PA7 Mediator – Nutrient Partitioning mTOR Phosphatidic Acid?


Muscle builders are highly sought after these days, there are numerous supplements available today which contain a wide variety of potent ingredients allowing users to easily increase their overall lean muscle mass content.

Many of these products contain a blend of herbal and naturally derived nutrients which are not only effective but cause no long term harm to the user’s physiology.

Apart from supplying muscle increase benefits many of these blends also allow users to improve their cognitive abilities, enhance one’s stamina and increase our overall metabolic rate.

About PA7 Mediator

PA7 is an all new muscle builder which has been derived using the key active agents that are found in phosphatidic acid (PA). Recent clinical studies have shown this compound to be extremely potent and efficacious, in fact it garnered rave reviews from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition for its ability to significantly promote muscular development.

Its key use lies in activating a deeply rooted receptor present in our bodies known as the mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin). This receptor is responsible for the growth of skeletal muscle tissue present within our outer skeletal structure, scientific studies have proven that the body can trigger this receptor to take action by supplying it with PA.

Thus users can effectively employ this mechanism to enhance their overall muscle content and raise their strength levels.

The Difference Between PA7 And Other Muscle Boosters

Unlike a plethora of other muscle promoting agents which contain amino acids and other herbal components, PA7 is one of the only supplements available in the market which is known to reliably and consistently deliver good content of PA (phosphatidic acid), this acid is one of the few compounds that have been clinically validated to increase muscle content thus making it an essential fitness supplement.

Clinical trials have also shown that when PA7 Mediator is used in conjunction with a regular exercise routine and balanced nutritional intake it can significantly increase one’s overall output and gains achieved from the exercise session.

Science Talk

There are a number of scientific papers and articles that have been published in relation to the nutritional profile of PA7, some of the studies which show the potency of the product include:

(i) In a double blind study (2 control groups used) the group that was fed the supplement for a period of eight weeks saw an increase of 5.3 lbs of lean muscle mass in their bodies. In the same study it was also found that users consuming PA7 regularly experienced a 200% increase in lean muscle mass content than users who worked out without using any external supplements.

(ii) In another study it was found that regular use of the muscle builder resulted in an increase of amino acid absorption in the users system by 66.7% and also an increase in cellular production of ATP by 18%.

(iii) A study conducted by professional trainers found that individuals who consumed PA7 regularly gained 68% more quad muscles when compared to individuals who were supplied with placebos.

(iv) In a research trial conducted using two groups it was found that the group using PA7 lost 2.7 lbs of solid fat more and 260% more fat than users who did not use any supplements while working out.

Nutritional Profile:

The key active agents contained in the blend include:

(i) Mediator Phosphatidic Acid: It is an important acid which has been proven to be effective via a series of human trials, it has been demonstrated to increase strength, lean body mass and decrease an individual's overall fat content.

The compound is derived from lecithin which is mainly found in egg yolk, but is also present in plants and animals. Phospholipids hold major value for cell membranes, and play key roles in a number of vital mechanisms involved with cellular metabolism.

(ii) L-Leucine: It is an important amino acid that is highly useful in muscle maintenance, weight loss, and controlling one's cholesterol levels However, the compound cannot be produced naturally by humans and thus it is important to obtain it via external sources. It is widely found in meat, dairy products, eggs, soy.

L-leucine helps maintain muscle mass which is one of the primary reason why so many athletes, bodybuilders use this compound, it also helps with fat breakdown in the body. Plus, when combined with other amino acids, it helps with the overall healing process of muscles after an intense workout.

(iii) Astragin: It is a completely natural ingredient that is derived using a host of herbal plant extracts. AstraGin is amazing for improving an individual's bioavailability, which means it ensures that one reaps all of the benefits of PA7 faster and more efficiently. It has also been shown in animal, and human studies to support the absorption of many essential life supporting and health promoting nutrients, such as amino acids.

Pricing And Availability

The easiest way to place an order is to visit the official website at A free trial bottle can be obtained initially so that users can check out the results for themselves, all one has to do is input their name and contact details, and a free trial pack will be rushed to the desired address.

However, Individuals still need to pay for postage and handling charges, payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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