Pizza Hut Pie Top Basketball Shoes For Ordering March Madness Pizza


Have you ever wanted to order a Pizza Hut pizza – but your phone is just too far away? Thanks to Pizza Hut’s new “Pie Top” sneakers, you can order your favorite pizzas from your feet.

Pizza Hut introduced the basketball sneakers as part of a promotional event leading up to the NCAA March Madness tournament, taking place over the next few weeks.

Pizza Hut released just 64 pairs of the high top-style sneakers (that’s where the name “Pie Tops” comes from, in case you missed it). The shoes were created in partnership with Los Angeles-based custom footwear company The Shoe Surgeon. There are 64 different shoes, each of which is designed to celebrate the 64 teams participating in this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament.

Want to order a pizza without taking off your shoes? The shoes feature a button on the shoe’s tongue. You press that button, and your order will be sent to Pizza Hut wirelessly.

To setup your shoes, you’ll first need to let Pizza Hut know via its website what your favorite pizza is. Then, whenever you’re hungry, you just press a button on the shoe’s tongue. The shoes use a combination of Bluetooth and geolocation technology to send your order to the nearest Pizza Hut, then deliver it to your address.

Now we have some bad news: the Pie Top Pizza Hut shoes won’t be available for sale to the general public. Instead, Pizza Hut is reportedly sending out the shoes to “a few Pizza Hut regulars”.

Pizza Hut created the advertising campaign in cooperation with Droga5. In the commercial, we see National College Basketball Hall of Famer Grant Hill ordering a $7.99 two topping Pizza Hut pizza with his feet.

We’ll let you know if the Pie Top sneakers ever become available to the general public in the future. In the meantime, you may want to start shooting hoops today to work off all the pizza you’re going to eat during March Madness – especially if you’re one of the lucky Pizza Hut customers who’s getting the Pie Top sneakers.


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