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PeachDish Review – Worth Trying?

PeachDish is a subscription-based company that allows consumers to have predetermined meals sent to their door, including all of the ingredients necessary to prepare their dish. This is our review.

What is PeachDish?

When you work a full time job, you already have a lot on your plate. However, life’s responsibilities can make you busier than ever. Grocery shopping becomes even more of a challenge, especially if you have to make a grocery list. You need to find a way to make dinnertime less stressful and less time-consuming. That’s what PeachDish is all about.

PeachDish is not a program that sends you frozen meals to make for your family; you can get that anywhere. Instead, PeachDish eliminates the grocery shopping, sending you all of the ingredients that you need for a specific meal. The meals are predetermined by PeachDish, but you can choose from their selection.

You have until Sunday night each week before the food is shipped to make your decision. If you do not choose, PeachDish has a unique way of selecting your food. You don’t just get a “default” dish, like other companies may offer. Instead, the company bases their meals for you on the history of your choices and your dietary preferences.

PeachDish Recipes

All of the meals by PeachDish are created by Southern-inspired chefs. Each of these recipes include flavors that you normally expect to find at a restaurant. Unlike pre-made meals, these ingredient boxes allow you to boast to dinner guests that you did make everything from scratch, rather than relying on remade mixes.

To get a better idea of the meals you can look forward to, here’s just a few of the meals that the company has already made available to consumers:

  • Whole Wheat Linguini with Summer Squash & Cherry Tomatoes
  • Mamie's Famous Cheese Wafers ($10.99)
  • Strawberry Tartlet with Chevre and Vanilla Sugar ($16.99)
  • Kevin Clark's Comfy Chicken ($24.99)
  • Pableaux Johnson’s Red Beans & Rice ($24.99)
  • Georgia Grown 12 oz. New York Strip ($22.99)
  • Georgia Grown 6 oz. Filet Mignon ($19.49)
  • Georgia Grown 12 oz. Beef Ribeye ($23.99)
  • Nicobella Truffle Assortment ($14.99)
  • PeachDish Salt ($7.99)

If there are additional ingredients needed to complete the recipe, the menu card will tell you what ingredients you need from your own pantry.

Pricing for PeachDish

Essentially, the meals come out to $12.50 per serving, which is basically just multiplied by the amount of servings you order. The standard box has two servings of two dishes for $50. If you subscribe to the program, you can get up to 12 servings in each dish.

If you order a higher amount of servings, PeachDish rewards your investment with a discount. This discount brings your total cost to $11.25, for $90 for a meal of eight servings.

These kits are all-inclusive, which means that price includes every single ingredient that you need during preparation. While the kits do not include your standard kitchen staples like salt or pepper, you can order the Starter Kit to add these to your kitchen. All of the ingredients are pre-measured, eliminating the possibility of incorrect amounts of the ingredients going into the meals.

Each box features a menu card that tells you all the nutritional information.

You don’t have to immediately commit to the program to receive all the benefits. You can also make a one-time purchase to try out the set. However, once you see how much easier this set makes your day, you will be ready to start your own subscription for regular deliveries.


PeachDish can be shipped to the entire continental United States at this time. However, because of this policy, you are not able to ship your package to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. Additionally, these products cannot be internationally.

PeachDish allows you to determine what day your package is delivered any time. When you go to your menu page on your account, you can view the menus that are being sent that week. Upon entering your zip code, you will be able to determine when the company delivers in your specific areas. You can track your delivery on the website.

To make sure your food remains fresh throughout the shipping process, PeachDish ships the products in a box with an insulated liner. The protein in your recipes is sent in an insulated bag, which remains at the bottom of the box.

You are not charged for your box until it has been shipped. Shipments are sent out every Monday, unless you specify that you do not want the products shipped out.

Contacting PeachDish

With so many different meals that are nutritious and simple, you may have questions about the program. To speak with a representative, select the “Email” button on the Contact Us page. This link will open the window for your default email application. There is no indication of how long it will take to receive a response.


PeachDish is able to help consumers that want to be able to cook their own meals, but may not have the creative tendencies or the time to collect all the ingredients needed. By choosing from some of the fun flavors and meals, you can expand your culinary skill set to try making recipes that you may not have considered before. Though the prices are a little high for a smaller budget, these meals are a great way to help out corporate or business-type consumers, who may not have the time they need for all their tasks.

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