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Pangea Organics Review

Pangea Organics is a cosmetics company dedicated to creating clean, organic, toxin-free skincare products. Find out everything you need to know about Pangea Organics today in our review.

What is Pangea Organics?


Pangea Organics is a cosmetics company founded by Joshua Onysko in Boulder, Colorado in 2006. Joshua saw how many harmful toxins and pollutants were found in modern skincare products and he wanted to create a company that did things differently.

Joshua created Pangea Organics in that vision. Today, the company sells a full lineup of organic skincare products made using all-natural ingredients.

Those products include lip balms, hand soaps, body washes, face masks, cleansers, lotions, and more. Using natural ingredients means the products can safely be used on all different skin types – even on those with sensitive skin who might otherwise be unable to use modern skin care products.

Pangea Organics Ingredients

Pangea Organics is famous for its ingredients and the company loves talking about how it uses only all-natural ingredients with no synthetic formulas.

These exact natural ingredients vary from product to product. However, they typically consist of all-natural plant-based extracts and oils.

Many of the natural compounds are produced at sustainable farms and fair-trade businesses. Ingredients like blueberries and avocados are popular due to the fact that they’re a rich source of antioxidants.

Pangea Organics is perhaps most famous for the ingredients it doesn’t include in its skincare products. All Pangea Organics products are formulated without synthetic ingredients, fragrances, or alcohol-based ingredients, for example.

This can reduce the risk of side effects – particularly for those with sensitive skin or anyone who suffers from allergies.

Pangea is very honest about its ingredients and has published a full ingredients glossary at the official site. You can read through that glossary to learn more about each individual ingredient included in Pangea products:

Pangea Organics Products

Pangea Organics only sells products that meet its strict “Product Philosophy”. That philosophy promises to formulate products with both its customers and the planet in mind. Specifically, Pangea Organics must abide by six different philosophies, including:

— Aromatherapeutic
Timeless Beauty
— Transparency
— Hydrating
— Natural
— “It Works”

The products themselves are separated into four different categories, including Daily Rituals, Skincare, Bodycare, and Sets:

Daily Rituals

This category includes a facial cleanser, facial toner, and facial cream. Pangea wants to be part of your daily ritual, and it sells two different sets with everything you need to stay naturally beautiful:

Face Ritual Set – Normal to Combination and Dry to Sensitive ($99): Includes facial cleanser, facial cream, facial toner, and lip balm.

Complete Facial Ritual Set – Normal to Combination ($386): Includes two facial cleansers, two facial creams, two facial toners, three lip balms, and a facial mask, facial scrub, eye cream, and balancing oil.


The skincare category includes cleansers, toners, creams, and masks all sold separately. There’s the Australian Wild Plum & Willow cleanser for combination to oily skin ($34) and the Egyptian calendula & blood orange cleanser for normal to dry skin ($34).

There are also balancing oils, eye creams, lip balms, and scrubs available to purchase. These products are made with a unique assortment of natural ingredients, including Nigerian ginger, Italian red mandarin, Japanese matcha tea, and Himalayan geranium.

Pangea also makes it easy to purchase a skin care product based on the unique needs of your skin. So if you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you’ll easily be able to choose the product that works for you. The skin type is listed right on the product page.


The bodycare product category includes body cleansers, body moisturizers, hand care products, and exfoliators.

Like the other categories, they’re all designed with natural ingredients. The bar soap is priced at $9 per bar and features unique ingredients like Canadian Pine with white sage or Pyrenees lavender with cardamom.

The body wash bottles feature the same ingredients as the soap bars and are priced at $21 for a larger container.

Moisturizers include the popular Indian Lemongrass with Rosemary Blend ($26) as well as natural body oils, like the Italian white sage & geranium blend ($30).

You can also buy hand soaps ($17), hand creams ($16), and exfoliators made from Brazilian brown sugar with cocoa butter ($28).


Pangea has several different sets you can buy. If you’re planning on buying multiple Pangea products, then buying a set can help you save money. The specific sets include the facial ritual sets mentioned above for all different skin types:

— Face Ritual Set: Available for dry to sensitive skin, normal to combination skin, and oily to blemish prone skin and includes four products ($99).

— Complete Face Ritual Set: Available for dry to sensitive skin, normal to combination skin, and oily to blemish prone skin and includes 10 different products ($299)

— Body Ritual Set: Available in Pyrenees lavender with cardamom, Canadian pine with white sage, and Italian white sage varieties ($75).

— Face Rejuvenating Ritual Set: Five products for $199.

— Healthy Home Set: Two hand soaps, hand creams, and bar soaps for $65.

— Body Ritual + Healthy Home Set: 13 products for $199

— The Spa Experience for the Body Set: Includes a hand cream, body oil, and body polish for $65.

— The Complete Spa Experience Set: Includes a facial mask, facial cleanser, facial cream, body oil, and body polish for $139.

— The Mother’s Gift Set: Includes the body oil, body lotion, hand cream, lip balm, and body wash for $87.

— The Perfect Happy Hours Host Set: Includes a bar soap, hand cream, and liquid hand soap for $36.

— Men’s Gift Set: Includes a bar soap, body lotion, lip balm, and body wash for $59.

How to Buy Pangea Organics Products

You can buy Pangea Organics products directly from the company’s official website at The company also sells its merchandise at and other online retail websites.

If you want to find a store selling Pangea Organics products in your area, then you may be able to find a Store Locator tool at the official website. However, at the time of writing, that tool was no longer available online.

Canadian residents can find a Pangea Organics retailer in their province by visiting this page:

Typically, Pangea Organics products are priced between $18 and $60. You can also buy multi-product kits for between $75 and $270. In general, the products tend to be priced in the mid to high-range of the cosmetics industry.

Who Should Use Pangea Organics Products?

A lot of skincare companies promise to use all-natural ingredients – only to get caught using synthetic formulas and other unnatural ingredients.

Pangea Organics exclusively uses natural ingredients in all its products. It’s also honest about its ingredients and publishes a full glossary of ingredient terms at the official site.

If you’re looking for cheap skin care and body care products, then Pangea Organics isn’t for you. But if you’re willing to pay higher prices for all-natural ingredients sourced from all over the world, then Pangea Organics might be your new favorite skin care company.

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