Jeunesse Global Products Review – What is Instantly Ageless, Luminesce & Zen Bodi?


Our review of Jeunesse Global will be 3 fold;

1.) The core message about the quality, purity and integrity of their unique flagship skin care products (Instantly Ageless & LUMINESCE™), EMV energy drinks, Reserve vitamins and minerals, and Zen Bodi nutritional supplements
2.) The MLM channel it operates in (distributorship/business opportunity)
3.) Their innovative Youth Enhancement System Y.E.S.

jeunesse review

The primary focus will be about the uniquely-designed synergistic system of skincare and natural health supplements that did an incredibly-impressive $120,000,000 in sales in June 2015 for Jeunesse.

Our overview will start with the foundation of undoubtedly and undeniably knowing a high-level of momentum and MLM magic have already begun to flow inside of Jeunesse Global – which says more about their success than we can type to an extent (numbers do not lie) – but we will analyze it all for you.

We will save the network marketing hype and cut right to the chase by giving you a detailed analysis of each product they offer, and whether or not we think you should try them. (we get it in that no one likes to be told and sold over and over)

Besides, we dare ask if anyone is up for a digital debate and good discussion about MLM companies right now? — see the comments below

For our own clarity, we went searching and researching for facts, figures and even false alarms so you can make the right decision for you about Jeunesse – both as a business opportunity and their unique lineup of health products…

After all, we know it’s not everyone’s favorite online time-passer to get hit up about someone else’s great products and how we will be rewarded a commission for referring others in return right?

But before we judge Jeunesse Global as a network marketing business opportunity vs a uplifting-health-centric lifestyle company, our main goal here is to evaluate and review Jeunesse as a whole, starting with their most attractive and used products.

Who is Jeunesse?

jeunesse global foundersJeunesse, a nutritionally-minded Science of Youthful Aging health company created by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray in 2010 out of Florida, distributes anti-aging skin care creams and wholesome nutritional supplements.

With their sudden momentum and success through word of mouth marketing, it’s hard to dispute the benefits and effectiveness of their product line.

Jeunesse is currently based in the United States with offices all around the world, including Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Originally the company was founded by 2 experienced network marketers, who had a clear vision on how to create an efficient network of distributors with a quality product line.

Do Jeunesse Global’s Products Actually Work?

The company’s products branch into 3 main product lines, Luminesce, Instantly Ageless and Zen Bodi Nutrition.

Luminesce (Rejuvenate Your Skin)
Instantly Ageless (Anti-Wrinkle Microcream)
Zen Bodi (Recapture Youthful Energy).

The personal care line (Luminesce) consists of products that are meant to restore and strengthen the body’s skin. The nutrition line is meant to increase the body’s youthful energy and appearance, and the innovation line taps into cutting edge science for an overall younger feel.

They company speaks highly of their culture, rich heritage and family-style approach to marketing their results from using their prestige skincare product line.

All products have been tested thoroughly and repeatedly before ever being put up for sale to distributors and customers.

Jeunesse Global’s quality personal care products are top of the line (and you will see that reflected in their price tags) but they point out the fact that you only have one body, one face, one ‘skin costume’ to manage and take care of – why not use the best?

The company website for Jeunesse reviews exactly why they are not the same old tired rehashed story of skin care products and nutritional supplements – but want to help people regain and obtain their youthful looks as they age gracefully.

I will say, the video demo is pretty impressive. Keep reading, it is near the bottom of our Jeunesse review.

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The Science Behind Luminesce

Prominently the company is known for their flagship skin care product, Luminesce.

According to multiple testimonials from customers and distributors, Luminesce can have dramatical positive effects in the skin.

Luminesce works by promoting new cell growth and cellular rejuvenation through stem cells.

It has been shown that new cell growth is important and essential for our development – it’s how we grow and develop from child to adult.

As we age cell growth decreases and stem cells in the body begin to age causing their function to slow down. These factors can cause saggy complexion and a dull look, since skin cells can’t accept nutrients or remove toxins from the inside.

Jeunesse has developed a Youth Enhancement System also known as Y.E.S that uses antioxidant ingredients and Stem Cell innovation to repair DNA and help generate new and healthy cells.

How Does Y.E.S Work?

Y.E.S was developed by Dr. Nathan Newman, a well-known dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, who has been working on the betterment of skin through steam cell for decades. Dr. Nathan work focuses on developing topical solutions to help patients recover from skin declaration, burn and severe injuries.

Knowing stem cells can help rejuvenate existing cells, Dr. Nathan isolated Stem cell’s growth factors that served as “language” and communicated cellular activity.

His main goal was to develop topical solutions that could be easily apply on the skin.

After experimenting with extracting growth factors from stem cells, the results were impressive!

He was able to extract over 200+ growth factors.

This complex mix of stem cells and antioxidants is what you experience when you TRY Luminesce from Jeunesse.

According to Dr. Nathan and people who seem to be happy with the results of the product, Luminesce helps rejuvenate cells at a molecular level. Since cell production is stimulated, Luminesce can increase collagen and skin elasticity.

New cells can give your complexion a vibrant appearance and a healthier glow, as cells are technically younger at a cellular level.

Jeunesse Luminesce Product Line

Luminesce includes 6 products that are part of the skin rejuvenation treatment.

— Instantly Ageless Satches $74.95
— Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum: $134.95
— Luminesce Advanced Night Repair: $99.95
— Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser: $44.95
— Luminesce Essential Body Renewal: $59.95
— Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque: $69.95

Instantly Ageless ™ (sachets)

Instantly ageless is a potent anti wrinkle micro-cream that helps effectively reduce visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and damage skin.

Instantly ageless helps revive the skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles, fines lines and enlarge pores for a smooth and flawless look.

A perfect day starts with healthy perfect looking skin.

In the search for the best ways to provide accurate skin solutions Jeunesse has developed a lightweight formula made from a skin conditioning complex of minerals that helps even skin tone.

Instantly ageless is designed to target areas in the skin that have lost elasticity and suppleness – resulting in visibly lifted skin.

Many users report drastic results in seconds.

[vc_btn title=”Find Out More About The Jeunesse Instantly Ageless” style=”3d” shape=”square” color=”juicy-pink” size=”lg” align=”center” i_align=”left” i_type=”fontawesome” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-info-circle” i_icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-dial” i_icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-adjust-brightness” i_icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” i_icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-heart” link=”|title:Jeunesse%20Global%20Instantly%20Ageless|target:%20_blank” button_block=”true” add_icon=”true” i_icon_pixelicons=”vc_pixel_icon vc_pixel_icon-alert”]

Benefits of Instantly Ageless (sachets)

Instantly ageless sachets contain a mineral formula to help fortify damage skin affected by environmental factors and free radicals. The formula is known by many experts to be on the cutting edge of anti-aging technology.

— Evidently Reduces The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines.
— Helps Diminish The Appearance Of Puffiness Around The Eyes And Black Circles.
— Reduces The Size Of Pores.
— Evens Skin Tone And Texture
— Helps Restore Skin Optimum Appearance

Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation is a silky serum with some of the highest percentage of growth factor complex to help kick start cell renewal in skin.

This serum can be use as a daily moisturizer and primer – It can also be use as a potent night repairer when applied overnight. Because of the advanced formula found in Luminesce, this serum is one of the most popular and effective products from the Jeunesse skin care line.

Developed using some of the latest technology in skin care, Luminesce has made it’s introduction as one of the first anti-aging serums that uses the body naturals ability to rejuvenate and repair skin.

Luminesce is made with an exclusive patent-pending formula obtain from adult stem cells with over 200 important cellular messengers and human growth factors.

Benefits Of Luminesce Cream

— Helps Even Out Skin Tone From Discoloration And Blotchiness.
— Helps Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines.
— Fills Skin With Youthful Luminosity
— Activates And Replenishes Skins Natural Protein Ti Maintain A Firm And Younger Appearance.
— Luminesce Is 100% Natural And A Paragon Free, Hypoallergenic Serum.

[vc_btn title=”Find Out More About The Jeunesse Global Luminesce” style=”3d” shape=”square” color=”juicy-pink” size=”lg” align=”center” i_align=”left” i_type=”fontawesome” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-info-circle” i_icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-dial” i_icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-adjust-brightness” i_icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” i_icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-heart” link=”|title:Jeunesse%20Global%20Luminesce|target:%20_blank” button_block=”true” add_icon=”true” i_icon_pixelicons=”vc_pixel_icon vc_pixel_icon-alert”]

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair is a rich and full cream that protects and corrects environmental damage in the skin. While using this cream at night, the skin goes into a self-restoration phase, priming skin for a new day.

The proprietary blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in this cream protect cellular membranes from damage and erosion.

Developed with the latest leading clinical research, Luminesce aims to activate metabolic processes that take place in the aging process. This potent cream and beauty enhancer is made with natural ingredients to support the body’s ability repair and revive DNA at a cellular level. Because of its silky and smooth texture, Luminesce can provide you with the hydration your skin needs for a flawless look and feeling.

Benefits of Luminesce Advanced Night Repair

— Helps Increase Cellular Hydration.
— Reduces The Presence Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines.
— Protest The Skin Against Free Radicals .
— The Growth Factors In Luminesce Advanced Night Repair Restore Skin Elasticity And Firmness.
— Reduces The Appearance Of Facial Age Spots.

Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser

This Youth Restoring cleanser from Jeunesse helps return the skin natural brilliance by detoxifying deep within the cells.

This cleanser is recommended as the first step of the Luminesce skincare system, as it helps the skin in a microscopic level. Additionally the cleanser is specially designed to clean dead skin cells to reveal a youthful and radiant complexion.

Benefits of Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser

— Cleanser Helps Reduce Acne, Skin Impurities And Blemishes.
— Exfoliates And Softly Removes Cellular Toxins, Leaving A Thoroughly Clean Skin.
— Helps Delay The Signs Of Aging.
— Light Formula Won’t Leave Any Oily Or Greasy Residue.

Luminesce Essential Body Renewal

This cream is the essence of the restorative power of the Luminesce line. This micro cream is a feather-light all body lotion that provides cellular hydration to help soften all type of skin from rough to dry.

Luminesce Essential Body Renewal was specially formulated by world known dermatologist Dr. Nathan Newman. The high quality ingredient cream contains multipack antioxidants to help protect against impurities and free radicals.

Benefit Of Luminesce Essential Body Renewal

— Naturally Activate Hydrated Smooth Skin.
— Increase Skin Elasticity
— Even Skin Tone And Protects Against Photo Aging.
— Possesses Anti-inflammatory Properties.
— Helps Repair Damage Skin, Dry And Irritated Areas.

Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque

This efficient lifting masque combine the powers of natural roots (tara & chicory root) to provide instant lift and hydration. This cream is specially combine with a patent- coming stem cell formula.

This unique formula is derived from natural botanicals from the Andes forest. The masque entry exfoliates while getting rid of old skin uncovering a glowing complexion.

The masque can be a key component to a skincare regimen.

If your skin love you, love it back and treat yourself with this unique mix of light active ingredients.

Benefits Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque

— Provide Skin With Long Term Hydration
— Cultivate Supple Skin.
— With Cucumber Extract To Help Soften Skin
— Proactive Mix Of Mineral And Vitamins.
— Gently Get Rid Of Skin Toxins And Clean Thoroughly.
— Firm And Tight Skin.

Jeunesse Global MLM Compensation Plan

The owners of this network marketing company, Wendy and Randy, genuinely care about their employees, customers and distributors, and thus provide members with a generous ‘compensation plan' that can wind up being incredibly lucrative when time and effort is properly invested (if you are into word-of-mouth referral-based marketing).

The average compensation plan has numerous incentives, and there are also many travel opportunities included as well, which is something that very few network-marketing companies are able to boast about (although be very mindful of the loops and hoops required in order to maintain these levels of ‘free' bonuses and travel incentives.

With their concentration on culture and focus on financial freedom, it is hard to write a completely negative overview of Jeunesse Global.

[vc_btn title=”Find Out More About The Jeunesse Global Opportunity” style=”3d” shape=”square” color=”juicy-pink” size=”lg” align=”center” i_align=”left” i_type=”fontawesome” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-info-circle” i_icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-dial” i_icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-adjust-brightness” i_icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” i_icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-heart” link=”|title:Jeunesse%20Global%20Opportunity|target:%20_blank” button_block=”true” add_icon=”true” i_icon_pixelicons=”vc_pixel_icon vc_pixel_icon-alert”]

Jeunesse Global 4P's

When you visit their website – you will find under the Jeunesse company products tab their 4 P's they live by:

Products: Headed by the Y.E.S. (Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System) which is all about long lasting effects with their breakthrough science and research into potent ingredients that make up their now distributed worldwide personal skin care formulas.

People: Because of their choice to leverage the MLM model (love or hate), they put emotional effort and real rewards into treating their people with passion and respect. They express core values from the top down, referring to their Jeunesse team as a global family that experience rewards relationships built upon mutual trust and love for one another.

Plan: The Jeunesse compensation plan for ‘financial rewards' offers plenty of lucrative incentives for building a team and showing others how to use the product and create the ‘dreaded pyramid effect'. As we said, they have the travel promotions tucked away as you ‘level up' and advance accordingly throughout their comp plan.

Platform: Jeunesse keys in on their use of cutting edge technology to compliment their leading-edge skin care product formulations. The verdict is still out on whether or not the marketing system behind Jeunesse Global is worth mentioning – but for now, keep your eyes peeled for how well their current members and distributors are doing.

Should You Join or Buy Jeunesse?

By now you should know about the 6 step Youth Enhancement System; rejuvenate, diminish, enhance, defend, restore, balance – in which all of their products work together to provide a unique approach to well-being and healthy appearance.

We believe those who have heard a story or read a success story regarding the Jeunesse Global products should know that there is a reason for the massive success and sales being generated for a reason.

[vc_btn title=”Learn More About The Jeunesse Global Products” style=”3d” shape=”square” color=”juicy-pink” size=”lg” align=”center” i_align=”left” i_type=”fontawesome” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-info-circle” i_icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-dial” i_icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-adjust-brightness” i_icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” i_icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-heart” link=”|title:Jeunesse%20Global%20Products|target:%20_blank” button_block=”true” add_icon=”true” i_icon_pixelicons=”vc_pixel_icon vc_pixel_icon-alert”]
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  1. Jeunesse is a global direct selling company with a mission to positively impact the world by helping people look and feel young, while empowering each other to unleash their potential.
    Company’s skin care and nutritional products are made in the USA exclusively by Jeunesse, which makes up a comprehensive Youth Enhancement System.
    For any information required, you can contact us. We will be happy to support, guide and assist you in Jeunesse. Lets grow together.

  2. how do you get into the business opportunity of this company ? How much does it cost to join? How many people do you have to recruit to make $ 1600month? I did mlm before and for some reason it left a bad taste in my mouth. I happened to see an article online about this company. For everyone that makes money in mlm there are lots who are not making money in mlm. The only people who really make the good money are the people already at the top.

    • Hi Ken,Jeunesse has six ways to earn an income. So you do not solely rely on having people to join to make an income. contact me more info

  3. Hi I am a Jeunesse Global Distributor from New Zealand If you are interested in any of the Jeunesse products or would like further information about the business opportunity please contact me.

  4. Buyer Be Aware!! I bought Instantly Ageless from the Jeunesse Website and received it 2 days ago which was November 9th, 2016, the expiration date on the product was March 2017. I paid close to 100.00 for a product that expires in 4 months from the date. I called the number listed and they told me to send it back for a refund and that was all they could do. Their quote was “it’s only for a months use” so the expiration date is not unreasonable. If you are looking to order this product, do it with Amazon where you pay half the price. I found that buying it from the Jeunesse Website has NO Guarantee for their product and it’s quality of freshness. Buy it elsewhere and save some money and aggravation.

  5. Buyer Be Aware!! I bought Instantly Ageless from the Jeunesse Website and received it 2 days ago which was November 9th, 2016, the expiration date on the product was March 2017. I paid close to 100.00 for a product that expires in 4 months from the date. I called the number listed and they told me to send it back for a refund and that was all they could do. Their quote was “it’s only for a months use” so the expiration date is not unreasonable. If you are looking to order this product, do it with Amazon where pay half the price. I found that buying it from the Jeunesse Website has NO Guarantee for their product and it’s quality of freshness. Buy it elsewhere and save some money and aggravation.

      • I learned about this company while I was in HK/China a few months ago. Now that I am in Australia, I would like to discuss with some local distributors on it. please let me know if you are willing to help.

    • hi, Aron, there is anyone contact you about join the company, If yes, welcome to the Jeunesse family, if not, I will be very happy to help you. please feel free email me. thank you.

  6. I used Luminesce serum for two weeks. Paid R1400(ZAR) FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY??? Isnt it suppose to last you more than a month?? When I took the bottle of out the box it felt so light almost as if its empty? After my 2nd week when i realized its empty, i decided to open the bottle… and was I so pissed of… by advertising it, it looks as if the bottle should be full? But its really not. Its literally a small amount of serum in the top part of the bottle in a small plastic cup. Sorry but really?????

    • It’s 15 ml, as stated in the product info, and no, not in the top of the bottle. There is a space down inside from which it is suctioned through a sprayer. And you’re meant to apply only a very small amkount, just one drop is enough to cover the whole face. It helps if you buy it froma distributor because he/she can give you the proper instructions how to use it

  7. Understand Reserve contain Green Tea Abstract… But dies that mean there’s caffeine in Reserve? Anyone can help to answer this? Thanks.

  8. I used cellular rejuvenation serum, it is amazing resulted, all my friens and co-worker say “I am look younger my age”

  9. 95% of theses comments are from distributors trying to increase their network….

    I’ve been with J for 2 years and it’s cost me several thousand dollars more to stay afloat than I’ve made. People, wake up and realise there are only a few people getting ‘financial freedom’ here and chances are it ain’t gonna be you. Peace x

    • Unfortunately it’s just like creating a business and you get out of it what you put into it. Most businesses start off with spending over 100k to launch a brand new business and get nothing out of it if they don’t succeed. With Jeunesse you get the best products in the world and some do succeed with this investment and the ones that don’t get the best skin care products and more importantly – results from the usage. I have over 600 members and half of them just sign up to get the products at discount. As they say, you get out of it what you put into it.

  10. I have been using the products for a week and my skin is getting so dry and start to peel. Why?

    • i have the same problem. been using it for two weeks. they said it’s a good sign. because whatever product you used before may contain chemical, and Jeuness is cleaning them out. just keep applying it, u will see the difference. hope that helps.

    • i was a MK consultant and customer for over 35 years, at 57 years started seeing changes in y skin, tried Jeunesse never looked back, in days started getting compliments on my skin. I am a distributor and living Jeunesse! skin care and finiti favorite products.

  11. Hi any could fit me more information about these products as I’m interested to start up as a business. I am from Singapore base in Shanghai

    • Hi Kenneth, Jeaunesse is a company from USA but it is represented in 120 contries around the world, i’m a distributor from Brazil. I will send for you the link of jeunesse . You can read about it and watch the videos. And if you want to know more about jeunesse you are welcome in my team.

    • Hi Kenneth,
      If you aren’t in communication with anyone, I am based in Dubai and looking to grow my team in the far east.
      It’s an amazing opportunity so good luck if you’ve already started.

  12. buahahahahha is there anyone else here rather then a distrubiutor? those products are highly overpriced

  13. I started with Jeunesse because I was having bad breakouts on my face. After trying different products that did not work I finally asked my friend about Luminesce. Bingo! healed my skin, fine lines and acne were greatly reduced! I became a distributor and in barely 2 weeks my team grew to more than 30 people in 4 countries and growing! If you want to learn about the business contact me!

  14. Hi there.. I am working with this awesome company, and am having great result with the products.. Am from Denmark, but also working in other countries… Contact me if you want further information :)

  15. Jeunesse products are the best I have ever used and the best mlm to be with. I am a leader in this company based in Australia. Looking for other leaders and go getters worldwide wanting to combine with a great team. Anyone wanting information message me. Wanting to try these products message me.

    • Hi I am interested in trying the products before becoming a Distributor.
      Are you able to discuss this with me please?

  16. There is not a better line of products or a better company to build a team with than Jeunesse Global. If you ever wanted to leave the life of being an employee to start your own business, this is it and now is the time. Contact me if you need any help.

  17. I’ve been using the Luminesce Skin Care Products and consuming the health supplements Reserve for more than a year. I’m very happy with the products and I find that the skin care system is very simple and the Reseve is very conveinient for u to carry with u when u travel. Because I like the products and the marketing plan, I decided to be a disttibutor as well. I’m glad I’ve made the right decision. For those who are interested to know more, do feel free to contact me.

  18. I am a Distributer from Australia. If you are interested in any of the jeunesse products or would like further information about the business opportunity please contact me.

  19. Interested in the product and I would love to get the cellular rejuvenation serum. Please contact me.

  20. I am a Sapphire distributor from Australia. I have a great team in America Malaysia and in Australia. I moved to Jeunesse a year ago from another network marketing company because I researched the company, compensation plan and products. There is nothing like Jeunesse out in the market place and the company has already hit sales of billion dollars last year and they have huge plans of expansion for the new few years. If you are interested at all in learning more out about jeunesse or how to join a leading team get in touch I would love to share with you what I am doing

    • Hi I am a new member currently just joined in Please keep me update and will like a fast and smooth kick off . currently based in SZ and Hong Kong and will move back to Sydney by the end of this year Wilk like to expend the market into China as knowing the products has been a sold out in this country and there are lots of opportunity in China
      please contact me

      • Hi May,

        Can you tell me how to start in China? I’m living in the Netherlands and want to try to find distrubiteurs in China

    • Hi there

      I’m interested and want to buy a few of these products. Can you please tell me how can I get one in Australia.

      • Hi Kamila, Has anyone contacted you about Jeunesse? I can send you information about the company and products.

  21. i heard about this product a wk ago from a friend,i would like to familialise with this face is very oily and also i have a terrible acne which supplement or which product am i supposed to clear all this from inside to outside,am Esther from Kenya.

  22. KOK feel free to message me about becoming a distributor in Malaysia or Singapore I can assist you.



    • Hey Kok,

      Are you still interested in becoming a distributor? If so, contact me and I can fill you in or some more details,


    • hi i am a distributor for jeunesse they currently don’t ship to iran but i am more then happy to try and work something out for you by maybe posting it to you?

  23. Is it better to take both the reserve and the luminesce or just the luminesce skincare product for curing acne because I feel like my acne is getter worse and I used it for almost a month already

    • hey wendy i had a pigmentation spot on my skin that i was using it for and my spot got worse and i thought the same but i did persist and i am glad i did because it went away… and acne is the same cause it draws everything out of the skin… try using am/pm with it for a speedier result… i did and my dermatitis has cleared so much that i don’t need my steroid creams anymore

  24. I am a distributor in Singapore. I was attracted to Jeunesse because of the stem cell technology and their compensation plan. It resonates with me that our stem cell should be taken care of and rejuvenated to maintain our youth. What’s the point of applying lotions on our skin when the effect is only temporary? My mum who is in her 70s only take 3 days to see an effect on her aging spots. After 1 week, she told me that the Serum works and is the best product so far. After 1 month, I can see her face starts clearing up and wrinkles start smoothing. She takes both Serum and Reserve.

    As for myself, I scalded on my hand. After applying Serum, my scar starts clearing up after 1 week. In 1 month time, my hand is scar free. I have uploaded 3 photos. You may use this as testimonial. – Immediate After – 1 week after – 1 month after

    I will be happy to help anyone who wanted to start a business or just wanted to enjoy the benefit of these products. It gives me great pleasure to see my friends, family, acquaintance glowing in their faces and health improving. One thing I need to emphasis is that you need to be patient in using the products. You are asking your stem cell to repair itself. This needs time. But waiting is well worth it. You will like the New You! Contact me

  25. I am a spa owner looking to bring in a skincare line for facials. Does this product line have any exfoliants or masks? Has anyone used these products in a spa? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Gena,

      My name is Kelly and I am a Jeunesse distributor. I have had great results using their skin care range myself and can confirm they do have a great mask in their range as well. There are a lot of spa owners in the Jeunesse family that distribute and recommend their skin care after consultation with their clients. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to walk you through it.

    • Hi Gena,

      I am a Jeunesse distributor and product user myself. I have had a great results from using their skin care range, Luminesce, and can confirm they do have a great mask in their range.

      There a quite a few spa owners distributing in the Jeunesse family and recommend the Luminesce range after consultation with their clients.

      Please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to tell you more about it.

    • I am a Jeunesse distributor and product user myself. I have had a great results from using their skin care range, Luminesce, and can confirm they do have a great mask in their range.

      There a quite a few spa owners distributing in the Jeunesse family and recommend the Luminesce range after consultation with their clients.

      Please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to tell you more about

    • Hi Gena
      I can help you with that and send you out any info you need, I’m a Beauty Therapist and I also teach Beauty and use these products in my business.

    • Hi I am a licensed NY state Esthetician and I use this in the spa. If you would
      Ike to find out more, please feel free to contact me

    • Many Spas uses Jeunesse; the mask is fantastic!!! In my opinion the very best skin products in the world for consumer. I have tried many of the major brands in upscale retail stores but never have experience the results I have had with Luminesce! Friends and acquaintances have commented how amazing my skin looks. I have taken selfies to prove the results! AMAZING!!! The reason why Jeunesse is doing so well. PRODUCTS DO WORK. I have been using the products since last May; I am a 62 years old female (works great for men as well) and my skin has lifted around the chin area, the deep labial folds have substantially improved, the crisscrossing wrinkles Below my eyes have almost disappear. I cannot say enough about the products!!!

    • Being a spa owner you need to look into IT WORKS as well. They carry a full line of wraps, masks, creams, as well as supplements. It Works brand is all natural and tends to work with the body inside out not just outside in. Your clientele will LOVE veing wrapped. I would love to send you information and pictures of what my products have done for my clients. I am talking mahor skin, tone, tightening, an ffirming.
      I assure you, business will boom when your ladies have deastically changed apparence in 72 hours.

  26. I love the positive posts on Jeunesse. Been a mlm’er in many companies for 20 years.
    Jeunesse is the next monster exploding in N. America. I’ve never experienced the growth we are having now. People really are concerned about health and ageing. Thank goodness for products that really work. My suggestion is find a representative and jump on board now. 5 years from now you will be kicking yourself for passing the opportunity.

  27. I am interesting Jeunesse products after read all you guys comments. But I have no idea how to join because might to know or some id that I can join them. Any one can help so leave msg or email I would like contact you as well.

    • Hey yada you can visit my website or you can email me regarding on how you join this platform. Thanks and wish you be healthier.

    • Yada, my wife and I have been using Jeunesse products for one year. In the past year I have had the following results. (1) no more aches and pains in my body, especially in my knees (2). My eight improved and had to get new glasses. (3). When hiking or walking, I feel like I can hike or walk forever. When climbing steep hills I no longer need to stop to catch my breath. (4). As a person 50+ years old, I have an enlarged prostrate. Not unusual for men this age. Urinating was always very painful. Medicine from the doctor worked so, so and the problem always persisted. I now have total comfort. (5) my skin looks great. Most people say I look 5 to 10 years younger than my real age. I am a corporate trainer. I love training and helping people. No matter where where you live in the world, through technology, I can help you become very successful. We live in California. Let’s do it together. You can enroll from my web page.

      Don Brandt

    • Hi Yada

      I am a Jeunesse distributer, using and loving the products! Happy to help you with these amazing products.
      Check out my website and /or email me. Look forward to hearing from you Yada.
      Kind regards

    • Hi Yada, did you receive all the info you need to get started?! If not, please contact me I’ll be happy to assist you????✨✨ Jenny

  28. Thanks for offering a forum for discussion and testimonies for this great product! I have become a “product of the products” and at 55 years of age have ventured into the world of network marketing–and what a journey it is proving to be–fantastic to say the least–and combined with good support I am building a sound strong team!–if you are interested please contact me!–

  29. I was a top director for Mary kay for 14 years earning 5 prestigious Cadillacs. I am 59 and would love to show you my before and after pics using Jeunesse. Seeing is believing. This is the real deal. Please contact me of checkout my website. U will see retail prices but most join for 49 to become wholesale customers. Let’s talk. Let me show you pics of my friends. Debra

  30. Hi im a distributor for Jeunesse also. I came across the luminesce from a friend ive had acne for 10 years and nothing ive ever used has helped only made it worse….untill i started using luminesce ive been using it 3months now and the results are amazing! If you are interested in knowing more get in touch.

  31. I first joined just to buy the skincare LUMINESCE at the discount price but a week later I was amazed with the results then I looked until the business opportunity, Im super happy with Jeunesse Global. I look/feel younger and Im making some money ;)

  32. Only a review by someone who is not affiliated with Jeunesse Gobal is worth reading. Anyone else is just a sales pitch as the above.

    • Hi Cynthia. I appreciate your angle and concur. This should be products reviews only. Not distributors trying to pitch on here for more business. The thing is once you try the products you never look back. And you then sign up as a distributor to receive wholesale prices. Just know that the products really do work. Cheers. Anita

  33. I am now a distributor for Jeunesse in the Uk and got on board after buying the products for personal use, im looking to build my team and would love to help you get started. If you want Join me and the team.. I have great upline managers who help and motivate us all

  34. Hello, my name is Margot. I’m a distributor for Jeunesseglobal in the Netherlands.
    My best results is the Serum. I used it for a scar
    Within a few weeks you can’t hardly see it.
    I use the other products as well.
    And no matter if you use skinproducts or supplements.
    They all work fantastic.

    You can contact me if you are interested and want to know more.

    Best regards

  35. Hi. I’m a distributor for Jeunesse products in Singapore. My team comprises of very strong and motivated members from Taiwan, China, Hongkong, USA, Canada, etc. The products are wonderful. Please email me if you are interested to find out more.

    • Hi, I am looking to buy RESERVE in Singapore or Malaysia. This is a good product. Is it true that RESERVE is cheaper to buy in Malaysia than Singapore?

  36. Where do you want to be in 2, 3, 4, 5 years time? If you are looking for that something else to help pay the bills Jeunesse Global is worth a look. Contact me now to find out more.

  37. As a customer I can say that they are a con company and the earn money by cheating people!!! That’s all I have to say about this company.
    They do not know how to work they are unprofessional.

    In a 2 months time they got from my bank acount eur 250 without my permission.

    The first half of the money was submitted last july. I had discussed with them and instead of explaining to me what I should have done in order to avoid same mistake next time they did nothing at all and of course a month later same thing had happened.

    Till today instead of getting back the 90% of the total amount of eur 125 they only sent to me eur 43 by finding cheap excuses that 1 of the items was missing (this was their last excuse out of the 20).

    They said that only one item was returned back to them..!! Instead of keep customers satisfied as they get thousands of money they are discussing for peanuts!!!What I know is that I refused the package the day when fedex courier service called me so they returned it back to them!! If the package was damaged or anything else this is not my job to find out..!! What I know is that I paid eur 125 and got only eur 43!! I demand my money back..!! To claim and defame a company’s name for such small issues is not the best solution..!!

    • Hi Kalia,

      I’m sorry you have had this experience. I recently had a customer request a refund a week after purchasing the skincare pack and her full refund was processed within a few days. Have you taken this issue up with the person who signed you up? I’m more than happy to see if I could help you out.

      Let’s make sure that appropriate refund request procedures were followed and if not let’s work out together how to fix this for you!

  38. Hi, I am a Jeunesse Global advocate. Love the products and they absolutely sell themselves. Instantly Ageless = instant results. Mind blowing really. My 93 year old mother looks more than 10 years younger after a just a few months. We have many 6 figure earners in our team in just 3-5 years. What will you be earning in 5 years? Contact me now if you are looking to change your life and live your dreams. We are looking for motivated self starters to join us now. We have achievable travel incentives up for grabs. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO CRUISE THE MEDITERRANEAN IN 2016 – ALL EXPENSES PAID?

      • Hi Deb I absolutely would like to have a chat with you. Please send your details and I will be in touch.

        • you can email me if you like i will assist as best i can. i am also a distributor and will respond today. I can give you my number in the email. ?xx

    • HI Trudy I joined up as membership through a friend and was told if i sold a couple of products i would become a Distributor. I have been trying for 3 months and can not sell anything. My friend just tells me to sign people up but does not give advise on how to sell. PLEASE someone help. I have placed over 75 ads and nothing. thank you

      • Hi Sri,

        That is unacceptable, your sponsor should be training you in every aspects of the business. What you were also told about selling some products and you would become a distributor is not true. If you would still like so me training I can help you out.

      • Sure, you can be very successful if you put enough effort. My friend started year ago as part timer and earn more than 2k per week. We have a team which combine people from all countries work together . Please contact me if you like to join .

  39. Hi. I am a distributor for Jeunesse. I love the product and everything that you read or see online is true. Please call or text me. I would love to talk to you. Terri

  40. Hi, i am currently looking for three motivated people to join my team. You will get advantage of me putting people under you globally. If you are interested, please feel free to email me

  41. I just attended my 30 year high school reunion. I had friends tell me I looked younger than I did in school. I have been using Luminesce skincare for ONLY 6 months! I joined because I wanted a discount on serum to heal a surgical scar. I AM AMAZED! We have both INSTANT and PERMANENT Results!

  42. I came across Jeunesse by accident last February and immediately saw the potential of the business. I joined and started to use the Youth Enhancement System.

    I started to feel the difference on my skin in about 7 days however it was about 6-7 weeks when people started seeing the change and also started commenting on my how my skin looked so much better and asking what I was doing.

    On the business front I was fortunate to join a team with an exclusive marketing system that is free to the team to help them grow their business faster.

    I thank God I came across this company and my business is rapidly growing around the world. If you’re sitting on the fence with this opportunity I would say take a chance on yourself and join, you’ll be glad you did – Moni Arora

  43. Hi my name is Jacklyn from Malaysia. You may contact me to know how great the products and marketing plan are. This may change your life forever.

    • Hi Jacklyn, may I know which part of Malaysia u from? Want to know more about the products and marketing plan. Thanks

  44. I’m a distributor and I love the ‘reserve’. It is a world wide company so if you are interested in joining let me know. I’m in Australia but it doesn’t really matter since they are in over 130 different countries. I am with an awesome team…really dedicated to each other. They will push you but also give you the freedom to learn at your own pace. If you want to join there are a few packages and if you really like a product you can just Autoship it once a month. Just contact me and I’ll get back to you.

  45. If you interested in joining or wanting to know more about Jeunesse Global feel free to contact me directly.

  46. I became a member and bought the J-kit for $49 in may 2015 and got a couple bottles of Finiti. It seems a good product but you can get the same product elsewhere for cheaper. Swanson has it too. I buy it there now. So my main problem is not so much about the product, although I think it’s too expensive, but that’s because so many people get paid on that one product you buy. That’s the only reason it’s so expensive. It’s an MLM company after all. So my main complaint is the horrible customer service. It’s very difficult to reach them. I’m in Los Angeles and they operate on limited hours meant for East Coast only. I canceled my autoship and returned a product (well it returned on its own by their mistake) and tried to get a refund and it was extremely difficult to do. It took a lot of work and effort. Lots of waiting on the phone. Many calls. Then after 2 months I finally got my refund! TWO MONTHS!! That’s outrageous in itself. And it was a product that I never received. They made a mistake and the product automatically got returned to their warehouse. And the worst part of it is, I got a PARTIAL refund! For what??? I never even got the product. Now I’m trying to call to get the rest of my refund. There was a weird problem with their phone line on monday and today after waiting on the phone for 1 hour. A true hour. Well, 58 minutes and 37 seconds to be precise, I hung up. I’ll take the loss, but I will review them. Customer service makes the difference with any company. I don’t want to deal with any company with bad customer service. It’s a very bad sign and you’ll only get more and more problems. I do not want to have anything to do with this company ever again and I do not recommend it to any of my friends or family.

    • How sad that people who are employees made your experience with the company a negative experience. Never had an issue yet.
      Happy to help you if you require products or impeccable service ?

    • This has been remedied now James. Jeunesse Global has opened a new customer service center and the response time and service is incredible. As all fast growing companies can attest, there are always growing pains and Jeunesse was overwhelmed with the quick momentum but all good companies know this and take care of resolving it and Jeunesse Global certain did.
      I am a distributor in Canada, looking to grow my team internationally with great support and training. I use skype to stay in touch with my team and help you every step of the way to success. We are not pushy sales people, we do not harass, we simply share these amazing products, their results and opportunity that comes with it…..the results of the products speak for themselves and do all the work for us!! 2015 was a breakthrough year and Jeunesse Global has broken records in direct sales, they became THE youngest MLM company to reach 1.1 billion in sales in one year and this is still only the beginning!!! Do you want to be part of the 2016 success?? Contact me and I will answer all of question and get you started!!

  47. Hi!
    I am already with Jeunesse. I felt inspired to share this with you.
    I think since you are also working towards making your dreams come true with Jeunesse, you will want this Jeunesse prospecting system. It doesn’t matter whose team you’re on, anyone can use it. Im having great results with it. It’s so duplicatable, you just send your prospects to this site and it sends you a text when someone is looking at it, give you their contact information and it does the full presentation for you. This is what makes it so duplicatable. Otherwise people think they can never do what you do when you’re doing the full presentation/pitch.
    Best of success,
    DD Wise

    • Hi DD
      just got signed on July 2016 as distributor, been trying to figure this DREAM, everyone is raving about. saw your comment ” Jeunesse prospecting system” through the web search on how to get started; When I asked my sponsor what now … My sponsor said not to do anything until expo2016 in Orlando .. I am so green in distribution don’t know my head from my foot. I feel so much time is being wasted while I wait for the expo in October 2016 and I have no material or schematics how to proceeds from a business point of view.
      I need an instruction manual and a how to book in LAYMENS term.
      Can you help without costing me another fortune.
      Thus far I have spent $1500 plane fair for expo included and I am unemployed at the moment, please advise

  48. We are searching for distributors to join our team as we want to provide a representative in every area ,The first 5 people who contact me who truly want to become executives, self motivated want to build the team contact me and I will sign you up for free a savings of 45.00

  49. Jeunesse ROCKS…I am a Distributor developing an AWESOME team and we are loving every minute of usage and monetary profit! I am a corporate Paralegal and did my due diligence examining this Company…so glad I jumped in with both feet…..join me! Dana

  50. Great article thank you supplement police! Jeunesse Global is extremely reputable and products are tops! If I can be of any help to anyone, comment

  51. I became familiar with Jeunesse because I was looking for an alternative/option to all of the pills and medication that the Doctors were giving my daughter for her IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), I saw several testimonials stating how wonderful their ‘Reserve’ product was (it has 75 mg of the super ingredient Resveratrol) and decided to get a box of it for my daughter to try…(cost less than a visit to the doctor – $135/box of 30 – $84/wholesale) I started using it myself and found a pain in my shoulder that I’ve had for months started to ease and I got my full range of motion back once again in my shoulder…naturally I was curious and got some products for my mother and she’s experiencing similar results, age spots depleted, smoother skin and less pain all around. I also started to use their Zen weight-loss products and have lost 23lbs since taking it less than 2 months ago.

    I picked up some of the Luminesce products for my personal use and shared it with other family members, and we were all once again so impressed with the results on my face which now looks more refreshed, dark circles and fine lines diminished and much smoother than it used to be. After the results that my family and I experienced I took the next possible step and became a distributor, which not only allows me to continue using the products but I could now get them at wholesale prices.

    I haven’t stopped sharing with everyone I’ve met…pain is now gone, my skin looks and feels great… sales have increased and more and more others I’ve spoken to are wanting to become distributors themselves, but the best part of this overall experience is my daughter is no longer experiencing the excruciating pains she once had. If you’d like to learn more please don’t hesitate to ask, I’d be happy to share any information that you’d like.

    • Hi David,
      Ur comment was posted in Aug. of last yr. Are you still using the products and has anyone in your family used the Juenesse under eye serum?
      I am looking for a product that would help me resolve my under eye bags.
      Thank you much!

    • Hi David

      I just read your comments posted last year. I would like to have some more info on the weight loss products you used. Thank you. By the way, are you still in Jeunesse?

  52. Hi Billy, I was with Arbonne for a while, and just a couple of months ago joined Jeunesse. About the products, from my experience I used RE9 advanced and haven’t noticed much improvement in my skin, and the day cream made my face very shiny and I didn’t like it. Some of my clients had a reaction to it, so had to introduce it slowly. Some tried. Had reaction and didn’t buy, unfortunately. But they have great face wash, body wash, great decorative cosmetics and a few other products which I liked. With Luminesce I could see the results after 6 weeks especially around the eyes and lightening of the age spots.

    Taking reserve definitely improved getting over winter colds!

    About the way how they work, Arbonne, I had to do a lot of presentations and parties and I have two children at home and it was very hard and I was not making a lot and was very tired of running around. With Jeunesse I don’t have to run around its all from home, I have a great support from my up line 24/7, they are there on Skype to talk to potential customers or distributors, they do all the work-:) compensation plan is different. My friend was in Arbonne( now she is in Jeunesse), she got overrun by her down line and couldn’t get the points. Every end of the month there is a rat race! But you do get good money if you reach a certin level and have good people who work hard but not harder then you, because you get overrun.

    In Jeunesse you can never get overrun, so I don’t race end of the month. And in my first week I made 800$, compare with Arbonne I think it was 250 first month (:- they are in 123 countries, which helps. Anyway if you have questions can talk on Skype.

  53. How does it compare to Arbonne? product wise but more importantly, compensation wise.
    Love to hear from anyone that has experience with Jeuness and Arbonne

    • Hi Billy. Product wise… One of the dr’s on the Jeunesse board was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2013 for the technology behind the products… Can Arbonne say the same?? Nope :) also, I’ve been in network marketing for over 10 years now and I’ve not seen a compensation plan like Jeunesse’s EVER! They actually cater for the ‘inbetween-ers’, meaning you don’t need to have Loads of people before you start earning a little… With Jeunesse you need only a few to earn Big!

    • Hi Billy, I was in Arbonne prior to joining Jeunesse. Arbonne is a good company, I have nothing bad to say about them except that I am not a home party type person, I also found that the number of products that Arbonne carries is overwhelming and expensive for a distributor to try or have on hand to show to clients. What I love about Jeunesse is well…everything but one of the things I love is how quickly people SEE results, this is a major attribute to success, there are so many skin line companies out there, that seeing a change in your appearance in 10 days as most people do with the Luminesce line is crucial. The other thing is one line for all skin types is amazing, in Arbonne they carry multiple lines, for mature skin, for acne, for men, for young women, for mature women and each line contained multiple products, it made me broke just buying the items to “lend” to propects which is the concept they have. I love the simplicity of one line for all skin types and I love the science behind every product. It is very engaging and people have an interest in this so it is easy door opening for sharing the information. I found that men especially are much more open to the opportunity because of the revolutionary science and stem cell research, we are helping so many people learn about preventive medicine. I am in Canada and yesterday we just did our official launch in Toronto, I am looking to grow and expand my team throughout Canada and internationally. Please feel free to contact me, I will be with you every step of the way, I have an amazing upline that goes above and beyond for us in helping us achieve our goals. Come be part of the success!!

  54. If you would like further information about any of the Jeunesse products or about becoming a distributor yourself, I’m an independent distributor and can help out.
    Many thanks

  55. I never regret joining here. i started as a product user, then direct selling of their products and now down to networking…to share to others how amazing our products are and to help also others to earn with a very good complan jeunesse have.

  56. Amazing products and company, i am so glad i decided to join in feb. My skin has never looked better and i havent felt this good! Also our team is amazing :) If anyone needs any information please feel free to contact me.

  57. I love their products and use the whole Y.E.S. system. I’m also a distributor and it was the best decision I ever made!

  58. I had horribly bad acne for many years. I tried everything that the dermatologist prescribed for me and did face peels to help also. However I tried the Luminesce skincare line and love what it has done for me. I went back to the dermatologist for a checkup and she said my skin was looking way better. I told her that I had stopped using all the prescriptions she gave to me and only using Luminesce skincare. She was so interested in the products that were helping me that she asked for information to look it all over. We are talking about her offering it to her patients soon.
    The products will last you 2-3 months so the cost is not bad when you break it up into 2-3 month supplies.

    I can show you how to save 30-40% on all the products, Contact me and let’s build your future and have you looking younger and feeling better while changing your life.

  59. I had a severe allergic reaction to this product. I ended up in hospital. I contacted the person I bought it from and she was really concerned. She took all of my details including hospital notes and photographs of my face. She said that she would pass it on. She was concerned because I was the second person to report this reaction to her. After a couple of days, she got back to me to say that I must have reacted to something else that I used on my face. I have not heard from her since. This was three weeks ago. All the marketing for this produce claims that there have been no allergic reactions reported. There is a disclaimer that the “statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

    I do not have sensitive skin. I frequently have facials and use different products on my skin. I have NEVER had a reaction like this before.

    • I am relieved to read your comment. I started using the Luminesce cleanser, serum, day and the night creams. I was so excited about these products after learning about them from my mum. But I’m having a bad reaction to them. They sting as I put them on my face, particularly the moisturisers, and now my skin is dry and peeling. I feel like all the moisture has been stripped out of my face. I am not mixing with any other product. I feel like all the comments on here are a sales pitch. I don’t have problem skin, just naturally dry and I don’t use cheap moisturisers because I need something quite rich. I’m 37 and of European background. Interested in some honest advice on here?

      • I do know a few people there has had reaction. Told them to leave out the cleanser in the beginning.. Start with serum, and the slowly reply the day and nightcreme..Then try slowly with the cleanser.. That helped to most of them.. These are very active products, and you cant compare with any other on the marked..
        Me myself, had very heavy eyelids – was suppose to have an operation like the rest of my family, but after a month they were seriously lifted..
        Remember within a month you can send back the products, if you are not satisfied..
        Hope it was a little help…
        Kind reards

    • Tammy,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. If you are wanting to order or even become a Jeunesse Global Rep, you can find anyone now days to help you get started with the products. Even if you have questions, most are willing to jump on Skype Video Chat or something related and help you out.

      — Supplement Police

    • Hi Tammy I can give you information on how to do the business. Im a distributor and i have grown my team tremendously in 2 weeks time! Let me know.

  60. Bought Luminesce products for my personal use as felt old and lack-lustre. I was so impressed with the results on my face which now looks fresher, smoother and plumped after using Luminesce that I decided to join as a distributor for £23 so I could continue to buy at wholesale prices. I haven’t stopped promoting to everyone I meet because I am so happy with how my skin looks and feels and sales from my web page have just grown momentum. The team I joined in London have some very experienced and successful UK MLM leaders and has expanded to include many more countries since May. Everyone has been so welcoming and inspiring, sharing experience, knowledge and time to help each other expand – a very supportive friendly group always available to answer questions and encourage each other. I’ve attended meetings, webinars and training sessions and I actually now want to make this into my main income.

      • On a positive note, everyone used face creams and products to benefit their health – if they are wise. So why not pair with a company that also offers you compensation. After all, it then becomes your business, you work from home some of the time, mix with lovely positive people and do not have to work in an office with 80% of people that do not like what they do. It is all about choices. MLM is definitely now and the future.

  61. Ok everyone…. These types of products have a main ingredient of sodium silicate…. The same thing in the little moisture absorbant packages in shoe boxes that says do not eat. I originally saw this as Lechlers Theatrical Makeup Wrinkle Remover 25 years ago when I entered into the Pro Makeup Realm. Lechler is a paint manufacturer(very good co)and this is an ingredient regularly used in making paint. Silicate is non toxic and inert. The product does work! The problem is it does so by dehydrating the skin. Modern formulations have added different ingredients to soften the harsh effect but none the less the main ingredient is still the silicate. The product creates a temporary effect good until you wash your face. I would use this product, it does work, but only for very special events and i would make sure to heavily hydrate the skin after use with a strong moisturizer as well as remaining hydrated(drink water) while you are wearing it. My concern is that the cumulative effect would be to worsen the condition of the skin with regular or long term use as.

  62. Hi all, A potential client is 30 yrs old with a long history of acute acne. before she will commit to the SERUM as a possible “cure”, she would love to know if there are anybody in South Africa whom she may contact that have had success with the Serum on acne.. — THANKS !!

    • Hi Brits. In case you haven’t found anyone from South Africa for your friend to contact, here’s my friend Tarryn White who lives in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. I’d be happy to help out but live in Australia :)

    • Hi Brits I live in Johannesburg SA and I am a distributor. Bridgette – let her contact me if no one has contacted her yet. regards

    • Hi Brits, I am in pretoria, she is welcome to contact me as well if it is closer. Where is your friend situated?

    • Hi, I’m in South Africa, as a country founder, and if you have not received help as yet, I am here to assist you. Best regards


  63. You only have one body, one face, one ‘skin costume’ to manage and take care of – why not use the best? Anti-aging skin care ‘Instantly Ageless’. long lasting effects with their breakthrough science and research. If you wondering where to buy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Mi East Reason? Just MSG me, Good Luck!!!

  64. I recently joined the Jeunesse team and have to say, it’s been amazing! I have incredible mentors who are helping me every step of the way. This is one company that really cares about your success! It makes it even better that the product is amazing so it sells itself!

  65. Jeunesse Global is definitely THE REAL DEAL! I am an independent distributer and a consumer of the products. I signed up a few months ago after I left my self destructive Fortune 500 sales career. I have never been happier! I am making money on my own time all over the world (huge travel buff!) I know there are a ton of MLMs out there but Jeunesse really spoke to me as I started noticing this past year that I am not going to be young forever. I also love the Zen line as I fluctuate in my weight but love to workout and get the optimal results that Zen provides. The products are truly phenomenal!! I have encouraged my family and friends to try an array of products as well and it has impacted all of their lives. My mom is down 15 pounds, my best friend finally has some relief in her acne, and I personally have been building muscle, trimming fat and feel great(in addition to having glowing Dewey skin, I literally use ALL the products!). If you have any questions about the product line or if you yourself want to become involved in an MLM that actually sells something that is changing lives and that you would want to use yourself, let me know! I would be happy to help!

  66. Re: price
    I would rather pay for skin care that produces results for a little cost over a purse, shoes, etcetera!!!
    The face is the first thing people see!!!!!!
    I am happy with the results and company, Jeunesse treats alll of us distributors VERY WELL.

  67. Jeunesse is now offering a $6,000 bonus for distributors to Shhot for Sapphire in July and August

  68. Hi I’m very interested in the product but have no idea to get it. Is it available in South Africa?

    • Hi Anja! Jeunesse Global is now available in South Africa :) If you would like, message me for more details. I am a Jeunesse Global distributor

    • Hi Anja, YEs it available. .. I have been using it, results are phenomenal and love it…if you’d like u can contact me . Thanks Michelle

    • Hi Anja! Yes Jeunesse ships to over 100 countries and they are continuing to grow. I am a distributer and would love to help. I use all of the products and they have changed my life as well as the lives of those around me!

    • Hi Anja My name is Bridgette. I am a Global Jeunesse Distributor. I have worked on several MLM companies and have found none that pay commissions as good as Jeunesse. The support is terrific. Chat to me ….the timing for this business in SA is perfect.

  69. I’ve been using this product for two weeks now and my skin still looks at exactly the same. Nothing changes
    Dark circles still there. Eye bags still there. Even my friend who has vicaroise veins uses it and still no improvement. Not even a tiny bit
    Guess this product doesn’t work for certain people. It’s extremely costly too. I will just stick to my dior at least it helps abit

    • Hi Dakota just an analogy……if you have a drum that is badly rusted and you have to clean it woth chemicals to get it back to its original state you ahve to have patience whilst the process of stripping is in motion to rid the rust. I hope you understand the analogy. yes your circles ahve been there for a long time so continue using it properly and see within 3 months. My dark spots are disappearing and this after 4 weeks of use. One very happy client and distributor. Speak to the person you bought it from to see if you not using too much or too little. all the best

  70. Hello,

    Jeunesse Global is a different Network Marketing company that focus exclusively on anti-aging products. Luminesce serum is their flagship product developed by Dr. Nathan Newman, a renowned dermatologist and plastic surgeon based on stem cell technology. What I love the most about network marketing is that you can consume the best products while building your financial freedom.

    Judith Boucher

  71. I found out Jeunesse though my business boots camp as they have demostrated the Ageless cream under one of the lady eyes bag, It work with in 2 mins. So I decided to try it on my father in law on top of his fourhead and under his wrinkle eyes it work really well and made him happy. I became the member since and have gained execusive level with in 3 weeks after I sign up. I got paid $75 commision up to now and also get over £300 from retails profits. I have support team from USA who help with distributions informations. Some of my distributors team have gain her comissions by introducing Jeunesse products and financial reward plane.

  72. This Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is absolutely amazing, I have never seen anything like it! it has produced hair growth for balding, reduced stretch marks, reduced scars, and this isn’t even the properties it has for anti-aging!

  73. Hello ,i live in Malaysia.i want to buy INSTANTLY AGELESS..please tell me how to pay,i dont have VISA or credit card and no can i use to pay by bank-in to your company bank account .Mostly they have retails bank account for payment.And do i have to pay for shipping too.Thank you.

    • Hi there, I sell Instantly Ageless however we have limited stocks. How many boxes do you need and what is your preferred method of paying (which bank)? FREE shipping. Thanks.

      • Sharon due to federal regulations you are not allowed to ship IA to ANY country unles the product has already been released in their country!! It has not been released in Malaysia. You would risk your business with Jeunesse and federal consequences. It’s not worth it!! PLUS don’t get tangled up in international bank wiring! You’re crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You would need to get a debit or credit card. Also we are unable to ship Instantly Ageless to any country it hasn’t been released in this far. Due to federal regulations no distributors are permitted to do so unless it is released in Malaysia. It is not yet there.

      If you would like to email me and check on when it is released I can keep you up to date.

    • through me my dear- i will get it shipped to you direct as im just starting up my own courier business

  74. great company…great products…Jeunesse puts everyone on your genealogy tree…preferred customer, wholesale customers, and Distributors…Team Work…You are a team…You and your team builds your business…You are in business for yourself but not by yourself…

  75. I HAD really BAD acne scars and acne, I tried the 7 day sample of Luminesce cellular rejuvenating serum and I promise you I saw a difference within 3 days of using it! I have date stamped pictures for anyone who would like to see the progress. It is absolutely the BEST product I have ever used!!

    My face is very sensitive and nothing EVER has worked for me and I’ve tried it ALL! If anything started to work it only worked for 1 week and never again after that. I’m so thankful I was introduced to Jeunesse! I love their products so much, I started selling them!

    I have also used this on my sons scars and eczema it has made it disappear within days. This is magic in a bottle, it works for everything!! Acne, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, bag under the eyes, discoloration, and you can use it anywhere on anyone!

    If you would like to try a 7 day sample kit just go to their website

      • Skin issues run in our family and Jeunesse’s products especially the luminesce facial line has remedied the issues!!

      • send me your email account name and i will send you all the information you need ive only just started but was talking on the phone the the head of ASIA’S company they had there family involvement for over 60 years

    • Hello i am on my 16th day of usage but stilli cant see the results.. My forehead acne still have breakouts.. A lot :(

      • Give it some time, are u using the complete skin care products? I noticed that with my daughter but when we started using the complete skin care products we saw a big improvement.

        • in the morning i use cleanser serum and in the evening night cream only a week before i used all the products like in the morning cleanser serum moisturizer and at night cleanser serum night cream

  76. Great review thank you. Jeunesse Global is now the fastest growing MLM company in the world so it’s only getting better. I have been able to recruit every week just by placing my site up and it seems everyone is looking to take advantage of this amazing company. Instantly Ageless is getting over a million searches on the web every month so it’s only going to get better.

    • I tried the Luminesce skincare serum with adult stem cell growth factor and loved the results so much I signed on to distribute, and I was not looking for more to do lol. The products are cutting edge, especially Finiti, which helps promote telomere lengthening, reversing the signs of aging!

    • hi vicki….will u please contact me and explain about your start up and the website u speak of ? thank uou so very much

      • Hi Anne Marie, I would be happy to share all the information you need but not sure how we swap details on here

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