Cellumis Review

Women are constantly looking for a solution to prevent aging and to give their skin a youthful, glowing look. Unfortunately, most products on the market are junk and essentially worthless.


However, a brand new product on the market named Cellumis, may just be the age defying serum that actually works.

So what is Cellumis and how does it work?

What is Cellumis?

Cellumis is an eye serum designed to eliminate the signs of aging as well as improve the elasticity and “glow” of the skin. Through a blend of all-natural ingredients, Cellumis actively fights against aging by eliminating wrinkles and fading fine lines.

Cellumis Ingredients

The three powerful ingredients in Cellumis are what make it different from all the other products on the market.

The three main ingredients in Cellumis are:

— Haloyxl
— Eyeliss
— Matrixyl

Cellumis works by healing the damage to your skin and increasing your collagen levels, which is responsible for keeping your skin looking youthful. This blend of all-natural ingredients also helps to even out your skin tone and eliminates inflammation, which is responsible for damaging and harming the skin.

Benefits of Cellumis

Cellumis advertises itself as the “age defying serum that actually works.” While age defying may seem a little exaggerated, there are actually several benefits to taking Cellumis.

Some of the benefits of Cellumis include:

Guards Against Sagging And Thinning
— Smooths Facial Skin Tissue
— Minimizes Appearance Of Fine Lines
Reduces Wrinkles And Age Spots
— Maximizes Hydration Of Skin
— Improves Skin Elasticity And Plumpness
Reduces Skin Redness And Inflammation

Almost every single on of these benefits is noticeable within just a few days, which is why Cellumis is quickly becoming one of the go to beauty products on the market. If you decide to try Cellumis, then chances are you’ll feel the benefits within a few days or a week after using it.

How to Use Cellumis

The best part about Cellumis is that it is incredibly easy to use. In fact, there are only three steps to using Cellumis. They are:

Step 1: Wash your face and neck with a gentle cleanser and dry your face.
Step 2: Apply Cellumis to your face and/or neck.
Step 3: Give Cellumis time to be absorbed through the skin.

Cellumis should be taken daily for maximum results and most women start to see results within a week. If for some reason you aren’t seeing results, then perhaps you need to use a larger amount of cream or need to wait just a little longer for Cellumis to work.

Side Effects of Cellumis

Many skincare products often cause the skin to dry out or cause the skin to become red and itchy. Cellumis actually works the exact opposite of most skincare products and makes sure your skin stays hydrated and does not turn red.

In fact, there are zero side effects to taking Cellumis whatsoever. All of the ingredients in Cellumis are safe, 100% natural, and tested for quality. Cellumis is manufactured in a GMP-approved lab, which means you know that it will not be contaminated and that only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Cellumis Free Trial

Cellumis is available for purchase online through a free trial offer. For a limited time, you can receive a risk-free trial bottle of Cellumis for only the price of shipping and handling. Keep in mind, you will be billed after your trial period is over.

Cellumis is one of the better skincare products on the market right now and its’ ingredients are proven to work. If you’re a woman who wants to reverse the effects of aging or wants a youthful looking face again, then Cellumis is definitely a product worth trying.

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  1. Total rip off!! First, the product doesn’t work like the video shows. Duh!! Two days after I ordered I received an email saying I was being charged 94.99. No explanation, no phone number, nothing. When I checked my account not only had they taken that, they had also taken 89.95. I never did receive notification of any kind about that charge. I called, and they first offered me a 30% refund. I yelled a little. Then they offered me a 50% refund. I said if they didn’t return all of it immediately I would turn them over to my State attorney general’s office, the BBB, a local TV station that investigates things like this and anyone else I could think of. She wouldn’t let me talk to the supervisor (because there isn’t one, they just read from a script). She came back on the line and told me she had gotten permission from her supervisor for a one time 100% refund. I got a confirmation number and all the money was back in my account in two days. So, if you yell a little and threaten them a little you can get all your money back. They know what they are doing is illegal.

  2. Just had my fight with these people. You are right about being a rip off as I was billed 4.95 on the invoice enclosed with the two products but they billed my checking account for 4.95 for one of them and 5.95 for the other. I did get this stopped in time but they were very rude and it still costed me but hopefully I am through with them. I should have read these things about them first before I ordered anything.

  3. I couldn’t agree more!! This is just another sleezy, greedy company!! I ordered my ” risk free” trial ( what a joke), and discovered 2 weeks later two charges for $89. They refuse to refund me and they say that i was informed me in the terms and conditions. I asked for a supervisor and after putting me on hold a couple of times, I was hung up on. Beware!! Beware!! This IS a scam!!

  4. HELP
    I should know better by now not to order crude on line. There is a separate shipping company that gets paid for auto ship. Shame on me for being so gullible. If anyone knows how to stop this scam please let me know.
    BTW This shipping co. gets $29 to ship for them. It’s a double whammy. I told them over phone I did not want any other shipments.

  5. This is nothing but a scam, con and/or racket. I tried and failed to get the information I needed to return the product. I had only completed the form for the Serum and agreed to pay $4.95 s&h. They also sent the Eye Gel, and charged me another $5.95 (separately) for s&h. These 2 items were sent in the same package. 11 days after I received the product my bank account was hit for 2 charges of $89.95 totaling $179.94. I called them and was told I couldn’t return the product because it was opened. Apparently they start the 14 days from when you order it, so you only have 11 days to return, and careful… don’t open it. Just look at it. Rip-off city. Something should be done. This is FRAUD. Had anybody been able to get any help/satisfaction from this company?

  6. I order a trial and they charged me 89.99 plus 89.95 i was only able to get half my money back cause i never even got the creams they only offerd to refund me 89.95 and that was cause i pressed and told them i would get a lawyer this is a total scam do no buy from here they will take your money that you can spend in a good cream from another place

  7. I sent for my free trail of cellumis and was billed $98.00 after I had it a week, I called them they told me how I could return it so I did, have not heard or gotten my money back yet and they will keep $14.98 for restocking fee. So good luck with this, it’s not right,
    Linda A


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