GoSleep: Sleep Mask Pillow Kit Designed For Upright Sleeping?


Falling asleep while in transit is something most of us have partaken once in a while. Much of it is an attribute of the exhaustion and fatigue of having to sit down for an extended period while traveling. Additionally, it is always a challenge to find the right sleep posture whenever sleeping on the bus, plane or train. However, there are travel innovations that have come up to assist travelers to experience a more robust sleeping experience while in transit.

What Is GoSleep?

GoSleep is a 2-in-1 travel sleep system that aims to provide leisure, comfort, and support for the neck and head whenever you are sleeping in a seat. The method comprises a neck pillow, eye shades and a binding cord with the design enabling users to relax in an upright position without effort or adjusting. More often than not we experience problems sleeping on planes or vehicles with the usual head swings or jerking. With GoSleep, the system will ensure the user's head is secured through a series of connections and setups to prevent the frequent neck pains of head throbbing

How GoSleep Sleep Mask Pillow Kit For Upright Sleeping Works

First off GoSleep system is unlike the typical C-shaped travel pillow, so it does not take up too much space around the neck area. The system comes with a travel pillow, a sleep mask and a zipper pocket for storage.

Using the sleep system entails you put the travel pillow on the back of your neck and make sure it is comfortable enough. Once done, pull the sleep mask over your face from behind. There is an elastic band that helps hold the sleep mask firmly in place on your face. Additionally, the cord comes in handy whenever you want to adjust. However, this procedure is applicable for seats with a headrest. If you are in a situation without one, you can still change the cord length to accommodate stretching from the back of the chair to your sleep mask. With the cord securing your headrest, you can decide to toggle the cover to tighten down and prevent falling off.

Pros Of Using GoSleep

  • The sleep mask conveniently blocks the light without having too much grip on the eye movement
  • The elastic cord is an excellent add-on that ensures minimal head movements during sleep
  • The components are made from premium raw materials making them very comfortable
  • The eye mask and pillow can is adjustable for convenience

GoSleep Cons

  • If you are a light traveler, the pad might seem bulky to carry around
  • If the elastic cord snaps, the whole sleep system is ineffective
  • Your head can fail to fit since the mask comes in an oversize
  • The need to use the chair as support might seem like an invasion of space for other individuals
  • Doesn’t work on seats with an adjustable headrest

How GoSleep Rates Compared To Similar Products?

In term of usefulness, GoSleep has a remarkable reputation since it provides a comfy and convenient outlook compared to the typical neck pillow system we have in place. However, I do consider the price to be a bit high for a rather simple concept. On durability, there isn't much to look for since the fabrics are known for their low tolerance to hand washing. All-in-all, the product is a much better option if you want to arrive at your destination well-rested and energized.

GoSleep Verdict

Overall, I would rank GoSleep product as an excellent option for the frequent traveler. For once, the travel system can accommodate and satisfy sleeping while in transit which is always challenging with other travel sleep options. Additionally, the sleep system has taken into consideration the most critical factor in sleeping in a seat, and that is the headrest. As such, GoSleep Travel System is recommendable product compared to other similar products. Its unique features and convenience can come in handy whenever you need to take a nap whether on a plane, train or bus.

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