Brain Ammo Review – New Nootropic Supplement Any Good?


Brain Ammo Review

Brain Ammo by Life Essentials Nutrition has become a hot commodity in the nootropic brain supplement space – but is it worthy of all its alleged benefits and cognitive enhancing properties?

According to the video and official bottle of Brain Ammo, it can help overcome mental exhaustion, restore memory loss, improve your concentration and clear focus for a revitalized mind.

Sounds like a wonderful smart drug that anyone in the right mind would want right?

Let's take the time to review the presentation behind Life Essential's BrainAmmo and see if it can actually help reduce brain fog, ordinary forgetfulness, senior moments and lapses in attention to detail.

What is Brain Ammo?

Can this supplement actually add the necessary alertful ammo to your brain that restores and regains your mental potential?

Promising to act as a safeguard from mental decline, Brain Ammo contains prized nootropic nutrient phosphatidylserine (PS) derived from soy that purportedly nourishes your mind power and focus ability along with 7 other brain boosting beneficial ingredients.

PS has been linked to improving a wide variety of age-related mental issues because it

— Renews Cellular Membranes In The Brain
— Stimulates Neurotransmitters Effectively Enhancing Memory Recall
— Transfers Electrical Impulses
— Supercharges Cognitive Function And Faculty

Life Essentials claims that PS has been in several breakthrough studies showing documented proof of these positive effects by Stanford, Vanderbilt, Catania and a Maryland-based Memory Clinic.

According to their research and reporting, phosphatidylserine improved cognitive function by up to 30% giving users the ability to learn faster, recall numbers, names, faces better and the all important memory maximization.

Brain Ammo was touted by Dr Steve Klayman (who is linked to Life Essentials and a few other products) as by far the best dietary nutritional supplement to combat against mental decline due to old age.

So can Brain Ammo come to the rescue by amplifying chemical transmitter activity in the brain's membranes which would lead to peak performance and ultimately productivity?

How Does Brain Ammo Work?

The main attraction of Brain Ammo's ingredients (supposed to be side effect free) is the phosphatidylserine that helps create cerebral circulation and more oxygen to the brain for significant improve in common tasks.

They wrote that 170 individuals (between the ages of 55-80) in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study by University of Catania in Italy took 300mg for 90 days and were evaluated for the noted responses of this nootropic nutrient.

And apparently, the end game results spoke for themselves passing with a 100% score on all 5 memory tests for those who actually received the 300 mg of PS. Those who were given the dose showed significant semantic association ability and verbal fluency by improving up to 44% as well.

Hailed as a solution for cloudy thinking and brain fatigue, Brain Ammo says it can be the building blocks for a better mind by rejuvenating the cells and rebuilding old brain circuits.

By rewiring the relay switches in your brain, you can now chase away frustrating fatigue and fog to revitalize your memory, focus, and attention.

This is why they promote PS as actually making you up to 33% smarter, more wakeful, and alert throughout long days. Who knew you could get that smarter just by taking a savvy supplement?

Sharper cognition and more wittiness is a daydreamer's paradise – but is it right for you?

Next we will showcase and review Brain Ammo's coveted ingredient line up and list them one by one so you can search for facts and figures about each of them individually to see if this collective nootropic smart drug supplement is a good match for your needs.

Brain Ammo Ingredients and Supplement Facts

What's inside Brain Ammo's cerebral formula and chemical cocktail concoction?

Here's a detailed list of the other 7 ingredients found inside this highly-hailed nootropic product:

1) Ginkgo Biloba – no stranger by now, shown to help thinking, memory, mood swings and social behavior

2) Acetylcarnitine (ALCAR) – powerful antioxidant that enters the blood-brain barrier fast

3) St John's Wort – known for its positive mood adjustment properties, this can provide emotional balance and feelings of well-being amidst the brain's neurological functions.

4) L-Glutamine – recognized for its ability to regulate bodily pH, this healthy ingredient helps you be alert and wake for longer periods of time.

5) DMAE – dimethylaminoethanol is associated with helping the central nervous system and ADHD symptoms.

6) Bacopin – a widely used adaptogen helps fight stress and protects cellular structure and integrity. Much more to come on bacopa monnieri.

7) Vinpocetine – beneficially effects the brain's blood vessels, cells and flow to allow more oxygen and nutrients to your brain's center system.

As you can see, the side effects of Brain Ammo's ingredients should be virtually free as all of these are well-documented and researched at this point in time. But as always, with any dietary supplement regime consult with a certified practitioner before utilizing any of these ingredients advantages.

Is BrainAmmo's Price Point Too Costly?

Life Essentials product is not available in stores and can only be purchased online.

One of their websites offers Brain Ammo for $120 per bottle! (wow is right).

However, we did find that a few other sites with a price tag of $69.95 per bottle (comes out to $2.23 per pill) which is one of the most expensive brain supplements available online that we have come across.

The question is – is that high of a price tag worth it for you in the short and long term? They compare it to just 1 visit to a neurologist or a grocery store or a nice dinner out .. all as the possibility of it actually working and producing real-time results for you.

They do offer a money back guarantee and allow you to try it for 90 days (assuming you buy Brain Ammo 3 month supply) in which you can return any unused/unopened portion if it does not met your expectations or standards. And even the official Brain Ammo website said they will give you $10 back just for giving it an honest try…making it better than 100% money back guarantee??

Final Thoughts On Brain Ammo

Feeling fuzzy and tingly after our Brain Ammo review? Well, this world of nootropics, smart drugs, and brain supplements is very fascinating and intriguing at its core because of the ability to think about all the mental potential and mind power we could unlock with a simple supplement stack. But the question always remains, the quality of ingredients, at the right dose, at the right price.

The choice is yours. These nootropics are always a risk vs reward debate as the search for the true limitless pill is still on.

Please leave us your feedback, comments, and concerns about this widely-marketed supplement.

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