Airo Health: Personal Nervous System Mental Anxiety Tracker?


The pace at which the world has changed is astounding. Human progress in the last century has been defined by its neck break pace. This has invariably led to a more stressful life. Undoubtedly, it's healthy to be stressed sometimes. However, prolonged periods of stress are dangerous in all sorts of ways. From minor things like making one forgetful to affecting the heart, stress needs to be monitored and dealt with, swiftly. This is where Airo comes in

What Is Airo Health?

To lead a stress free life one needs to be able to identify it first, then make tweaks in one’s daily life to alleviate it. Airo helps with this as it measures and provides live updates on the stress levels at all times of the day. The band vibrates when dangerous stress levels are recorded. Furthermore, Airo looks to provide ways to reduce overall stress. By being a repository of information it certainly makes it easier for someone to be more mindful and productive.

Airo Health Features

The main features of this product are:

Live Feedback

Airo is always monitoring the body indicators and thus gives timely intervention alerts. It detects rising stress levels and gently vibrates. Then, it provides various recommendations to reduce stress.

Personalized Insights

Airo learns how the user works and is able to provide insights that helps one understand how different tasks stresses the mind.

Recommendations & Reminders

Airo uses all the gathered information and sends personalized recommendations which helps one become more resilient. Even the smallest tweaks have long lasting effects. With seamless interoperability it is easy to set goals and stay in check at all times.

Live Nervous System Tracking

Airo tracks the nervous system continuously which can be used to understand how different tasks are affecting a person. This helps to better understand what are the stress triggers.


Airo makes it easy to log activity. Once a stress event has been noted, the information is used to better understand and provide more insightful recommendations.

Breathing Exercise

Airo recommends different ways to calm down and reduce stress. With live feedback it is ideal to know how well the breathing exercise is helping the body cope with stress.


This is the repository of all the collected data, that allows a person to download all their stress values at 1 minute intervals. This allows for a detailed look and study at indicators and triggers.

How Airo Personal Nervous System Mental Anxiety Tracker Works

The key to tracking a persons stress is by monitoring their nervous system. By making use of sophisticated algorithms a person’s Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is calculated. This is the measure of beat to beat differences in a person’s heart rate. The duration of each beat differs depending on the activity of the sympathetic (triggers when there is a “fight-or-flight” situation) and parasympathetic (enabled when the body is in “rest and recuperation” mode.) nervous systems.

During the course of a day, the body is constantly going back and forth between these two systems. Being in the sympathetic state for long durations is less than ideal and Airo helps monitor that.

Airo Health Conclusion

Anyone who deals with stress on a daily basis will appreciate Airo. Weighing at 0.04 pounds and a battery life of 14 hours this is a non-intrusive gadget ideal to get better life and work balance. Add to this the fact that this device comes with free shipping and a 1 year warranty along with 30 day money back guarantee. Priced at a reasonable $199, more details about this product is available at


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