Pharmepa RESTORE – Pure EPA Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil Nutrition?


Pharmepa Restore is unlike any supplement you have ever come across. Besides being certified as pharmaceutical grade, this supplement from Igennus Healthcare Nutrition is also manufactured in an environment with good manufacturing practices and meets all quality standards. Pharmepa RESTORE is among one of the most sought after supplements due to its ability to accommodate anybody aged four years and over.

Pharmepa helps you restore your strength thanks to its pure and potent ingredients such as omega-3 fish oil and pharmaceutical-grade EPA concentrate. More so, this product does not use regular Omega-3. Instead, the company uses rTG, an enhanced form of the fish oil that is absorbed into your blood stream faster than its standard counterpart. Let us have a deeper look at the supplement and what makes it so unique.

What Is Pharmepa RESTORE?

Pharmepa RESTORE is an ultra-pure supplement with a triple concentration of fish oil to provide your body with extra energy. The extra fish oil and other ingredients used in making Pharmepa are responsible for enhancing long-term health, supporting your heart and brain function while reducing your chances of contracting diseases. This supplement delivers 90% concentration omega-3 fish oil in 1000 mg daily doses for optimum body function support.

With about 500 mg of active EPA in every soft gel, Pharmepa becomes easier to swallow seeing that the size of each fish gel is slightly smaller than that of regular fish oils. Small capsules are also used to split the dosage to two times a day as overdosing can overload your body with fish oil thereby reducing absorption and increasing your chances of producing fats. Pharmepa is more than just a supplement, it also offers clinical and therapeutic nutrition, which is much-needed seeing how hectic and busy the world is becoming.

Does Pharmepa RESTORE Work?

As we age, our body’s ability to produce some of the nutrients vital for development and growth dwindles. As such, conducting different tasks, evading illnesses, and guaranteeing consistent productivity can be a hard task to achieve. EPA is vital to your body as it not only ensures your brain cells maintain proper cell signaling but is also broken down into eicosanoids, which help keep your heart healthy and promote standard immune function.

Ingredients In Pharmepa RESTORE

The main ingredients for this supplement are rTG-EPA or Eicosapentaenoic acid concentrate extracted from marine fish oil and capsule shell, which is mainly fish gelatin and vegetable glycerol. The availability of natural ingredients guarantees that this product will be effective if properly used and reduced your chances of supplement related diseases.

Most supplement manufacturing companies are adding whatever they can to their products to give them an edge over the hundreds of competitors that arise every day. However, Pharmepa took steps to ensure your health is boosted and maintained even after you discontinue using the supplement. Other ingredients used include Vitamin E, total fat, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Unlike most bodily support supplements, Pharmepa RESTORE does not contain dairy, soya, non-GMO, lactose, gluten or yeast. This feature makes it ideal for people with allergies especially to gluten or dairy products.

Pharmepa RESTORE Dosage

While this supplement is ideal even for kids aged four years, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting. Also, if you are on medication or have a preexisting condition, do not take the supplement without your doctor’s clearance. Four to twelve-year-olds take a capsule a day while those above twelve years can take two pills a day.

Pharmepa RESTORE Summary

Pharmepa RESTORE was not as popular when it first hit the market, but more customers have come out supporting the supplement for its commendable results. Also, its safety is guaranteed thanks to the ingredients used and the mark of quality embedded on the product. Try these capsules today to increase your strength and boost your organ’s health.

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