hives, swellings in the throat, tongue, lips and face.
  • Signs of active blood clots that include numbness, redness, warmth, tingling in legs or the arms, severe headache, and confusion
  • Signs of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This condition develops in some women after the first cycle of treatment. This condition is also life-threatening.
  • Symptoms of OHSS include:
  • Stomach swelling and pain
  • Severe pain in the pelvic region
  • Swelling of the legs and hands
  • Less than usual urination
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting or nausea

Some boys develop signs of early puberty after using the drug. You will notice such signs as the growth of pubic hair, increased sweating, and acne and deepened voice.

If you experience any of the serious symptoms, call your doctor right away. As for allergic reactions and blood clots, call the emergency number for assistance.

Top HCG Products On The Market

There are several Pregnyl brands around the world. Below is a list of the top brands based on the level of purity and effectiveness on the body.

iHCG injection

iHCG injections are known their purity, safety, and effectiveness. A dosage goes for around $115. They even come with a money back guarantee.

Nu Image

Nu Image is also a known brand which is pure and safe for human use. Many users have rated it positively after using it for the conditions listed in this article. It costs around $200 per dose.


Corion is a US HCG brand common with people who would like to lose weight. It is famed for its effectiveness and high level of quality.


Hucog 5000 iu injection is also an effective drug in the treatment of the conditions listed here. It is a little more expensive than most of the other brands.

Sigma HCG

Sigma is also a leading brand in the manufacturer of HCG. Like Corion, it is popular among people who use the drug to lose weight.

Pregnyl Final Words

Pregnyl is usually administered in the doctor’s office. However, you may be allowed to use it at home after being taught proper usage.

Carefully follow the steps that you have been taught by the physician. Like any other medicine, do not use if it has any particles, looks discolored (it is usually clear) or the vial has been damaged. The drug may be contaminated.

After injecting your body with the drug (usually in the upper thigh), you can use a small bandage if necessary. Dispose of the syringe in a safe bin away from the reach of children. The remaining drug and unused syringes should also be hidden from children. Do not fail to take the prescription as directed by the doctor. In case you fail, do not overdose.

Contact your doctor immediately for advice if you weren’t told how to handle missed doses ahead of time. Moreover, seek immediate medical attention if you accidentally inject more drug than prescribed. The prescription on the drug must be followed so be sure to take the recommended dosage.

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