Raw Potato Juice Drinks For Health & Beauty Benefits


A Short Guide to Potato Juice

Most people are used to eating potatoes as fries or as mashed potatoes. Very few know that you can make potato juice, and that it has incredible benefits. How do you do that, you ask?

This is a pretty common question among those who are just hearing about it. And it’s not surprising seeing as the product is often raw potato juice. Yes, you read that right –it’s raw, as in, you don’t need to cook it to get the juice.

For those who think this is weird, wait until you read about the benefits of potato juice –just below- before jumping into any conclusions.

Potato Juice Benefits

Most people only think of potatoes as a carb, when it is actually a vegetable that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, micro and macronutrients.

This juice has so many benefits that we will have to group them under different broad categories.

Health Benefits of Potato Juice

Potato juice is a rich source of antioxidants, which makes it perfect for getting rid of those free radicals in your body. It is particularly effective in detoxification, protecting and boosting your immune system.

As a result, your body is able to fight off infections, while you stay healthy. For instance, it is effective at flushing uric acid –when uric acid builds up in the system, can cause gout, and flushing out toxins from your gall bladder and liver.

Also, people suffering from inflammations will benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of potato juice.

This is why it is often recommended to individuals who have or are suffering from joint pains and arthritis.

The same applies to people with angular cheilitis, a type of skin inflammation sometimes caused by a weakened immune system.

You can also drink the juice to keep your kidney healthy as it helps with preventing and eliminating calcium deposits in the kidney.

People with digestive problems like indigestion, bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea should also take potato juice as it helps with these conditions.

As an effective alkalinizing agent, potato juice serves to keep your body’s fluid medium in an alkaline state as against an acidic state. This is important because you’re less likely to fall ill when your body is in an alkaline state than when it’s in an acidic state.

Hair Benefits of Potato Juice

Most people don’t know this, but potato juice does wonders for your hair and scalp. For instance, consistently applying a mix of potato juice and aloe vera can help rejuvenate dry, frizzy hair.

If you have greying hair, try rinsing off your shampoo with potato juice. Not only will it give your hair more shine and bounce, it’ll also reduce the grey.

People suffering from hair loss can mix this with honey and egg whites, leave on the hair for two hours and then rinse with shampoo followed by water. You’ll get excellent results from using this. After each treatment, apply some coconut or olive oil to further improve your hair’s shine and texture.

Skin Benefits of Potato Juice

Great looking and beautiful skin is very attractive. There’s something about a glowing skin that draws us to it.  Maybe it’s because a glowing skin unconsciously signals great health or happiness, who knows.

The point is everyone wants a radiant, supple and blemish free skin. Potato juice can help you with that. For people who have blemishes, apply some potato juice to the affected area once a day for two weeks.

The potato juice will help fade the blemish and restore your normal complexion. In case of sunburn, apply some cold potato juice to the affected area.

Not only will it help soothe the skin and provide relief from the pain, it will help ensure that there are no scars after the burns heal up. It’s also an effective anti-wrinkle agent. Rub some potato juice on your face and other parts, leave on for 1-2 hours daily, then wash off with mild, moisturizing soap and apply your moisturizing lotion or creams for maximum results.

For people who have eye bags or dark circles under their eyes, potato juice can help eliminate them under a week. To get this result, you can apply the potato juice mixed with olive oil directly to the specified area, or dip some cotton balls in the juice and place on that area before going to bed.

Leave on for about 30 minutes and then go sleep without washing it off. Just dab, so the juice doesn’t drip onto the bed.

You can also use it for your antiaging regimen. Just mix with curd and apply as a facemask for 30 minutes to one hour every day. Then wash off using a mild, moisturizing soap, and apply your face cream.

If you want to get a lighter, radiant skin, mix potato juice with either cucumber or lemon juice and rub on the area you want to lighten. You’ll start getting results within 2 weeks of application. Also make sure to drink 1-2 glasses of the juice every 24 hours. This will keep your skin hydrated and leave it looking radiant and supple.

How to Make Potato Juice

Now that you know how great the juice is, we’re guess you want to know how to make it. The process is pretty simple.

Just wash the potatoes in warm water mixed with liquid soap and rinse off after thoroughly cleaning them. Some people prefer juicing it with the peel, others prefer to remove the peel. The choice is yours, really.

Once you’re done, chop into small bits and dump in the juicer. Then, extract the juice into a bowl or cup, chill and drink. You might want to add some honey or some other juice if you don’t like the bland taste.

If you don’t have a juicer, you can do the same with a blender. Only, this time, you’ll pour the blended parts into a milk bag and then squeeze for the juice. Once done, get rid of the residue or repurpose as you see fit.

Potato Juice Benefits Summary

So far, there’s no known side effect of drinking potato juice. So, enjoy this rich, nutritious drink and watch it make you healthier.

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