CLOUD 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon – All In One Hair Services?


CLOUD 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon is a shop that helps you look and feel your best with the features you already have. Whether you want to change your hair or makeup, this salon has you covered.

What is CLOUD 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon?

The CLOUD 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon was founded by Jodi Dery, in effort to create a place that you can get a beautiful blowout at a moment’s notice. Once she secured an architect that could help her create her blowout bar with the sophistication and elegance she wanted Cloud 10 was born.

Cloud 10 is not your standard beauty salon. The shampoo chairs give you a Shiatsu back massage while your hair is washed, which is followed by a comfortable drying session with the ultra-speedy hair dryers.

Every chair is equipped with WiFi capabilities, a charger for any type of smartphone or tablet, and even a mini iPad to help the time go by, though the treatment itself is relaxing enough to pass the time.

This salon has two locations right now, which have been around since 2013 to offer consumers the chance to be pampered like one of the Hollywood elite. With so many hair and makeup services, it’s an easy decision to get your next service here.

What Services are Offered by CLOUD 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon?

For a full menu of all the different rates and options, visit However, if you read on below, you can get an idea of what type of treatments are available to you.


When you go to the hair salon, you’re probably expecting a simple cut and color, which is doable with Cloud 10.

However, if you want a whole experience, then one of the treatments below gives you the opportunity to see what these amazing stylists can do.


A blowout, at its simplest, is just a matter of drying your hair after a thorough washing and cut. However, for just $40 at Cloud 10, you have the option of getting a shampoo, style, and blowout, which still gets you out the door in just 45 minutes, looking like a million dollars.

To amplify your treatment, you can add on:

  • A ten-minute head and neck massage: $10
  • A conditioning treatment: $25
  • An up-do: $90 and up
  • Applying extensions that you purchased beforehand: $25
  • Braiding: $40 and up
  • Dry style, which doesn’t require washing: $35
  • “Princess,” which is a blowout for girls under age 12: $35

After you finish getting your blowout, you can decide to get one of the featured hairstyles. Ask your stylist what options you have available to top off your amazing experience.

Hair Color

Everyone wants to do something bold with their hair at some point, and coloring your hair is a great way to express your personal style. Hair color can be dramatic, subtle, edgy, or comfortable, but the result is up to you with Cloud 10.

Cloud 10 can help you with treatments that are classic and traditional, like solid colors or highlights.

However, they are also skilled in creating different motifs, like Ombre, balayage and flamboyange. The team at Cloud 10 exclusively used Davines, which is a hair color company that strictly uses natural ingredients, which tend to be gentler on your hair and scalp.

When you have any type of chemical treatment, your hair can become brittle and stressed, but these dyes are much safer all around. Your hair will be healthier because of it, and you’ll still get the long-lasting performance that other brands provide.

In fact, to help maintain the softness of your hair, the formulas include palm fruit extracts and vegetable pigments.

Along with full colors, Cloud 10 also specialized in color corrections, which usually are a necessary part of your treatment if you’ve botched a color kit at home, or you went to a bad salon. When you leave, you won’t even remember how bad it was in the first place.

The services typically abide by the following pricing, though your hair length may impact the cost:

  • Full head or all-over color treatment: $70 and up
  • Foil highlights for a specific part of your head: $110 and up
  • Foil highlights for your full head: $150 and up
  • Gloss: $30
  • Balayage: $130 and up
  • Ombre: $100 and up

Keratin Treatments

When your hair becomes weakened from chemical treatments, whether you color your hair or otherwise treat it, you need the restoration that Organic Keratin treatments provide.

There are three formulations that help to meet the needs that various hair types have, since every composition should not be treated in the same way. The treatment just involves introducing this keratin to your hair, helping to straighten and smooth your hair.

After the treatment has finished, you’ll have a manageable mane for at least a couple of months. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair – you’ll notice a significant change.

After you receive the treatment, you need to wait 24 hours before you wash your hair, but the educated stylists at Cloud 10 know what instructions to give you for are.

Hair Extensions

Waiting for your hair to get to a remarkable length can take months or years, but you don’t want to have to wait that long when you want long hair tonight. With extensions, you can improve fullness or just add more length to damaged hair.

There are several different extensions available, which are primarily Platinum Seamless hair extensions, which uses Remy human hair and includes no glue or uncomfortable layers for a three-month long look.

While most other brands try to match your color, these strands make it possible to blend with your natural color, since they have over 37 shades to choose from. You can choose a wavy or straight style, if you’re willing to keep up with its care.


One of the most fun activities to participate in is a makeover. You may have a special occasion that you want to look your best for, or you may just be ready for a new look and you don’t know where to start.

The makeup experience with the stylists at Cloud 10 is unique, in that they will consider the amount of time you want to spend on your routine, along with how bold you want to look. With these details, you’ll be able to present your best self any time you leave the house.

To help you narrow down your options, the stylist will show you the different signature makeup looks that they offer, but you can still choose to change these arrangements to meet your style.

Many, if not all, of the cosmetics available through Cloud 10 are part of BECCA Cosmetics. This brand helps you create the perfect blend for your complexion, while teaching you to highlight your best features and create the dramatic lips and eyes that will work in any circumstance.

While the mission of BECCA is to offer a natural look, the main appeal is the way that they can improve your experience with foundation.

The prices for these services are:

  • Full face makeup: $60
  • Eyes only: $45
  • Mini makeover (powder application, blush, concealer, mascara, and lip color): $25
  • Airbrush foundation: $25
  • Individual lash or full strip lash application: $18
  • “Princess” makeup: $20
  • Makeup 101 (one-hour tutorial): $100

Weddings and Parties

One of the ways that Cloud 10 sets itself apart from other salons is that they have a mobile service for parties and weddings. No matter where you are, the salon can arrange for you to have your services done on site to reduce the amount of travel time that you need to endure in the day.

Read on below to find out what ways that Cloud 10 can help you on the most important day of your life.

Wedding Hair & Makeup

On your wedding day, you want to look radiant and glowing, but it can be hard to achieve this effect by yourself. You don’t want to overcommit yourself to too many responsibilities, which is why these packages are available.

When you first decide to get your hair and makeup done with Cloud 10, you will have a consultation to decide on the look that you want.

This trial will be about two weeks before your wedding day, so you’ll be able to see three different hairstyles and makeup options, including a variety of types of foundation for the best coverage.

Party Packages

Even if you aren’t getting married that day, there’s always a good reason to give yourself a fun hairstyle or glamorous makeup.

There’s presently four different packages, which appeal to difference activities. For instance, the Girls Getaway Package allows you to take over the salon for your own night of pampering, during which time you and your guests will receive:

  • Blowouts
  • Makeovers
  • Relaxer Head & Neck Massage
  • Drinks, hors d’oeuvres and cupcakes
  • Complimentary Valet Parking (Delray location only)

The Show & Tell Package is another great example of what’s available, which will help educate you on the different ways to apply your makeup and style your hair for $650, regardless of the party size.

Some of the packages will depend on when you book and how large your group is.

Blowout Packages

The Blowout packages essentially allow you to purchase a series of blowouts at once, saving you money overall. Choose from:

  • Three blowouts for $130.00
  • Six blowouts for $255.00
  • Twelve blowouts for $495

No matter when you purchase the blowouts, they never expire, making them a great way to treat yourself or someone else.

Does CLOUD 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon Offer a Rewards Program?

Yes, the company offers a Rewards program, allowing clients to gain points whenever they receive services at one of the Cloud 10. When you sign up originally, you’re rewarded for your commitment with 300 points when you check out. You can also earn points by:

  • Referring a friend that becomes a client (200 points)
  • Writing a review about your experience on a participating review site (100 points)
  • Booking your appointment for your next service before you leave from your current appointment (50 points)
  • Spending on services or products from Cloud 10 (1 point for every $1 spent)

When you reach 1200 points, you can choose between a $40 credit or a free blowout.

Contact Information for CLOUD 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon

If you’re ready to book your appointment, you have two options – book online or call the shop directly. There’s two locations right now:

  • Delray Beach: 561-303-3000
  • Boca Raton: 561-465-3900

CLOUD 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon Review Summary

If you’re located in the southeast Florida area, or you’re just visiting for a vacation, one place you can’t afford to skip is the Cloud 10 salon.

With so many impressive services, and various features in the comfortable seating, an hour at the salon can feel like a day at the spa. If you’re ready to book your visit, contact a stylist at either location today.

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