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With so many different skin care products available on the market today, how does one know if the products we choose are working? HiMirror is a mirror that tracks your skin care regimen, helps you target problem areas, and can even offer suggestions to solve problems.

It is a smart mirror that will help you get the most out of you skin care regimen by showing you what works for you and what does not, and allows you to see measurable progress.

We will be discussing the HiMirror and how it could benefit you in this review today.

What is HiMirror?

The HiMirror is a mirror specifically made for skin care analysis and tracking. It helps you keep track of any sin conditions you have, and takes pictures to measure true progress in your regimen. It will take pictures and store them so you can see progress and target problem areas quickly and easily. It stores your information to track it and give you ideas for custom built skin care routines.

All the information that is transmitted back to Big Data is anonymous and encrypted. The HiMirror collects information about problem spots in your skin and can offer suggestions on how to manage these problems.

HiMirror will develop the best skin routines and suggestions based on your problem areas. It will also track your progress so you can see measurable results. This can help you track which of your routines and products is working, and it helps you see which ones may not be working so well. The HiMirror camera is secure and only activated when a correct security key is entered. This ensures there is no invasion of privacy.

The HiMirror plus model has LED lights built into it that will simulate 5 different types of lighting, so you can make sure you look your best no matter what the occasion is. The light comes from the mirror itself, so when you look at yourself in the mirror the light will reflect off of your skin, showing you a perfect view of what your make up looks like in that light setting.

With so many different types of make up and so many different kinds of lighting, it is hard to figure out which lighting will work with what make up style. Most people do not have 5 different types of lighting in their house to test their make up with, so how do you know that your make up will look good when you go to a different place or end up in different lighting?

HiMirror now comes with a plus model that includes 5 different types of lighting to choose from, to view your skin under all of these conditions

How Does the HiMirror Work?

The HiMirror has a camera to take pictures and store information about your skin. It will store information about problem areas and allow you to track your skin care regimen. If you see progress, the HiMirror will track that, and if you do not see progress, the HiMirror will recommend something else. Based on the information you put in, the Hi Mirror can make suggestions and come up with a plan for you to fix problem areas.

The Hi Mirror plus has all of the above features, plus 5 different light settings to simulate different scenarios and different times of day. This will help you view your skin under different lighting conditions, and get ready with the make up type that will look the best in the lighting of the occasion you’re going to. The settings move from a yellow/warm type of light all the way to white/cooler type of light.

Viewing your skin under different lighting conditions helps you see the qualities of your skin that may not be visiblt otherwise.

The light settings of the HiMirror plus are:

Sunset View: The Sunset View is the most yellow of all of the settings, because the sunlight is the warmest when the sun is setting. This setting is 2500 k – 2700 k

-Restaurant or Party Venue: The lighting in a restaurant or party venue is slightly less warm than the sunset. This setting mimics soft, ambient lighting in an intimate restaurant date setting, or a darker party venue. This setting is 3000 k – 3500 k

-Shopping Mall or Supermarket: The Shopping Mall or Supermarket setting is a setting that is half warm and half cool lighting. When you visit a store, you will notice that not all of the lights are the bright, neon lights. This setting mimics bright light but not bright, cool light. It is half warm and half cool toned. This is the most common light setting that will be able to give you an idea of ‘average’ light. This setting is 4000 k – 4500 k

-Brightly Lit Office: The brightly lit office setting is the first setting where you really see the cooler tones of the white light. It is designed to mimic the light of your office building; which are typically really cool, bright white fluorescent lights. This setting is 5000 k – 5500 k

-Outdoors on Sunny Days: Outdoors on sunny days is meant to mimic the brightest, most cool type of light there is. This setting is going to be the most honest when it comes to your make up, as you cannot hide any flaws in light this bright and cool. This setting has almost no yellow light in it, and it will show every small detail if you are going to be outside on a sunny spring day. This setting is 6000 k – 6500 k

Both the HiMirror and the HiMirror plus are available for purchase online.

Who Makes the HiMirror?

The HiMirror is made by a company called Cal-Comp Electronics and Communications Company Inc. There are a couple of different products that they created for the Hi Mirror. You can read more about them on the HiMirror website.

HiMirror Pricing

  • The HiMirror is priced at $189.00 plus shipping and handling (directly from the website)
  • The HiMirror plus is priced at $259.00 plus shipping and handling (directly from the website)

There are a couple of different products that you can purchase also, such as a Hi Skin and Smart Body Scale. For more information on all of these products, you an visit their website.

Should You Buy HiMirror?

If you have problems with your skin and would like a tool to give you measurable, real results, the HiMirror or the HiMirror Plus would be a great product for you. You can learn more at their website to decide if this product would work for you.

Learn More About HiMirror

You can learn more about the HiMirror and HiMirror Plus, read information about skin care, and read testimonials at their website at https://www.himirror.com/. You can also learn more about their other products and can compare models to find one that works the best for you.

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