What is Chlorella?

Growing in fresh water, Chlorella is a form of algae that is being used in many nutritional supplements and medicines. Lots of the Chlorella that grows in Japan or Taiwan is being merchandised in US. After it gets processed, it gets to be transformed into tablets and liquid supplements.

The most important thing about chlorella is that it contains the “growth factor”, a water soluble extract that contains important chemicals such as amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, sugars, and nucleic acids.

Chlorella products differ depending on how “the crop” used was cultivated and processed. Scientists have revealed that dried procession of chlorella contains 7% to 88% protein, 6% to 38% carbohydrate, and 7% to 75% fat. When it comes to nourishment, these are great numbers.

Chlorella Benefits

What are the health benefits of Chlorella?

Cancer prevention, radiation reduction, immune system's stimulation, response to flu vaccine, white blood cells replication (in those suffering from HIV or cancer), colds' prevention, protection against heavy metals and toxic substances: these are all health issues chlorella can take care of. More than this, it is known to impede the aging process.

When it comes to good bacteria in the intestines, chlorella is being used to improve digestion, to treat ulcers, colitis, Crohn's disease, and diverticulosis.

Others use chlorella to prevent stress-related ulcers, constipation, bad breath, constipation, hypertension. As a powerful antioxidant, it reduces bad cholesterol and increases energy by detoxifying the body.

As a rich source of magnesium, it promotes mental health, relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and reduces asthma attacks. Fibromyalgia is also a health issue that can be treated or prevented with chlorella. When it comes to skin ulcers and rashes, chlorella functions as a great treatment.


How Does Chlorella Work?

Being a great source of source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals, the membrane of chlorella must be broken down before digestion.

It cleanses the bloodstream and brings in more oxygen for the organs and systems to breathe. It also relieves inflammation, which is the cause of all major health issues.

It has also been effective for:

  • Hormonal Equilibrium;
  • Treatment Of Ulcers;
  • Reducing And Eliminating The Bodily Odors;
  • Balancing Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar (Fighting/Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Obesity);
  • Reducing Asthma Attacks And Allergies;
  • Reducing Fatigue;
  • Protecting The Nervous System;
  • Boosting Tissue Growth And Reparation.

Using Chlorella Supplements

You can find chlorella in pill or powder form at your local pharmacy or everywhere online. Be sure to get the original product. Just like with any other health supplement, talk to a doctor before using it.

Don't take it if you are not sure your body will have a good reaction to it. The dosage is determined by the user's age, health, and several other conditions. Follow the instructions on the label or ask the pharmacist about it.

The most common side effects are mild and easily manageable: diarrhea, nausea, gas (flatulence), green discoloration of the stools, and stomach cramping, especially in the first week of use.

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