OPI ProSpa Skincare – Soothing Soak, Nail Care Oil & Hand Serum?


OPI ProSpa Skincare is a collection of products from OPI that focus on improving the health and quality of consumer’s hands and feet. The collection is available from multiple retailers, both online and in stores.

What Is OPI ProSpa Skincare?

While there are many different companies that focus on the importance of maintaining the complexion, there are two areas that endure some of the most exposure to damage – hands and feet. Your hands and feet are almost constantly exposed to air and labor, which puts them at risk for calluses, dryness, and injury. With the use of the specialized products from ProSpa Skincare.

ProSpa Skincare comes from OPI, which is well known in the health and beauty industry for their cosmetics. However, the skincare line focuses on both manicure and pedicure products, helping any consumer be proud to show off their soft and beautiful skin. All the products center around delivering the right level of hydration, exfoliation, and nourishment to the tough skin.

Most companies offer treatments that are supportive of healthy skin, they often possess an excessive amount of oils or water, which is hard for skin of the same toughness to accept for long-term healing. With the powerful ingredients and selection of products, any person can benefit from the use of ProSpa Skincare: Hands & Feet.

What Is In OPI ProSpa Skincare?

The part of the ProSpa Skincare line that helps it stand out is due to the two ingredients that are found throughout the collection – Cupuaçu and white tea extract.

Cupuaçu is known as a superfruit, coming from a tree in the rainforest in South America that is associated with the cocoa family. While the ingredient is often found in body butters, it doesn’t contain caffeine in the same way that the cocoa does, which means that your skin has the chance to relax. Additionally, Cupuaçu has a high level of antioxidants, protecting skin from the free radicals that exist in the environment.

White tea extract is a common ingredient found in anti-aging remedies, due to its ability to improve the state of wrinkles. Most people end up with obvious fine lines due to exposure to UV rays or simple biology, but the extract has the ability to reverse the damage.

Between these two impressive ingredients, the ProSpa hands and feet products have the base formula needed to create long-lasting softness.

Products In The OPI ProSpa Skincare Line

Even though much of the potency found within the Hands and Feet Collection is credited to the two main ingredients, there are still many formulas to choose from with the different variation. There are gentle scrubs to eliminate calluses, and airy creams that feel light enough to wear during the most humid of summers.

The products that are currently available with ProSpa Skincare include:

  • Protective Hand Serum, to help reduce the signs of aging on the hands
  • Dual Sided Foot File with Disposable Grit Strips, to file down stubborn dryness on feet
  • Soothing Soak, which helps to relax the muscles in feet
  • Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, which polishes skin all over the body, along with hands or feet
  • Micro-Exfoliating Hand Polish, which helps to break down the dry, rough skin on hands
  • Moisture Whip Massage Cream, which has the same lightness as massage cream
  • Soothing Moisture Mask, which dries quickly and exposes hydrated skin
  • Advanced Callus Softening Gel

There are many other products and sets that the ProSpa Skincare remedies for hands and feet, but the selection available to you will entirely depend on the location that consumers shop at. Luckily, many cosmetics and skincare departments online and in-store have a wide array of the different remedies.

Where To Buy OPI ProSpa Skincare: Hands & Feet Products

There are many online and in-store retailers that offer the ProSpa and OPI products, depending on location. Online retailers include:

  • Beauty Brands
  • Chatters
  • Hair Cuttery
  • HSN
  • Macy’s
  • Planet Beauty
  • Regis Salons
  • Ulta Beauty

To find the nearest location to your address, visit https://www.opi.com/where-to-buy#YI731iGGyiKlmhfo.97.

Contacting The Creators Of OPI ProSpa Skincare

Since there are so many different products that don’t have a full product page online, consumers are highly likely to have some questions about the remedies. The customer service team has both a main phone number and multiple email addresses to consult with the right department.

The easiest way to reach someone is by calling either (818) 759-2400 or (800) 341-9999. The department is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST on weekdays.

To send an email, refer to the list below to determine the best address:

OPI ProSpa Skincare Review Summary

OPI ProSpa Skincare is a collection that makes it easy to get summer-ready nails, but without wasting all your money at a local spa. The perfect manicure doesn’t need to take you any further than your own home, which will save a bundle on tips and high prices.

Maintaining the healthy texture of your hands and feet is something that you will need to handle throughout your life. ProSpa Skincare helps to keep up with the hustle and bustle of anyone’s busy lifestyle.

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