Pizza Hut Pie Top Sneakers – Basketball Shoes Order Pizza For March Madness?


These days, ordering your favorite products is easier than ever. At the press of a button, you can receive things that you need straight to your door – it really is that easy. Now, another brand is getting in on the push-of-a-button ordering method. For those of you who love Pizza and basketball shoes, then you’re in luck.

Pizza Hut has just come out with a new product that enables you to order pizza at the push of a button and the button is located on a pretty stellar looking pair of basketball shoes. The product, called Pizza Hut Pie Tops, is to commemorate the start of March Madness – NCAA Basketball Tournament that starts this month.

What are Pizza Hut Pie Tops?

Pizza Hut Pie Tops is the latest way to order pizza from one of the largest and beloved pizza makers in the country – Pizza Hut. The ordering process is simple and it is done with a great looking pair of basketball shoes. The basketball shoes mimic the brand’s colors and they feature the traditional high-top style that has been used in the basketball industry for years. The red Pizza Hut logo is on the side of the shoe and it also signifies the button that is above the laces. Once you press the button, you’ll be able to order a $7.99 pizza.

Developed by a Popular and Well-Known Creative Agency

There are many great qualities to Pizza Hut’s new commemorative item. The shoe campaign is led by Los-Angeles based creative agency Droga5. The agency partnered with Dominic Chambrone, who is famously known for his ability to create amazing looking shoes. His years of experience and great output have him known as the “Shoe Surgeon.”

In addition to being marketed by Droga5 and designed by the Shoe Surgeon, Pizza Hut is planning on featuring its innovative Pie Tops with some great talent. For example, the latest advertisement for the shoes included Grant Hill, a former basketball start and current sports analyst.

High-Quality Shoes

Pizza Hut spared no expense when it ordered these shoes. The shoes have a stamped leather pattern. The pattern is entirely hand stitched. Further, they feature an ankle strap that includes the button on it. Once you press the button, the shoes will connect with Pizza huts system and order a pizza for you. You’ll then receive a piping-hot and delicious Pizza from a local Pizza Hut location in your area.

Pie Tops are a Limited Edition Product

Unfortunately, as interesting as these shoes seem, Pizza Hut is only making 64 pairs of these shoes. The number 64 signifies the amount of teams in the March Madness tournament. The limited edition quality is meant to commemorate March Madness and to drive excitement for the tournament. If you aren’t one of the 64 people who will receive these shoes, then Pizza Hut is trying to lessen the disappointment by offering you another great promotion – a special discount that will maintain for the length of March Madness.

The discount enables you to receive a large two-topping pizza for $12.99 for just $7.99. At this price, you can purchase multiple pizzas for you and your friends to enjoy while watching the tournament.

More than a Commemorative Product

Aside from being just a commemorative product, the Pizza Hu Pie Tops, the shoes have another purpose – to highlight just how easy it is to purchase Pizza Hut online. The company is known for its early adoption of mobile ordering and it is trying to make a point of just how easy and simple the online ordering process can be. Today, many of Pizza Hut’s ordering processes are performed through digital means. With this program, the brand can expand its online ordering process and show just how digitally savvy it is.

Get in Tune with March Madness Health

As delicious as Pizza Hut Pizza is and as fun as it is to watch the game and to have a few pies with your friends, you also may want to jump in on the March Madness fun by trying some other healthy foods and activities during and after the games. Here are a few options that you may want to consider to keep your health in good condition:

Add Healthier Snacks

Having a few pizzas is great, but you may want to balance such a snack with other options. For example, there are countless of healthy game-day recipes online that you can find and that you can make quickly for the game. If you want to keep cooking to a minimum, then you may want to consider adding some fruit and vegetable trays with some low-fat dressings to your table. These options will help you snack on healthier options instead of always reaching for that easy-to-order pizza.

Get a Workout In or Play a Basketball Game

Another option for keeping healthy during the game is to get a workout in and before it. For example, you may want to consider going out for a run or even enjoying a basketball game between you and your buddies who came for game-day. Each of these options will do well to balance out the snacks and inactivity during the game.

Each of these options can help keep you in shape while the tournament is going on. You can choose healthier food options, balance out the Pizza, and ensure that you are keeping your health in optimal condition. With that, you’ll feel less guilty and happier while the game goes on.

Pizza Hut Pie Top Sneakers Summary

If you are interested in ordering Pizza Hut Pie Tops, then you may want to consider contacting the Pizza Hut brand. There is no word as to how much the shoes cost yet. Even if you can’t get a pair of shoes, then there are many other ways to celebrate March Madness’s NCAA event. You can invite your friends over, create your own basketball tournament, and have your own healthy snacks on hand to commemorate the game and a better and healthier lifestyle.


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