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Picamilon Review

Picamilon, often referred to as a ‘smart drug’ is a supplement consumed as part of the diet that is from niacin (Vitamin B3) and gamma-amino butyric acid. Picamilon is a class of nootropic drugs that are in use to treat patients suffering from anxiety or also used in some areas to boost brain activity in children.

What is Picamilon?

It helps to increase blood flowing in the brain by interacting with the vascular system to enhance brainpower in terms of memory and reduce mild anxiety.

The gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) acts within the central nervous system when you consume Picamilon through increasing microcirculation by reducing red blood cell adhesion to the endothelium in the brain and modifies the supply of blood to other internal organs. Picamilon contains nootropic and antioxidant properties and is retainable in the body for up to six hours.

Dosage of Picamilon

Intake of Picamilon is independent of food in the form of tablets and capsules. For anyone taking Picamilon, there needs to be a reason. Different people need different dosages in terms of age group and disorder one is suffering from.

The average dose of Picamilon for anyone to take during the day is about 0.05g, though there are conditions such as open-angle glaucoma that can result to someone taking a higher dosage of up to 0.6g per day for a certain amount of time. Children are allowed to take about 0.02g of Picamilon in a day while as adults can take up to 0.05g.

There are different conditions that may result in you taking doses for a week, one month or even six months. One should be careful not to overdose Picamilon, since its effects of an overdose are not clear but can lead to critical levels of high blood pressure.

Picamilon drug is not consumable when alone and any patient should take the drug together with a non-medicinal treatment not only to reduce current anxiety but also to prevent future anxiety attacks. Pregnant women have strict restrictions especially when it comes to consumption of these nootropic drugs, and any pregnant woman should seek a doctor’s approval before consuming Picamilon.

Side Effects of Picamilon

There have been reports from patients who use Picamilon of effects such as lack of sleep, drowsiness, headaches and feeling of weakness. GABA plays a huge role especially when it comes to cause drowsiness. However, these side effects are not similar to everyone who consumes the drug in a daily basis.

Picamilon affects different people in different ways because there are some patients who have not had side effects after months of using the drug. Doctors prescribe this drug to avoid instances where a patient may react to the drug in a way that may cause side effects.

Consumption of Picamilon with other drugs is not advisable, and this may cause some unnecessary side effects. If one is on other drugs, make sure they are on halt when starting to use this nootropic drug.

Benefits of Picamilon

There are reports that Picamilon helps in promoting relaxation in anxiety patients and boosts both physical and mental energy. These are reports though there are not much substantial results from scientific research to back up these reports.

Different people using the drug have achieved success in treating disorders such as glaucoma and protection against Alzheimer’s disease. Picamilon is also in use to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure among other diseases that may be lacking substantial weight when it comes to supporting the statements.

Long Term Effects of Picamilon

As much as people do not believe that Picamilon is not that much of a strong nootropic drug, there can be some long-term effects such as reduced brain activity due to inadequacy of GABA; this is a form of addiction. Prolonged use of the drug may result into addiction to the drug because your neurological system will desire more and more of the drug to function at the capacity it has adopted.

It is important to stick to the doctor’s prescription when it comes to Picamilon to avoid instances of addiction.

Short Term Effects of Picamilon

Short-term effects of Picamilon are much positive to people suffering from anxiety, glaucoma and other neurological disorders. The GABA and niacin both work hand in hand to penetrate the brain and vascular systems to improve blood flow within the brain and to the other internal organs. Picamilon is a positive drug when used in the short run according to the doctor’s prescription.

History of Picamilon

The new class of medicinal drugs known as nootropics arose in the 1970s, since then they have proven to be of much significant in the medicinal field. Picamilon is a nootropic drug that was first in synthesis in 1969 from the NII Pharmacological RAN, though it was first used in medicine in 1986 from approximately 2 decades of testing with mice and other rodents.

The use of the Picamilon is safe and does not result to any forms of addiction with the drug; it has been in test for more than 10 years for it to be in consideration that the drug is safe.

There is still a huge lack of research concerning this drug proving that you should not consume the drug without consent from a doctor.

Research on Picamilon

There have been huge setbacks when it comes to the research on Picamilon. The drug initially tested positive on mice and cats before it started its use in humans. So far so good, research on Picamilon has brought about solutions in certain neurological disorders and has spearheaded research to bring about the “smart drug” aspect of it that boosts memory.

The main effect of the Picamilon rests on GABA. GABA in combination with niacin allows penetration of blood brain barriers to bring about the relaxation effect in people suffering from anxiety. The research done through animals is the backbone of research on Picamilon since the drug was first in test with animals.

There is continuous research on the effects of the drug in terms of the negatives mostly as well as more positive implications. Research centers and organizations are investing heavily on these nootropic agents therefore allowing more advancement to arise on the drug Picamilon.

How does Picamilon affect the brain?

When ingested, Picamilon increases the rate of blood circulation in the brain better than other nootropic agents do. The effect of this drug takes effect in a short while, within 45 minutes, your brain’s rate of blood flow would show the results.

Due to the increase in rate of blood circulation, it improves brain activity drastically allowing characteristics such as alertness and memory that the brain controls to improve. Its effect on the brain primarily also relies on the dosage, very high doses can cause a lag in brain activity and blood flow but the right amount of Picamilon would show great results.

Picamilon Customer Reviews

Picamilon receives critical comments since the drug’s full awareness is not well established. The nootropic drug has positive effects on humans such as boosting brainpower (in terms of memory and alertness), anxiety conditions, and is helping in the treatment of diseases such as open-angle glaucoma, discirculative encephalopathy, and prevention of migraine.

Some parents use it as a brain booster for their children even though many still disallow the drug to be in use this way. There has been a lag in the approval and availability of Picamilon because of the limited knowledge currently available on the drug. The side effects are not clear as confirmed by scientists, this being the main reason the reviews on the drug have not been positive.

Nonetheless, the drug is still available in small scale and with one’s doctor, the right prescription can prove to be helping in treating one’s illness or boosting one’s memory.

Final Thoughts

Picamilon together with other nootropic drugs have been significant over the years it has been in existence in the medicinal market but still has a long way to go. There is lacking research on the drug making the progress very slow in terms of science.

Scientists all over the world are busy working to find out the clear effects of the drug so that anyone using the drug can be safe from any instances of side effects. Doctors prescribe Picamilon to their patients and no one should ever intake a nootropic drug without a doctor’s prescription. The prescriptions need to be the patient’s number one priority to avoid the drug not functioning to its full potential. In the near future, research on the drug will help the drug not to suffer from critics.

For children, they should not use this drug too much with an aim to boost their brainpower because there is no enough research when it comes to Picamilon. Parents should take note of their children if they are using Picamilon to boost their brain power because it may damage the child’s memory in the long run, the effect is not clearly known therefore it is best to be safe than sorry.

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