Celebrity Skin Care Trial Scams – Fake Cream, Serum & Product Ads?


See the stock image above about how to avoid skincare scams? Yeah, that is what the center of this piece focuses on as the polar opposite is happening in the skin care product marketplace due to some marketers using fake ads saying/reporting celebrities are endorsing specific products in the anti-aging skin cream and serum industry.

Digging Deeper Into Celebrity Skin Care Trial Scams

It isn’t uncommon to search an anti-aging skincare formula that promises to restore, revitalize, and enhance one’s skincare service and in most cases, to find one that is endorsed by one’s favorite celebrity.

To make the “deal” even sweeter, the celebrity-endorsed skincare product offers a free trial period whereby one pays the $5 shipping and handling fee and receives the advertised formula to try for 14 days. As the common saying goes – if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Do Celebrities Really Endorse Skincare Products?

It depends. There is no doubt that there are celebrities who truly do decide to pursue their own skincare endeavors by starting a legitimate business and brand. Other times, such as in this case, it is much less common and unlikely even.

For example, there have been numerous advertisements on the web promoting “Flip or Flop” star Christina El Moussa’s new skincare product KA Eye Serum and other advertisements about Shark Tank Stars promoting Kyralie Skin Care, and even ads about actress Pauley Perrett’s own decision to quit acting to focus on her skincare brand.

Based upon current news stories coming out, these advertisements are downright fake and consumers should be aware that neither the celebrity endorsement nor the product contains truth to it.

The Company Behind the Deceptive Advertisements

The best way to go about purchasing products is to purchase conscientiously. That is to say, consumers should always strive to be informed about who they are buying from, the legitimacy of the brand, and the quality of its products.

In this case, there is a company responsible for manufacturing the same product that is given a different name and its own fake celebrity endorsement. Called Hashtag Fulfillment, this company is located in St. Petersburg Florida.

Unfortunately, when news journalists attempted to get a statement from the company in regard to its practices, it claimed that it did not do its own advertising and marketing – it simply manufactures the products and third parties purchase them.

When issues due arise related to the sale of the product and any dissatisfaction that a consumer may have, Hashtag Fulfillment puts the consumer in contact with the direct seller. At least, this is what Hashtag Services Claims – consumers and their complaints on the Better Business Bureau website state otherwise.

According to consumers, contacting Hashtag Fulfillment and getting a return for its purchase is difficult. While the most successful efforts occur when users file a dispute with their credit card company, many others are still left to pay back the debt – normally, hundreds of dollars of it based upon the charges that occur after the trial period ends.

Discerning Between a Real Product and a Falsely Advertised One

As previously mentioned, practicing a sense of awareness when purchasing products is the best way to ensure that one does not fall prey to scams. There are a number of methods for determining whether a celebrity endorsed skincare product is a true product.

Here are a few qualities for buyers to look out for when making a skincare product purchase:

Do a Quick Search of the Product

One of the best ways to protect oneself from falling for a scam is to do a quick search of the product that one is interested in.

Normally, legitimate skincare products with true celebrity endorsements will generate news articles from well-known news outlets and websites. If one is finding that the information is showing up on illegitimate websites, then there may be something to be concerned about.

Read About the Formula

Second, users should spend some time looking up the product and reading about the formula and the qualities that it offers. It is always best to ask oneself whether what the product is offering makes sense.

For example, broad and solid claims about a product’s performance should pique some concern because no anti-aging formula is able to eliminate all of the wrinkles and fine lines on one’s skin. A brand will not make warranties that it cannot fulfill if it is a legitimate one.

Always Read the Fine Print

Finally, one of the most important steps that consumers can take to protect themselves is reading the fine print. When it comes to celebrity endorsed skincare products that offer a free trial period, many individuals purchased these products without actually reading the fine print.

If buyers read the fine print, it actually says that the 14-day free trial period is followed by enrollment into a subscription service and therein, the buyer will be charged normally around $85 for the formulas on a monthly basis. The enrollment in a subscription service takes place when consumers do not return the product within the trial.

Ultimately, while there is no doubt that companies behind deceptive skincare advertisements stating that celebrities endorse their products are certainly at fault for such practices, consumers do have a role as well when they purchase without performing due diligence.

Celebrity Skin Care Trial Scams Summary

Ultimately, there is no doubt that there are skincare products on the web that are based upon false advertising. As a consumer, the best thing that one can do is to practice awareness and due diligence when purchasing a product by doing some extra research, reading the fine print, or simply by purchasing from brands that one knows that they can trust.

In terms of this particular skincare product that is marketed under many different names, is fake-endorsed by numerous celebrities, and that is part of a seemingly “free trial,” the best thing to do is to always question and to verify before making a purchase.

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