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Flower Pollen Extract Review

Flower pollen is a cleaner and more purified version of bee pollen. Just like bee pollen is prized for its health benefits, Flower Pollen Extract is now making waves as the health supplement industry’s next big ingredient.

Find out how Flower Pollen Extract works today.

What is Flower Pollen Extract?


Flower pollen is very similar to bee pollen. Flower pollen is just the pollen found in plants before bees extract it. People have used fresh bee pollen for its health benefits for centuries because it was easy to extract from bee hives.

A few years ago, flower pollen extract wasn’t even possible. Today, thanks to modern manufacturing procedures and techniques, more and more flower pollen extract supplements are appearing on the shelves of health food stores across the country.

Flower pollen extract has a few major advantages over traditional bee pollen. First, flower pollen is perfectly clean. It’s not contaminated with bee parts or dirt – something you find with a lot of bee pollen supplements and extracts.

Second, flower pollen is less likely to trigger allergies because it doesn’t have many contaminants. Flower pollen is also far more digestible, which means our body can absorb its nutrients more easily.

Today’s manufacturers typically use flower pollen extract instead of flower pollen. While bee pollen is made from the whole pollen grain, flower pollen extract is simply extracted from the nutrient-rich core of the pollen. This makes it easier to digest while also providing higher levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, plant hormones, enzymes, and other valuable nutrients.

The makeup of pollen varies from flower to flower. Pollen extract from certain flowers is more nutrient-rich than pollen extract from other flowers.

Graminax Flower Pollen Extract

Pollen Aid

Graminex is one of the most popular flower pollen extract supplement manufacturers on the market today. Graminex sells a supplement called Rye Grass Flower Pollen Extract.

The supplement has been on the market for decades and is currently sold in 44 countries around the world.

You’ll see Graminex on store shelves under names like PollenAid or Swanson Ultra Max-Strength Graminex.

The company is based in Saginaw, Michigan, although all flower pollen extract ingredients are sourced from large corporate farms in Ohio. The company manages 6,500 acres of farmland in northwest Ohio. Graminex monitors the “total cycle of the medicinal plant process under direct and strict supervision” at this farmland, according to the official website.

If you’re buying flower pollen extract today, then you’re probably buying Graminex Rye Grass Flower Pollen Extract.

Flower Pollen Extract Studies

Because Graminex has been on the market so long, it’s been the subject of many scientific studies. Graminex has published a full list of its clinical studies here. Those clinical studies have measured the effects of flower pollen extract on everything from cancer to the common cold to menopause.

Many of those clinical studies have been positive in favor of flower pollen extract and its benefits. If you don’t want to read through the 500+ pages of clinical studies at the official Graminex website, then I’ve summed up the major benefits for you below:

— Can Help With Allergies, Especially If You Have Any Pollen Allergy Or Hay Fever Allergy

— Inhibits The Growth Of Prostate Cancer Cells And Tumors

— Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

— Can Boost Your Immune System Functionality And Reduce Your Risk Of Infections

— Has Anti-inflammatory Properties That Can Reduce The Risk Of Disease And Illness Throughout The Body

— Can Reduce Symptoms Of The Common Cold

— Can Normalize Lipid Metabolism Disturbances, Which Can Improve Cardiovascular Health

— Can Protect The Liver Against Alcohol Damage And Heal Existing Damage

— Can Protect And Heal The Lungs

— Can Reduce Symptoms Of Prostate Dysfunction, Including Reduced Size Of Prostate Cells And Improved Urinary Flow Rate

— Relieve The Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infections

— Reduces Symptoms Of Hot Flashes And Other Menopausal Symptoms In Women

All of these benefits come from clinical studies for Graminex. It’s important to note that these clinical studies were not published in major scientific journals.

They were, however, performed according to strict scientific standards. One test measured the effects of flower pollen extract on chronic alcoholics with severe liver damage. That test was a double blind test where participants either received a placebo or a Graminex-like pollen extract called Cernitol.

Other studies featured double blind placebo requirements and did not appear biased either for or against the use of Graminex. Many of the studies were performed at labs in France.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Flower Pollen Extract?

Naysayers will claim that more independent scientific research needs to be done on flower pollen extract before any definitive benefits can be proven.

Supporters of flower pollen extract, however, will argue that flower pollen extract is just the more purified and refined version of bee pollen, and bee pollen has been prized for centuries for its health benefits.

In any case, the flower pollen extract supplement market is dominated by one company called Graminex, and most of the scientific research in favor of flower pollen extract benefits also comes from that company’s clinical studies.

Nevertheless, the benefits of flower pollen extract are significant: clinical studies have shown that it can protect the liver and reduce cancer cell growth, for example, while also protecting and healing the lungs and other parts of the body. If you want to take a natural supplement that appears to have powerful health benefits across your body, then flower pollen extract could be the right choice for you.

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