Pocket Flosser: Pressurized Flossing Device For Healthier Gums?


Innovated in 2013 by Registered Dental Hygienist Carlo Ricafort, Pocket Flosser is set to bring a new feel to the dental hygiene industry. Just like other dental flosser products on the market, this device provides a pain-free method for you to flush clean your teeth and gums with the help of highly-pressured water or your favorite mouthwash brand.

How Does Pocket Flosser Work?


The Pocket Flosser brings with it a new way of dental hygiene by the use of a highly-pressurized manual pump.Hence, you will not have to go through the hassle of changing batteries and wires. There are no risks of an electrical shock either. Using the product seems like a double win more so for those who are more conscious about energy conservation. Look at it this way; you get to stay healthy while saving the much-needed energy for better usage. Could this be the innovation the world has been waiting for long? Let's wait and see.

Size And Portability

At an estimated weight of 4.3 Ounces, the Pocket Flosser is light enough to carry wherever you go, meaning you get to clean your teeth at any given the time of day just the same way you do with regular teeth brushing routines. If it goes by the descriptions given by the makers, the product is even more convenient for you on those travel days as it is for daily home usage. The feature makes Pocket Flosser the best choice for families that prioritize dental health while being sensitive to most products in the market.

Consequently, the eye-catching slim design of the Pocket Flosser makes it an easy to fit into your travel or work bag without triggering attention.

Pain –Free

To some individuals, the mere thought of using pressure on one of the most sensitive parts of the body; gums, can make you fear using dental flossers. However, this is not the case with Pocket Flosser. According to the description given by the innovator, while the product provides enough pressure to get rid of all the dirt from your teeth, it offers a soothing effect for you. Neither you nor any of your family member experiences any pain while using Pocket Flosser.

Pocket Flosser Pressurized Flossing Device For Healthier Gums Price

The Kickstarter price of Pocket Flosser stands at $27.99 at Amazon.

What Makes Pocket Flosser Unique?

While Pocket Flosser shares a large number of similarities with the variety of dental flosser options in the market, its ability to work perfectly fine with the use of a manual pump sets it on top of its competitors. You will find it more convenient to floss wherever you want without necessarily plugging in your device. The Pocket Flosser is a product to look out for from all angles. After all who doesn't like convenience? Whether it succeeds in taking the market by storm is something we will have to wait and see when the product launching takes place around May 2018.However, from the consumer reception witnessed in the Kickstarter campaign, the Pocket Flosser is off to a good start.

Who Can Use Pocket Flosser?

Pocket Flosser is friendly for use by all family members. From children to adults and the elderly, the product provides a simple usage guideline that can be easily followed by anyone.

Pocket Flosser Reviews

Since the product is still new in the market with the official launching to the market set on May this year, there aren't many reviews for definite conclusions. However, at this initial Kickstarter period, consumers seem to be happy with it.

Pocket Flosser Conclusion

Having been approved by a licensed dental hygienist, Pocket Flosser has with it all the credibility it needs to penetrate the market. And based on the positive reception witnessed in the market, there is a higher possibility of a success record. However, you might still want to weigh your options or better yet start with a little investment as you examine its reception.


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