Optimal Life Brain Doctor: Cognitive Functions Nootropic Formula?


Feel like time is running out? Always finding yourself procrastinating before an exam? When one is faced with a stressful situation, whether it entails a school or work setting, not everyone is capable of reacting according to it. While some might have the capacity to think of a way out, others might experience a lack of focus and alertness needed to get a task done. What can one do to enhance his or her cognitive health? This is where the Brain Doctor comes into play.

With the use of the Optimal Life Brain Doctor, consumers are believed to experience improved mood, boost in memory, mental clarity and superior cognitive function to name a few. The purpose of this review is to analyze where such associated benefits come from and to do so, factors like the Brain Doctor’s purpose, key ingredients, and overall affordability will be considered along the way.

What Is Optimal Life Brain Doctor?

Brain Doctor is a nootropic supplement that claims to deliver a satisfying and desiring cognitive boost that will allow one to successfully complete tasks. Unlike most nootropic supplements that stop at activating what exists within the brain, Optimal Life’s Brain Doctor is said to support brain health by increasing cells, neurons and improving blood flow and circulation. In addition, ensuring that one’s brain is protected from cognitive decline and free radical damage is one of their goals as well. To see how such concerns were addressed, let’s analyze its ingredients list.

What Can Be Said About Its Ingredients List?

The Brain Doctor’s formula can be broken down into the following: vitamins and minerals and a proprietary blend. Here is a sample list of ingredients that are believed to contribute towards the proclaimed benefits.


DMAE is believed to work in three ways to ensure that one’s brain cells are not negatively influenced. First, it helps to protect the brain from free radical damage. Second, its uses are said to increase neurotransmitters. This is an important factor to consider as neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that induce communication between neurons. The more connections created, the more beneficial for one’s cognitive health. Lastly, its uses can stimulate calmness and restful sleep.

Bacopa Extract

Bacopa Extract has been known for its ability to boost memory, regulate mood and reduce stress levels in consumers. Stress is an antagonist for many, as it prevents one from focusing and paying attention in a given task, therefore addressing it is commendable on Optimal Life’s part.


GABA is a type of inhibitory neurotransmitter that works to calm down one’s neurons. This process can ultimately ease one from stress, anxiousness and promote quality sleep.

Vitamin E

While the use of Vitamin E does not directly impact one’s cognitive health, its presence can definitely heighten one’s brain health. Vitamin E is an apt source of antioxidants that are essential, as they can provide the brain with the protection against toxins and other negative influencers. Ultimately, serving as a protection of the many functions housed in one’s brain.

Although this is a sample list of the many ingredients, it is clear that the Brain Doctor works more on maintaining brain health than anything else. This is a different, yet effective approach as one’s cognitive functions are part of one’s brain health and if one falls apart, the other comes down along with it.

How Much Does The Brain Doctor Cost?

Each Brain Doctor consists of a month’s worth of supply, where one is required to take two capsules daily. This being said, the current going price is approximately $21.97. The price is very inexpensive given that consumers are provided a supplement where each count is $0.37. When considering its formula, not only does it work by activating one’s cognitive functions, it also works to treat, heal and potentially protect the brain, which is rarely found in nootropic supplements.

Why Choose Optimal Life Brain Doctor?

Choosing Optimal Life as one’s choice of nootropic supplement seems to be promising due to the fact that one’s brain health is the star in coming up with the formula. Instead of focusing on simply increasing energy to increase focus, Optimal Life made it their goal to enhance the quality of neurons present in order to maximize and sustain cognitive health. For more information, check out: https://www.amazon.com/Booster-Supplement-Strength-Optimize-Function/dp/B078WW9HFL/

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