iWon Organics – High-Protein Snack Alternative to Junk-Food?


Getting in shape and staying in shape is no easy task.

That much is obvious, but what is the reason for this? The reason getting fit, lean, and healthy is so hard is because of all of the delicious foods available in abundance.

Just look around. We have fast food, frozen food, packaged food, etc. The world we live in is becoming more and more unhealthy and processed by the day.

This is the reason for the recent obesity epidemic.

People have been troubled over not being able to find health foods that were actually healthy and also meeting the high standard they have for taste, which was developed after years of eating highly processed, yet delicious, foods.

Their reasoning is actually sound. Innovative technology is used wildly throughout the food industry and yet health foods still are vomit-inducing. It just makes no sense.

The sobering truth is many companies have attempted to make and distribute healthy and tasty food. But the snacks that have been put on shelves are everything but tasty. People might as well snack on raw broccoli if they have to put up with the awful taste these alternative snacks offer.

Even when these companies nail the taste aspect down, the trade-off is that the food then becomes unhealthy. For example, many pre-packaged health foods are just as bad for people as their junk-food labeled alternatives.

The whole situation can make a simple trip of grocery shopping way more complex and stress inducing.

Fortunately, people who have suffered through these health foods won’t have to for much longer. New health-food companies are increasing in number and they have been in the lab working to perfect their products. .

One of the companies working tirelessly to provide healthy alternatives to consumers is iWon Organics, and they offer a different spin to a well-known junk-food.

What Is iWon Organics?

iWon Organics is a health food company that was started by Mark Samuel.

iWon Organics does something very simple for their customers. They provide tasty, organic, plant-based, high-protein snacks for active people.

People who live healthy and active lifestyles engaging in activities such as sports or exercising have to fuel themselves in a way that is congruent with their lifestyles.

That’s where iWon organics comes in.

These snacks were meant to fuel the body, not just tickle the taste buds like other snacks that shall not be named. iWon Organics provides a superior product that is sure to leave any active persons primed and ready to go.

This is great news for people that have been misled into purchasing over-marketed, overpriced, and under-satisfying “health-foods”.

The creator of iWon Organics was painfully aware that most on-the-go products were unhealthy and contained a lot of synthetic and unnatural ingredients.

iWon products are the complete answer to this problem. People deserve convenient snacks that will actually give their body what it needs and craves, not just something to rid them of hunger pangs.

Now, exactly what kind of deliciously healthy products does iWon Organics have to offer?

iWon Organics Products

iWon Organics brings a number of healthy foods to the market, and they all consists of chips.

Now, these aren’t your average chips. For starters, they are technically called “Protein Chips” this is because they contain plant protein. More specifically, pea protein.

This makes these chips way more satiating than regular potato chips since protein takes its time digesting in the body.

High-Protein diets can also lead to weight-loss because of it being such a filling substance. People who choose to consume iWon Organic chips may even drop a few pounds.

iWon Organics catalog consists of the following flavors:




-Sea Salt

-Cinnamon French Toast

With this many flavors available to consumers it gives iWon Organics enough variety to become consumed for a long time without people getting sick of the taste, which leads to long-term healthier snacking.

Not only are all of these products delicious, they are also organic, meaning they contain no additives that can have adverse effects on people’s health like other snack foods. Even healthy snack foods.

Some of the ingredients that make up these chips are: Organic Pea Protein, Organic Potato flakes, organic rice flour, organic oat flour, and organic expeller pressed safflower oil.

The point here is that nothing unnatural goes into the formulation of products made by iWon Organics.

When they say these foods are healthy, they mean it. Most other foods wear the “healthy” name-tag when what they actually mean is that their snacks are healthier than alternative choices.

These organic, non-gmo, and gluten free snacks will give consumers exactly what they look for in a healthy snack; One that is tasty, and will improve ones health, not worsen it.

iWon Organics Review Conclusion

iWon Organics has completely innovated the health food industry, more specifically, the potato chip industry.

Unlike other health-food companies, the products iWon Organics make are filling, tasty, and actually healthy. This is what real health food is supposed to resemble; One made with all-natural ingredients and one that will leave people satisfied.

For those who have a particular weakness for potato chips, no greater news has ever been shared. These people can still indulge in their favorite snack and drop pounds at the same time.

Try them out and witness the wonder of iWon Organics for yourself.


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