Electromagnetic Field Radiation – EMF Health Side Effects Truth?


Every living thing on the planet Earth has been exposed to Electromagnetic Field Radiation for their entire history of being. No matter where they live or how they live, just being here on Earth exposes them to a lot of electromagnetic fields radiation from the sun and even from the Earth.

But once man learned how to channel electricity, the amount of electromagnetic field radiation that we all are exposed to went up significantly and people are starting to get worried. Think about all of the electricity around you now. From microwaves to smartphones to supercomputers, technology is everywhere. And with that technology comes exposure to electromagnetic field radiation.

There are people on both sides of the electromagnetic field radiation issue. Many people believe and have believed for decades that the exposure is completely harmless and safe. Only recently have scientists and researchers began to dig a little deeper and conduct more studies into it and their findings may create some reason to concern. Before I get into what they found, I am going to explain more in detail what exactly electromagnetic fields are and why you should care more about the constant exposure to their radiation that you are faced with.

An electromagnetic field is a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components, resulting from the motion of an electric charge and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy. The fields can’t be seen or observed with the naked eye. So how do you know when you are being exposed to one?

What Is Electromagnetic Field Radiation?

Maxwell’s Law makes it pretty clear that electromagnetic fields exist in the area around an electrical current.

Electromagnetic fields can also occur whenever a nuclear reaction happens. When the sun generates energy, a huge electromagnetic field is generated.

Electromagnetic fields are also created whenever atoms take in alternative types of energy, as this causes the electrons contained in the atom to get excited and generate an electromagnetic field.

How Is EFR Created?

Most of the electromagnetic fields that humans themselves create are created through one of these ways. We create them so that we establish electromagnetic waves that become beneficial to us in various ways. Think of radio waves, the radiation used for microwaves to heat our food, and the ever-useful Wi-Fi. That is right, wireless internet is a form of radiation. Other common technologies that we utilize that create electromagnetic field radiation are lights and infrared radiation that we use for wireless co-operation between technological devices and to see things in the dark.

There are two types of electromagnetic fields, as determined by the United States’ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Those two types are low frequency electromagnetic field radiation and high frequency electromagnetic field radiation.

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Radiation

The low frequency kinds expose you to non-ionizing radiation, which is generally safer but still not completely safe. Most household technologies like the aforementioned Wi-Fi, microwaves, and lights expose you to this kind of radiation. Other kinds of technology that exposes you to low frequency electromagnetic field radiation are computers, smart meters, and Bluetooth devices.

High Frequency Electromagnetic Field Radiation

High frequency electromagnetic field radiation, on the other hand, is ionizing radiation and can definitely be harmful to you. Examples of high frequency electromagnetic field radiation are ultraviolet, gamma, and X-rays. These are the ones you have to be especially careful around, which is why you wear a lead vest whenever you get X-rays.

Is Electromagnetic Field Radiation Safe?

It is well-known that high frequency electromagnetic field radiation is harmful, but way less known are the risks that low frequency electromagnetic field radiation poses to us. One of the biggest problems is that the symptoms of the radiation exposure are not immediate. You won’t feel that anything is wrong until it is much too late. And lest we forget that huge multibillion dollar companies have their skin in the game as well. They certainly don’t want to lose their money by having the truth inconveniently spill out about their products.

Did you know our body runs on electromagnetism? The human body is basically an electrical device, which is why a jolt of energy can revive someone who has recently passed away. Many years of evolution has made the electromagnetic fields in our body be able to work in harmony with the natural electromagnetic field radiation emitted by the sun and Earth. Of course, that doesn’t mean that UV radiation from the sun is good for us and it obviously isn’t – as it can lead to skin cancer.

Anyways, the electromagnetism in our own bodies is nothing compared to the electromagnetic fields that we generate with technological devices. In fact, it has been found that the electromagnetic fields that our devices create can actually disrupt the electromagnetic inner workings of the human body. These disruptions are especially harmful to our brains, hearts, and the mitochondria in our cells.

Symptoms Of Electromagnetic Field Radiation

Let’s take a look at some symptoms of electromagnetic field radiation exposure.

If you are having trouble sleeping and a doctor diagnosed you with insomnia, that could be a result of exposure. Other symptoms include anxiety and depression, which often go hand-in-hand and can be a result of exposure to electromagnetic field radiation. If you are feeling dizzy often, that is another symptom. Also, if you are prone to illness and find yourself falling ill all the time, that could be because of electromagnetic field radiation exposure. The radiation exposure could also disrupt the balance of hormones in your body, which could lead to a variety of health problems. And the biggest symptom of electromagnetic field radiation is, of course, cancer.

As you can probably tell, exposure to this kind of radiation, even if it is the low frequency kind, is not good for you. Despite what the “experts” who are paid on behalf of the big technology companies say. Therefore, you should take some measures to reduce how much electromagnetic field radiation that you and your loved ones are exposed to.

One measure is to get rid of your smart meter. These emit strong low frequency electromagnetic fields and are definitely not “smart”. Another measure is to avoid living near places that emit strong electromagnetic waves, such as radio stations, power lines, and electrical generators. A study conducted in Italy made the shocking discovery that families who live closer to radio stations that emit strong signals are more likely to develop leukemia than families who live farther away. Get your family out of there if you do live close to a radio station or any of the other aforementioned emitters.

Other measures you can take is to put a cap on the amount of electromagnetic field radiation that you expose you and your family to around the house. Don’t leave your electrical devices running all night unless you need them for warmth or if it’s like an alarm clock or something. And this one might be a bit inconvenient, but scrap Wi-Fi. Yes, it’s super great and nice and all, but it can also be harmful. Go back to wired internet. If you are just unable to part with Wi-Fi, be responsible with it.

Only have your Wi-Fi router running when you and your family are using the internet and shut it off when nobody is using it. Stray away from wireless mice and keyboards, as well as Bluetooth. And when you are using wireless devices like cellphones, laptops, and tablets, keep them away from your body. Wear some wired headphones when you are making a call instead of holding your cellphone up to your ear. One final measure is to put your bed on the side opposite of where the electrical devices are in your room. You don’t have to adhere to this measure if none of your devices run overnight, however.

Now you know the risks posed by EMF radiation and how you can reduce your risk of getting sick from exposure to it.


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