20 Snacks Before and After a Workout

What To Eat Before & After A Workout

Breakfast may be considered the most important meal of the day for many people, but for those people who manage to get to the gym each day, pre-workout and post-workout meals are just as important.

While the type of snacking you do should depend on your goals, these snacks offer the perfect blend of carbs, fats, and protein to fulfill your hunger cravings, fuel your workouts, and help you in recovery.

Pre-workout Snacks

The body is constantly working to build muscle and recover 24-hours a day. Pre-workout snacks will help fuel your workouts and keep you pushing yourself further.

10 Snacks To Boost Your Workout

Here are 10 of the best pre-workout snacks to help you gain muscle, burn fat, and recover faster:

1) Yogurt Parfait: Mix ¼ a cup of yogurt with ½ a cup of fresh strawberries and whole grain cereal.

2) Iced Protein Shake: Blend 1 cup of iced coffee with a scoop of whey protein for a savory pre-workout beverage.

3) Creamcicle: This classic kids’ treat can be converted into a tasty pre-workout treat by blending whey protein powder, orange juice, and ice.

4) Trail Mix: Mix up some dried fruit and almonds, cashews, or Brazil nuts. Make sure to mix them in even portions.

5) Apple with Peanut Butter: For some quick carbohydrates, mix up an apple with some all-natural peanut butter. Make sure to avoid peanut butter with added sugar.

6) Fruit Cup: Keep it simple here by combining a cup of berries, oranges, banana, or watermelon.

7) Dried Fruit: Not feeling fresh fruit? Dry some cranberries, pineapple, or apricots for a tasty treat.

8) Energy Bar: Yes, those gas station energy bars can actually work wonders. Make sure to buy energy bars with all-natural ingredients.

9) Loaded Toast: Slap on some peanut butter on toast for a quick bite on the go. Add some banana slices if you’d like.

10) Sports Drink: A low-sugar sports drink can prepare you for your workout ahead of you. Add in some BCAA powder if you have it to boost protein synthesis as well.

Post-Workout Snacks

Post-workout snacks are vital to prevent the breakdown of muscles. Protein is vital after a workout, which is why our snacks mentioned will have several grams of protein in each meal.

10 Snacks For Muscle Recovery

Here are 10 snacks you can use to end your workout to help rebuild muscle and restore energy.

1) Protein Trail Mix: Combine 1/4th of cup of cashews, peanuts, Brazil Nuts, almonds, or any of your other favorite nuts for a protein-packed snack.

2) Protein Bar: Protein bars are simple, quick, and easy to get your protein fix. Just make sure to watch out for the extra sugar content. Aim for a protein bar with around 30 grams of protein.

3) Tuna Crackers: Mix a batch of tuna salad before your workout and enjoy a quick protein fix after our workout with crackers. Make sure to use low-fat mayo though or you’ll pack on the calories.

4) Breakfast Cereal: Whole grain cereal and skim milk provides you with the protein and carbs you need for energy and recovery. Plus, it takes less than two minutes to make.

5) Rice Cakes: One of the easiest snacks to make is peanut butter on rice cakes. Apple cinnamon and peanut butter go together best and they taste absolutely delicious!

6) Pita and Hummus: A spoonful or two of hummus on a pita will give you essential protein and quick carbs so you can re-energize your body.

7) Egg Sandwich: Looking for something a bit more filling. One whole egg, some low fat cheese, topped with some bacon will provide you with everything you need for a post-workout meal.

8) Chocolate Milk: Need something quick after a workout? Mix up some chocolate milk and get your quick fix of carbs and protein.

9) Protein Pancakes: Everybody loves pancakes so why not enjoy some protein pancakes. Mix together some egg whites, baking powder, and cottage cheese and cook some tasty pancakes loaded with protein. Add some vanilla extract for some added flavor if you desire.

10) Protein Shake: If you’re really boring and don’t want to experiment, then yes your normal protein shake will do.


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